[ONE31] TharnType the Series (?): Mew Suppasit / Gulf Kanawut


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I just finished reading the novel. Man i shed some tears. Can't wait to see some scenes on screen.
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I recently finished this series (S1). I wasn't sure what to expect. There is (still) so much hype for this series. I wanted to see what ppl were going on about. I think the biggest bait of course is the bl plot. I'll try to break it down in case someone was curious about this serious (like me) but isn't sure about watching it.

Plot; It had a consistent flow. No draggy parts and unpredictable scenes. Besides the leads being extremely enigmatic the whole time, the side characters all played their parts very well. I like that friendship was also a huge part of the story. I especially love Type's bsf. His comedic humor made the lakorn less heavy. There are parts that shows us what society is like towards the lgbtq+ community. I think that's important in bl plots to ease the audience into the setting. 8.5/10 for plot.

Leads; Tharn + Type... they definitely have chemistry. LIKE A LOT OF IT. It's literally burning off the screen. The actors did a good job in portraying as lovers. If you watch from seesantv the *spicy* scenes are kind of cut off. You have to watch it from LineTv to get the whole thing. With bl lakorns, I find that the male leads have much more skinship. Idk if it's because of the production or if it's that fact that it is 2 men... For example with m/f lakorns, they have to portray "propriety" and the woman has to be "conservative" and a "proper lady" etc. So you do get a lot more in the "love scene department. (Ofc we can talk about the spiciness in slap/kiss lakorns, but we all know they use a lot of angles, just saying) Anyway, 10/10 for leads.

Not sure if I missed anything but I'll add onto this if I remember more. lol