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so beautiful. WOW I did not know that Cheer and Stefa would be paired up...interesting.

On a side note, I think that Marie looked like Aff in that picture.


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Here something I've been working on latey.

FF Poster. I really want to see them pair up. :spin: When I saw their photo from fitting I think, it made me want to see them do a lakorn together. I was sad Green have to play second in YLM when :angry: Ch7 was saying how they going to prom her to be a n'ke.

Silent of the Kill

Cap of them from 3rd Annual Nataraj Award show.....I hope this mean they might get to pair up as leading couple soon. I notice that whenever Porshe sing with n'ke. She get to be his n'ke for his next lakorn just like Min, Sal, Fern....

A Chart I been working on latey. I know ^_^ I haven't even finish any of my stories I have post up but when I see new couple I love...I just have to write a story for them...lol...

Title - Series Dream World



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:coverlaf: OMG I've been watching American Idol this season and I love Jessica Sanchez. lol She have a great voice. So sad she came in second place. :cry1: Was so looking forward to see a girl win this year but no it was another guy won :thumbdown: for the 5 time in a row. This season I was so happy to see :clap: two Asain American made in the top 13. In the past other Asian American didn't get it that fall. Anyway I got over the lost a few days later and OMG I'm in love with :spin: :heart: PhilJess and ColtJess couple. :crush:

Here is a FF poster of ColtJess couple I made. I'll do one of PhilJess couple later...hehe

The Last Song


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I would prefer Green over Min too LOL.....sighs

I stopped watching american idol since?...i dotn eevn remember the last time I watched lol


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Same here too. I stop watching AL for some time now. The only thing that made me watch this season was that they show Heejun clip teaser for the show. I didn't know about Jessica until later in the top 24 I think. hehe I was so happy for both of them for making into the topic 13. :coverlaf: And Jessica for making up to the top 2.


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I'm liking Cheer & Nam Ronadech lately. :crush: They just cutie as a couple if they were to date. I like how Cheer with her co-star or co-worker she has that something to make she me like her with everyone she work with. lol It was cutie how he went to the open of Chame events. Wish they would have post for photos together. :coverlaf: But at lest there a photo of them from Cheer IG hang out.

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