New Shakrit's Movie


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dhan9 i remember seeing the trailer wen somebody kisses Jah is tat the girlfriend or was that P'krit dressed up in girl's clothing the part where Jah was in white and the person who kissed Jah was also in white w/ ringings and hair tied to the side
i really can't remember what scene it is but i will look at the trailer again, because i was so busy that i hadn't have the chance to watch his trailer on youtube yet, so i will tell you later ok?


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the way chakrit dresses my personal fav. still can't decide between Ban Bajatorn, Kol Game Payabath and Seang Soon...

love the traditional clothing in Ban Bajatorn so cute in them...and i alwaise alwaise alwaise remember that dark green army kinda outfit he wore w/ the black tat was H.O.T.!

Kol Game Payabath...i freaking love the perfessional clothing...esp. all his over coat the jean one and the white one he wore wen he propose to Kob he looked so damn good how are u suppose 2 say no to a man like tat??

Seang Soon..Oh MY God! don't get me started on this the way Thun dressed esp. w/ tat tie or cloth watever it's called on his neck wenever he wears collar shirt **drools** and i love his three piece suit..the white one..i'm so going to marry him in tat outfit!! oh! plus one of my fav. is the one he outside..white open collar..he was alll SEXXIE-FIED in tat scene cuz it was the younger bro. pretending to be the older one...dang! he was soo hot!
actually i loved almost all the outfits that chakrit wore in his lakorns. He wored them differently depending on the plot of the lakorns. but the ones that come up in my mind instantly, would be:

Kol Game payabatht; most of his outfits in there, esp the white suit that he propose to kob at the beach and his long sleeve shirts that he wore to work and those colors were really best match his skin.

Pleng pa fah lom doa; i liked the white cloth that he always wore to noon's silk factory when he lured her to love him. He was so handsome, you can really see his body shape in that cloth.

Buang Bajathorn; i liked the white shirt that he wore when he slept on the bed waiting for Masha to come back. he looked tall, handsome and sexy there.

the one he did with Vicky on that beautifull beach. i liked most of his outfits that he wore on that beach too.

the one he did with Joy S in a boran clothing. i thought that he wouldn't look good in them, but actually they really looked good on him.

the one he did with Yardtip, the bussiness suits that he wore fit him perfectly.


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actually i never like Joy S. but i don't hate her either. When i saw chakrit do a lakorn with her, i was like oh no, i don't want him to pair up with her at all. i watched the first and second epis of it, but chakrit's role wasn't come out yet, because he hadn't born yet so i gived up at that time. i went to watch the other lakorns of him until i had watched all of chakrit lakorns except that one, so at the end i had nothing to watch, so i decided to give it a try because of my chakrit. this time i was suprised to find that i really like this lakorn even though i don't like the n'ek but chakrit's character outshine in there. His character was very good. Even my aunties and sisters said that he looked so handsome and very good looking in there compare to other of his lakorns and his character is good too. So if you haven't try on it, you should give it a try. it's also one of his best lakorn too. So don't miss this one either if you're really his fan.
I'm not a fan of Joy S. either so a little hesistant, but because it was a period lakorn and Chakrit was in there I've been wanting to watch it. Maybe I'll try to find it on youtube or soemthing to watch.


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Mae! You should really watch it!! OMG!!!!! I LOVE Chakrit in those clothes...super SEXY!!!!! :wub: -_-


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eeekk! tat's the girlfriend..i'm sorrie..but ehehe...tat was a hot kiss...ehehehe

Mae's not out yet..i'm not sure it's even out of the theathers yet..i tink it's still playing in theathers...