One Mistake: Aum&Oil

That One Mistake
“She made all the decisions. And now everyone’s after her for her one mistake.”

Seangnyeun Vichithrya
Chiravat & Chiranut Viengkwang

Romance | Drama | Revenge

Seangnyeun was filthy rich - whatever she wanted, she got. Everything in the Vichithyra estate, she chose. So when she meets drop dead handsome gardener, Chiranut, she falls for him immediately. He tends to her every need, unlike all the high class bachelors she knew of. So when he asks her to sign something, she does it without thinking. And now, she has nowhere to live. Her favorite grandmother ends up hating her, and her friends now keep to themselves.

What will she do when her father is coming back?

Her family’s future all depends on how she can seduce Chiravat, Chiranut’s twin brother.

But can she?

And now, time’s running out.

This fanfict is written in first person, talking back and forth.​

He turned towards me, his face almost too good to be true. Was I imagining things again? All I could think about was his body to mine. I shuddered. I was very glad to be here right now. It seemed as if I were in heaven, and nothing else in this world mattered. Not my favorite grandmother, not my fab friends, and definitely not my multi billionaire estate. None of that seemed relavant to what I was facing right now. And that, brought me to a new level of excellence. I had everything I wanted already: a loving family and more money than I could ever spend. Well, maybe unless I could shop at Beverly Hills all day and night from now till I die. Otherwise, I don't think I could ever spend all my money like that.

He touched my face with his muscular hand. I felt my temperature rise, for I had never felt any man touch me like this before. Calm down....calm down, Seang. You're not going to act like a big, fat, stupid, inexperienced person here. Not now. Not now. I tried shrugging the feeling off. I couldn't believe that I was about to go crazy over a gardener. No, that's not right. What I meant was a handsome-like-nothing-anyone's-ever-seen gardener. Muscular body, mesmerizing eyes, and just the perfect lips. Sigh.

"Khun Seang, are you ok?" he asks, raising an eyebrow.

I snapped out of my daydream state and smiled. "Huh?"

He smiled back at me.

Oh, those beautiful teeth, those perfect lips. If only my fiance were half this perfect.

"Are you ok?" he repeatedly asked, questioning me.

I nodded, my eyes wandering. Why was he so perfect?


I wanted to try something different, let's see how this goes. If people like it, I'll continue. As for TROL, I'm continuing it no matter what. I hope you guys like it na.​


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Consider Nam Rapeepat and Jeab Chompoonuch!!!

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Au Navapol and Jib Keetapat

Big Puchisa and Cheer Tikumporn!!!

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i love aum and oil together's a good/bad thing that oil moved to ch3...but :( there won't be anymore aum/oil unless aum moves to ch.3.....
I brushed her face with my hands, knowing very well that she was an easy target. She was rich, yet she had no brain at all. She was falling for me, and that was what I had planned all along. As she gazed into my eyes, I smiled at her. My gentle yet mesmerizing eyes had done the trick. At first, I thought that it would be hard. Who knew that hiso of the century, Seangnyeun, would be this EASY? No, that wasn't the right word for this situation. The only thing that could ever describe Seangnyeun was her lust, and her perceptions of things outside: looks and body. She didn't care that I was a "gardener", she didn't even care if I had no money. All she cared about was that tanned-from-working-in-the-sun skin of mine. Sometimes, it would be no fun to trick her. There was no challenge to this, for she was like a mouse in the box, and I the hungry cat waiting outside. She had no way out, but it wasn't because she was in a real box, but because she had fallen into the worst box of all: the box of wanting someone.

"Chiranut, when do you have to get back to work?" she asked, her eyes staring deeply into mine.

I shook my head. "I don't know. You're my boss, when do you want me to go back to work?" I asked her, pleading with my eyes.

She smiled at me playfully. "Never. You can never go back to work as a gardener. It's dirty, and everything else as well! I can't believe you can stand it..." she replies, tousling his black hair.

"Khun Seang, not everyone is born wealthy. I was born poor, that's all. I have to live with it," I reply back, that shameful innocence in my eyes.

She slapped my arm, as if she were mad. "Stop calling me Khun Seang, Chiranut," she told me, her eyes catching the brilliance of the morning sunlight.

I didn't reply, for I wanted to make her feel bad for me. And I knew it was going to work, too. When she signs the paper, I would not have to stand being NICE to her everyday, taking care of her every need. One thing she didn't have that I did was patience: she liked things done right away, while I could stand the worst if at the end of the journey, the destination was worth all the trouble. And this certainly was worth it.

"Come on, Chiranut. Promose me you won't call me Khun Seang anymore, ok?" she asks, practically demanding.

I nod, for I knew that she hated when people made her look like a fool. She was just too easy, but I had to keep her happy, just until she signs the paper. A few more days only, I told myself.

She smiled at me again, dragging me from the flowers over to the porch. "Chiranut, do you have a nickname?" she asks, probably curious.

I nodded. "My nickname is Nut, but only my twin brother calls me that." Shit. I told her I had a brother. A twin brother. With the same looks. But that didn't matter, did it? She was just too stupid to get it. She never got ANYTHING.

She perked up, raising her eyebrow. "Brother?" she asked me.

I nodded once more, feeling my neck aching as I heard a small yet usual cracking sound.

Seangnyeun turned around, trying to find the noise.

"Its my neck, Seang," I told her.

Her face turned pale, her bright red cheeks now the color of salmon. "Are you ok?"

Before, I never realized how much she actually cared about me. I answered, "Yes, I'm fine Seang. Now, I have to get back to work before your grandmother comes out and scolds me."