Om, Barry and Mark


sarNie Egg
omfg...three hottest guy fricken such a fan of them three...thanks.....can't wait fot Om's new lakorn not to mention Barry


Wat could be HOTTER than 3 SEXY GUYS ON THE SAME COVER W/ WATER TOO!!! I have no other word but HOTTTTT...*SWEAT*


sarNie Hatchling
Hot hot !
but what is this ugly striped shirt, and that tight grey trousers...? Errkk


sarNie Adult
Really, OMG finally a guy that i like and it's a new star that is older than me...I felt like a cougar liking all those new The Star like Gun, Rite, Tono, Singto, Dew, even Ruj is younger than me i old is Ruj?..good thing Bie's older than me too, but not by much... i think he just turned 25 right..i'm turning 25 in October...gosh i'm so old......LOL...But just made my day...well whats left of it anyway...IT's very good to know... THANKS FOR THE INFO again..