This is a really good boran of my favorites!

I have a long summary at home ill post it when i get home.


This summary pretty much tells you the whole story of the lakorn...if you don't want to ruin it then don't read it.

 Wansika's (nang ek) parents were on their way home from their cousin's kingdom. As they passed through a forest with Wansika in hand as just a baby, they decided to rest and camp out. That night a tribe of black people came and attacked. They killed everyone and took Wansika as their own.
A few years later Wansika is grown up, being the only white skinned in her family, but she doesn't notice. Prince Sikalin on the other hand was in training with his master out in the forest near a cave. The master had another disciple as well name Galatute. Galatute wasn't an ordinary human-being. He was created by a devil that made him from the Ice palace. So he was an Ice Demon, but no one knew of his secret at the time. While they were in training, news came from Pra ek's palace telling him to go home and get married to Princess Swanleka. Before Pra ek left his master, his master told him to return in 2 months. He was going to give him his powerful magical weapon, Thrae Soon. It was the only weapon that could be used to kill him (the master). Galatute on the other hand overheard what was being said. He wanted it. After a month after pra ek left. Galatue murdered the master and took the magic weapon.
As Prince Sikalin was on his way to get married, they passed the forest of the black tribes. Legend said that anyone that went through that forest has never returned alive. Prince Sikalin and his soldier were attacked as well. Everyone died beside Pra ek and one of his other soldier name Meundaysha. As they fought and ran from the Black Tribesmen’s they spotted Wansika. Prince Sikalin thought that she was in danger as well. So he went out and took her with them. They soon found out as they were still on the run that Wansika was the daughter of the Leader Black Tribes. In order to get out of the forest alive they took Wansika along as a prisoner. They tumbled along to a golden cave that belonged to the Golden Lion, SingThong. SingThong was like the god of the black tribesmen. They were all afraid of SingThong. Sikalin on the other hand wasn’t. He fought with SingThong and won. SingThong became a slave to Prince Sikalin.
They finally got out of the forest and continued their journey. Prince Sikalin suspected that Wansika wasn’t the birth daughter of the Black Tribe people. So he took her with them and promised to find her real parents. Nang ek on the other hand was stubborn and didn’t believe Pra ek’s word. She escaped from Pra ek and them and ran off. Nang ek ran into some bad people they wanted to take her as theirs. Pra ek came to her rescue and saved her. From then on Pra ek became the husband of Wansika for saving her life. It was the way of the Black People. She no longer tried to escape anymore. She promised to care and follow him where ever he went no matter what.
As they arrived to the kingdom of Princess Swanleka. Wansika didn’t know the ways of the palace, so she was very playful and clingy to Pra ek. This made Princess Swanleka jealous and mad as well as her mother. They couldn’t convince Pra ek to take her back, so they decided to get rid of her. Their many attempts did not work. Since Pra ek had Wansika around Princess Swanleka would not agree to marry Pra ek. So no wedding went on.
Wansika was supposed to be the fiancé of Galatutes. So Galatute went out to search for his fiancé as well as out to kill Pra ek. He was jealous of Pra ek. He wanted to take all of what he had. Galatute arrived to where Pra ek was and tricked him into going with him in search of their master. While at night when Pra ek was asleep he tried his first attempt to kill Pra ek. But he did not succeed. Pra ek was able to get away with the help of Jen Jowka (Moon Girl…friend of Wansika). Prince Sikalin soon returned to Princess Swanleka’s palace. He was mad and anger all at the same time. He wanted to take revenge for his master knowing that Galatute has killed him and stolen the magic weapon as well as trapping the masters spirit.
Later on one of the days Pra ek took out his anger on Nang ek. He chased her home. He told her that he hated her….and that it was her fault that Princess Swanleka would not marry him. So Wansika was heart broken and ran away home with the help of Jen Jowka as well. Sikalin on the other hand felt guilty but in his mind was only revenge. He set out to go look for Galatute, he needed the help of the Black people to find where the Ice palace was. So he went there, and asked for directions as well as taking Wansika along with him as well.
Many battles were fought between Galatute and Pra ek…the magic weapon went back and forth to it’s owners. Even at one point Wansika was able to get a hold of it.
Later at a point Princess Swanleka was kidnapped by Galatute and was taken to the Ice Palace. She was possessed at the time. She was also raped at times. Pra ek was able to rescue her and bring her back to her home.
Soon later the King (Princess Swanleka’s Father) was suspicious of who Wansika really is. He suspected that she was his grand-daughter. They first had to find proof. Nang ek finally was knocked into senses and was suspicious of her self. She returned home asking for answers of who she was. Her black mother told her the truth (the father was killed by Pra ek). Nang ek then became mad and hated the black people for killing her parents and separating her. She returned back to the Palace with Pra ek with proof in hand of who Nang ek really was. Wansika was a princess. Grand-daughter of the king and cousin of Princess Swanleka.
Later towards the end it was founded that Swanleka was pregnant with a Demon child. An Ice Demon that is. She tried to get rid of it with a Mow Pee (Ghost Doctor). It did not work. On the other hand Pra ek and Wansika found out a way to kill Galatute. They had to lure him away from the Ice Palace to where the weather is warm. They used Swanleka’s pregnancy to lure him out. Swanleka’s baby was taken by the father being trapped. Galatute was finally killed by the power of the sun weaken him. The master was released and Galatute was also taken and was trapped forever where the master was once at.
Wansika forgave her black mother and went home with her to live. Sikalin finally realized who he really loved. He left Swanleka and chased after Wansika. He left all he had behind …his riches and so on….just to be with Nang ek.

Overall this movie was really good. I loved it. Nang ek is tough and she didn’t take bs from anyone. The only thing was there weren’t very much romantic parts between Pra ek and Nang ek, but it was sweet…because many times Pra ek and Nang ek slept together on the same bed. It’s really funny. Nang ek is hilarious. I would recommend this movie to anyone that love Boran Lakorns.


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thank you babeelailai. I finished this lakorn but I never really understand what was going on. I just like it. Now I understand the lakorn.


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Thanks for the summary. It really bring the memories back. Nang Paya Prai is one of the best thai boran I'd ever seen.


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would anyone know where i can watched thi video cuz i tried looking for it on youtube but they dont have it
please help me if u guys can i would really appreciate it ^_^ thanx