Num Sornram & Jakjan Akumsiri


sarNie Hatchling
He's HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE him sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


thanks for sharing. i agree w/ everyone. num does look younger and hotter. i wish he'll have more drama in the future. jakjan look very pretty too.


sarNie Egg
Hi still looking hoot and he look the same and more handsome then before.


sarNie Adult
num will always be one of my favorite praeks! thanks so much for the pics. hope to see num more on screen soon!!


sarNie Egg
i agree num does look so much better now. he lost some weight. i remember when he was a little chubby and looked tired all the time...he didn't look so good then.


sarNie Juvenile
he look so cute...................................................and hot................................. miss him so much. When is he going to have lakorn again. Yeah I agree he look so refreshing this picture. I look so young.


sarNie Egg
did num got young over the years or wat. he look hot then ever. :wub:


sarNie Egg
num never seems to age!!!! he got so skinny too. lookin good! jakjan too!
lols, i was thinking the same thing too.
"num never seems to age!!!!". they're so cute
together. is this a lakorn pic or just takein pic
together. realli want to see them pair together
in a lakorn.


sarNie Hatchling
wow great pictures. NUm in the 2nd pix on the first page remind me of Junse oppa in Shining Inheritance. Maybe bc it didn't really show his face but his hair and clothing really make him look kinda like junse.


seems like he got skinnier.hum. seeing her drink that make me want some boba.. ummm :drool: && and also tua and num. lol