N'ek that should come back.


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I misses some of the n'ek once was a n'ek and now either they are disappeared or got demoted.
Here's my n'ek that I want them back to be n'ek statue once again:
Fang Pichaya ( I missed her as n'ek so much I re-watched her lakorn that she played wit Pepper and Bie)
Mew (whatever happened to her, she's the one that played with Bie)
Best (I think she improved so much now, she should given a chance to n'ek role)
Ann Alicia (she still look very good for age, why she is not n'ek anymore)
This is all I can think of now, more to come. Who do you want to come back?


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Humm i would like for

Fang P. to come back to be a n'ek i feel like she has more than wat it takes from other n'ek ive seen but we all have different opinions!!
Um haha im brain dead come back whenever i think of someone haha fang is the only one i can think of!!

Joy R. also she is so pretty I love her in Bai Song Thong with Num. She can really act N'ek but why did they give her n'rai roles instead now.


sarNie Juvenile
Mew Peerachaya!

- I would love to see her as n'ek again and also would to see her reunion with Bie Sukrit. :) I've heard after Roy Adeed Hang Ruk is done filming, Mew went back to her study and so she's probably stop doing lakorns.


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I will say...Fang Pitchaya as well...she better than some n'ek channel 5 have but guest their freaking blind!!! 2nd of all Best as well, she actually improving but like i say guest their freaking blind!!! tat will be it for now...


Expired Sarnie
Ning Kullasatree!!! Patson and she needs to reunite!!!
Aom Phiyada!!! She can reunite with Ken, Captain or Tik!!!


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My all time favorite actress, Ning Kulsatree! I miss her so much!

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I miss Kob S and Ning so much especially Ning b/c you hardly ever hear any news about her. She was so pretty back then too. One of the most prettiest actress out there when she was young.


sarNie Adult
I agree Ning was the most beautiful actress at that time. I wish she would come back at least guest star is find. I do missed her alot.