[ONE31] Songkram Nak Pun : Bee Namthip / Metinee Kingpayome / Push Puttichai / Bifern Anchasa


sarNie Egg
I just watch the ending. Did Pee Sang died?!! If he did, I'm not watching season 2. I only watched this for L and Pee sang. (〒︿〒)


sarNie Adult
That's the ending?!?!?! I was watching the clips on the YouTube channel and was hella confused because I remembered Hua Jai Sila airs on the 4th. Damn that cliff hanger.


sarNie Oldmaid
Why did they have to go on with making a season 2? They could have easily wrapped this up in one season. Is this lakorn really doing well enough for a season 2?