Older Film


sarNie Adult
The movie I'm looking for kind of goes like this:

A couple who's been married for along time couldn't have any kids, Sri Devi's mom works as their housekeeper and couldn't go in to work for a few weeks and had asked her daughter Sri Devi to take her place. As Devi goes to work, she learns that the couple couldn't have any kids and the Husband is a piano player/singer, and there's this bad girl who wants to steal him way from his wife. Devi causes problems for the husband and the nangrai as the wife was away visiting relative causing the nangrai to quit. Then SriDevi works for the husband as his singer/dancer girl causing her to be very popular...One night it was storming as they came home from a party that had gone wrong and they slept together. Devi becomes pregnant and so on.

The beginning of the movie takes place in court on who had actually killed the nangrai and that's when Devi tells her story...

If anyone knows the original title, I would like to have it since there's a few songs that I like to have from it..