My First Unrequited Love


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Since July I wasn't able to use my laptop because my charger almost exploded, I plugged it then smoke came out. I'll still buy a new charger and even battery or end up buying a new laptop if necessary. That's why I'm currently using mobile phone or tablet for now. I miss my laptop lol :crybaby2:

Picture credits to their respective IG accounts

In wattpad I used Korean idols lol so for this one I'll use Thai idols instead. :)

Ken Theeradeth as Pranon
Ice Amena as Narissa
Eye Kamolned as Sarai
Great Warintorn as Kanisorn

Summary: Narissa likes Pranon until one day she realized that she's in love already. Pranon found out from someone and he started to avoid her. Sarai and Kanisorn enter the scene, and will do everything for Narissa and Pranon to be on good terms again before graduating from high school. A school event will be the avenue for them to push with the plan.

Hi everyone! I just want to share this story with everyone here. For the characters I used Thai names instead of real names, and this is based from my real life love story, of how I experienced falling in love for the first time. It will be just a one shot. Hope you'll look forward to it. I'll still translate it in English since I originally posted it in mixed Filipino/English.

So basically Ice Amena's character here is myself, Ken's the one I fell in love with, Eye is my best friend while Great is one of my guy friends as well. :)


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Awwww. Why it got to be ur real love story lolllll I'm goin cry since I already know the ending :sad6::sad6:


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So finally I get to post my one shot! Hope you like it. Sorry if there are any loopholes/grammar errors.

Narissa POV

When I entered high school, the secret that I thought I can bring with me until death will never be revealed.

I was wrong.

I found out that Pranon already knew that I like him. As a result, he started to avoid me. I don’t even knew who spread the news.

Fast forward 3rd year

Our school has a tradition of attending junior and senior prom. The teacher is the one choosing our partners so that no one will be left out.

*General Practice*

"Okay everyone proceed to your formation, by partner!" Our instructor said.

My prom date is Kanisorn, one of my friends who is also close with Pranon.

We practiced for our cotillion.

After practice...

"Narissa, have some juice. I know you’re thirsty.” Kanisorn offered.

“Thank you.” I replied as I accepted the juice.

“By the way Narissa, I have something to talk to you about but I am shy to ask you...”

"What is it? Come on, tell me Kan.”

"I noticed that you and Pranon aren’t talking to each other since we entered high school. What happened?!”

"Kanisorn, someone spread about it. He started to avoid me." I cried. "Damn it! He talks to other girls but me?! What did I even do to deserve this?!”

"Narissa, calm down. Don’t worry, prom is already happening tomorrow. I’ll talk to Sarai about this.”

“What are you and Sarai planning to do?”

"We will plan something for you and Pranon to finally talk to each other. Otherwise, he’s dead!"

"Sssshhh. Our other batchmates might here us."

"Okay sorry."

"It’s okay. But, thank you!"

"No problem. We’re friends, we’ll always have each other’s back."

Our instructor suddenly talked.

"Practice is over. You may now go home. Keep safe and see you all tomorrow. Bye.”

"Bye sir!" We all replied.


"Kanisorn, I’ll go home. Please take care and see you tomorrow, partner!"

"Okay! Take care Narissa! See you too!"


As I reached home, I immediately went to my bedroom to rest. I took a quick shower afterwards.

As usual, I surfed the internet before sleeping.

Kanisorn's POV

I decided to call Narissa’s best friend, Sarai.

*Calling Sarai*..


Hi Sarai! Kanisorn here!

Oh hi! How are you? Is there anything I can help you with?

I’m doing good.. though I want to do something for Narissa.

Huh? What?! Don’t tell me you’re planning to court her?! You have to go through me first!!!

NO! I just treat her as a friend. What I mean is, let’s do something for her and Pranon to talk to each other again!

Oh. Speaking of Pranon, yes I have plans of talking to him about this. Probably when he asks me to dance with him, I’ll proceed with the plan.

I’ll also talk to him. We have to do this. Do you have any other idea?

I have no idea as of now. I really hope they’ll be friends again.

I hope so too. By the way, goodnight Kanisorn! See you tomorrow!

Goodnight! See you too!

*End of call*

This plan better work.

Narissa's POV

The next day, JS Prom

I am wearing a customized blue gown.

While almost at the resort...

“Please take care and enjoy the night, okay? Don’t forget to contact me immediately after the prom.”

“Yes dad.”

As I got off the car, I went straight inside the resort. Taking lots of pictures with my classmates.

Event proper

We had our cotillion. I can’t even manage to look at Pranon, the man I fell in love with. Unfortunately, he doesn’t love me back. It hurts to see him but we don’t talk to each other and that what makes the matters worst.

-Slow dance portion-

We, the female students, are waiting in our seats to be asked by the males to dance with them.

"Narissa, may I dance with you?" Kanisorn asked.

"SURE!" I replied, and he immediately assisted me to the dance floor.


"You look so pretty Narissa.” What a compliment! I don’t usually receive compliments, I was even bullied before.

"Thank you. You looked handsome tonight.”

"Just for tonight?!"

"You’re CRAZY!You look more handsome than ever!” I replied. “Anyway, thank you for being there for me.”

"That's what friends are for, right? You will be okay again."

"I really want to talk to him."

"Trust me and Sarai. We can handle this okay?" He assured me.


"So, I’ll take you to your seat now?"

"Sure. Thank you for this dance."

"No problem."

Sarai’s POV

I saw Kanisorn accompanying my best friend Narissa to her seat. How sweet.

Wait!!! Our plan!!!

When suddenly...

"Sarai, may I have this dance?" Kanisorn asked.

"OF COURSE!" I said as I accepted his offer to dance with him.

"Hey, why do you look so cute?”

"I’m already cute ever since, Kanisorn." I teased. "You just realized it now?!?!"

"What do you mean by just now?! You’re already cute from the beginning, Sarai."

"Thank you. Anyway, you look even more handsome and cuter tonight."

"That’s what I like about you, Sarai! You’re so honest!” He winked at me. I can’t even contain myself.

"Silly! You are so cute! Charming! Handsome!-” I am teasing Kanisorn to death when we saw Pranon dancing with one of our female classmates. He started the conversation.

"Dude!" Pranon greeted Kanisorn.

"Hey dude!" Kanisorn replied. "Are you guys okay?"

"Yup!" I interrupted.

"So? Switch partners? Xena, may I dance with you?"

"Sure!" Xena answered. "Pranon, thank you for this dance. Now, you may dance with Sarai.”

"Okay!" Pranon agreed and the partners were switched.

Thank you Lord, I am now dancing with Pranon. The plan will push through.

"Pranon, thank you.”

"You’re welcome, Sarai.” He replied. “Is there any problem?”

"Pranon, to be honest I have to be direct to you. I ask you to do something.”


"Please dance with Narissa."




"Are you a jerk?! Narissa is my best friend! You guys don’t even talk to each other ever since you avoided her!"

"I feel awkward with her lately. Especially when I heard that she likes me... and she’s in love with me, if that is true. Why are you doing this Sarai?!"

"Just talk to her! Are you heartless?! She can’t contain herself! She feels bad for herself! As a best friend I can prove that she didn’t do anything wrong for you to avoid her! Don’t you want to be friends with her again after what happened?PRANON, BE A MAN!"

"Are you even sure on what you ask me to do, Sarai?!"

"Yes, I am. Go!"

"Fine!" He accompanied me to my seat after.

Narissa's POV

I danced with several of my male friends on the dance floor.

As usual, I take pictures with my classmates on the table while waiting.

Later on, someone asked me for a dance. A familiar voice.

"Narissa, may I have this dance?" He asked.

I think I was just hallucinating, isn’t it?


"Sure." He held my hand and assisted me to the dance floor.

Am I dreaming? I hope everything good comes out of this.

This is the day I am waiting for.

His hands were at my waist, and my hands were at the back of his neck. I felt sparks.

"Hi Narissa.”

"Hi Pranon.”


Then I started to confront him.

"Pranon, are you mad at me? What did I do to deserve this? I can’t manage to go to school and see you everyday but we don’t talk to each other!”

"No, I’m not. I felt awkward when I found out. And I am already courting someone from the graduating batch that time.”

"Really? You’re not mad at me? Which one?"

"Princess." He answered. "Well it’s fine. Anyway... Narissa, I’m sorry for what happened. I’m sorry for not loving you back. For not returning everything that you have done for me. I’m really sorry. Please forgive me."

"It’s okay. I accept it. I accept the fact that someone like you won’t fall for someone like me. It hurts but it’s true."

“I’m really sorry for hurting you.”

"I’m already okay with it. I forgive you."

"I know what I did is unacceptable and unforgivable but you still managed to forgive me. You have the courage to love someone like me."

Pranon can’t contain himself that night and asked a question...

“So Narissa... can we still be friends?”

"Friends." I replied and then we hugged. Tears rolled down my face. “I wish you happiness, Pranon.”

"Likewise, Narissa. You deserve the best. You also deserve happiness.”

He accompanied me to the table where I was placed.

I feel so happy. Pranon and I are finally at peace. Everything is going back to normal, one step at a time.

The prom was already done. Sarai went with me since there’s no available transportation that night.

"How are you, Narissa?"

"Pranon and I are okay. We are friends again. Thank you so much Sarai. You’re the best!"

"Of course. You’re my best friend. I won’t allow anyone to hurt you. I’ll do anything for you."

"I’ll pay you and Kanisorn back."

"Wait what are you planning?"

"I’ll set you and Kanisorn up on a date!"


“Just kidding, I’ll treat you to something else instead.”

“Thank you!!!”

I immediately contacted my dad to fetch me and Sarai here in the resort.

He drove Sarai home first before me.

“Bye Sarai, see you soon!”

“Bye, Narissa! Take care!”

I went home fulfilled and happy. No hate, no grudges, just forgiveness and happiness.

Dear Pranon,

You were my first love, and my first heartbreak.

I don’t regret admiring you, and even ended up falling for someone like you. Even though it’s unrequited, one sided. Even though you didn’t catch me when I fell. I’ve learned a lot from everything that happened. We fell apart, but we fell back together, even as friends. I still believe that everything happens for a reason.

You deserve to be happy, you deserve to be loved.

Because love is worth fighting for.

Because you are worth it.


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sarNie Granny
Ahh, so sad. I had never fall love but I'm sure it's painful to have requisite love T T


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@sarN and @040156, thank you for your comments :)

Here's a letter to the man who inspired me to share my love story here. He is turning 22 years old today (he share the same birthday as Ken Theeradeth).

To my first love, Pranon (him)

22 years ago, you came into this world to your loving parents.
22 years later, you are currently on your final year of veterinary school.

We both entered college but in different schools and course. I was able to move on from you during those years. I also developed crushes during my college years. Despite that, I'm always ready if ever we cross our paths.

2 years ago, January 2014, we met again at a high school reunion. We were okay, since we reconciled in high school anyway. I felt so happy. We even had a picture together and we were teased by our batchmates. I'll never forget that day. We may be busy and had lack of communication in the coming days but it is understandable.

On your 22nd birthday, I wish you nothing but endless happiness and success. I pray that you'll be able to finish your studies and pass the board exams. I'll support you, even from afar. I know that you'll make a great veterinarian someday. I'm blessed that you became a part of my life.

Nothing in this world is certain. Whether we end up together or not, I'm ready to accept whatever life throws our way. If being just friends is our fate, then so be it. I'll treasure the friendship that we have.
But if loving each other is the answer, I'll open my heart again to loving you more each day and for the rest of my life.

I'm also ready for the day when we both end up with someone else. This means we are mature enough to accept things when needed. I'd choose to experience that rather than we date each other but end in a painful break-up.

Thank you for making me experience how falling in love is like, a roller coaster ride with twists and turns.
No one can replace you as my first love. You'll always be in my heart.

Till we cross our paths,
Narissa (me).


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It was sad but a beautiful love story. I could really feel the emotions. I love how mature you've grown from that experience and how understanding you are. Gosh, I can't even express what I want to say because I'm just in awe. It's a very deep and sincere story. Wish you all the best @Maricon !
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