Neej Xaj Maim No


sarNie Hatchling
So have anyone check this movie out yet? I heard it's pretty funny and the new actresses are pretty good. Especially the pog rog? I heard my cousin was saying that the scene where pog rog carry Teem was funny...pog rog is supposely Teem's niam yau and dib is his niam loj and when they got into this cat fight pog rog is so big and strong that she carry him off and away from dib...I gotta check this movie out...saw a preview on youtube seems like a good movie.


sarNie Egg
saw this movie already, some scenes are funny and boring. the trailer makes it seems as it is a good movie, too much fighting scenes between the pog rog and dib. the main guy and lady are always agruing after marriage.


sarNie Egg
This movie wasn't good. yeah it's suppose to be funny but i think they're trying too hard to make it funny that it's rather more annoying. there's also too much fighting scenes between the two wife that's not even necessary. The two main character's role is almost exactly the same role from their previous movie together. This is just my opinion about the movie.