New Lakorn from Kob Suvanan and Num Sornram


sarNie Hatchling
hi guys , I just want to make this topic first because it is not sure 100 percent
I have found the News at Pantip and u can believe the most News from this Website , but i Forget the link, sry
in some Topic from Pantip  num sornram said , he will get a new remake Lakorn with Kob Suvanan, the genre will be like Family Story...... some Producer asked him to be in this lakorn with Kob but he cant say anything more
But Kob has said that she Needs time for lose her weight then she will accept a new lakorn
I just wont make a new Topic in the lakorn section beuase it is not one hundred pecrent sure.
But I hope it is true. It will be grate to see this couple together again^^
I hope is not CH7 hmmmm I hope it could be CH3 or ONE HD but for hannel 3 couldnt be true  cause Channel 3 just has lakorns for their newbies, I think ONE HD could be possible , Khun Boy likes to deserve lakorns to an actors and an actresses who are freelance


sarNie Hatchling
Yes, if this rumour is true then it's likely with Channel 7. I can't imagine Kob working for any other when she's been a Channel 7 actress all her life. It'd be nice to see them reunite. They're one of the most classic, most legendary koo kwans in the history of lakorns. 


sarNie Adult
I'm so happy to hear this news but the genre sounds kinda boring. I was hoping for a slap kiss lakorn or lots of romance but I guess they're getting too old for that. I was just watching Dao Pra Sook again and these two have so much chemistry. Kob looked so pretty, young, and innocent in Dao Pra Sook while Num's face look so chubby but they were so cute together. It sure brings back a lot of good memories.


sarNie Egg
i miss kob and if she does return i hope she does freelance. i want to see her with a lot of different actors from all channels. i hope she will still get nang'ek roles. i don't know of a nang'ek who is married with children return to the screen to play nang'ek (correct me if i'm wrong). 


sarNie OldFart
Kob isn't returning. She just gave birth so she's not leaving her son's side any time soon. She was rumored to be in Plerng Pranang and the lakorn with Num. However, she said she's not ready to return. Num spoke too soon. 


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^ Sigh, darn it.  A reunion would've been lovely to see... :(  But congrats to her on giving birth to another child :)