my demo singing


sarNie Adult
---curious what brings you to this point in your life that makes you sing dear--- i think you carry a tune with class... with better recording equipment your voice would would fill the space with more color even acapella... good luck in you pursuit to find the right words to paint the world around you with grace!!! ;)


sarNie Adult have a great voice and you can singer in many different language...


sarNie Juvenile
youre very good and i rarely say that regarding singing so good ups! you should persue've got good control..


sarNie Elites
damn my links aren't working! i'll repost them and i have new ones! JLR ost kekeke... love that series.


sarNie Elites
my mic sucks... lol i use my mp3 player to record so it's gay lol!! thanks guys kekekeke...
feeling sheepish that i posted it up lol there bad muahhaa youguys are beingh nice!!! hah thanks though!