Need Albums...Sode Mai Dai Tung Jai & Jao Ying Lum Sing


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hey ya'll, sorry that im posting this in this section, but the music request section is not as active anymore or

does anyone have the following ALBUMS...

sode mai dai tung jai (by sirilak pongchoke)?

and Jao ying lum sing (various songs from lakorn)?

my mom REEEEALLY wants the albums, and i'm trying to make her happy. hahaha

i greatly thank u in advance!!!

p.s. is jao ying lum sing worth watching? lol


Hahaha, geez, Jao Ying Lum Sing is like the best lakorn ever, well not really cause the best lakorn would have to be ? But, it is really good though. I would recommend it to you then. LOL.


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Sorry Thookatha.. I don't have those albums.. I only have Joy's Rachinee Morlum album.. I think :scratchhead2:

As for Jao Ying Lam Sing. It was an entertaining lakorn... Though I never finished it. Pinky was adorable in there.

edit: wait.. I do have some Jao Ying Lam Sing songs.. they're just somewhere lost in my computer.. lol.. I'll search for them :D