Need Help Identifying


sarNie Egg
Hello, I'm new here and hope that someone can help me find a name and identify this old Lakorn I saw as a kid. I don't have a lot to go on by, but if you have any guess that comes close, I'd really appreciate it thanks:

I remember that the lakorn has a boy in it, he might be royalty or a prince of some kind, he is also has a disability or disfigurement. I believe him and his mom were chased out of their kingdom/palace. They were attacked and he found this piece of chest armor that helps him. When he uses this armor, he transforms into an adult without any deformities, and now has powers. I think he also has a chakram he can throw.

That is all I can remember, I'd really like to rewatch and take it all in again as an adult. Please if you have any guess at all, I'd like to know. And even if you don't know, maybe recommend something close or akin to that.