[OneHD] Jad Ruk Viva Luang (Magic If - Exact)


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What's the meaning of the title? Something love. :lol2: Anyways, whoo hoo for Biena fans! I'm not one, but I'm glad those who are can enjoy their favorite pair. :D


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Hmm, shouldn't the channel be One HD/ONE HD instead of Channel 5, since the military is taking back Channel 5? Thanks for the news, Dreamlove.
Here are the recent photos from their opening/blessing ceremony.
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Credit: lakornexact's IG.




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@NdA: Thanks for sharing more photos and for following the forum rules. :thanks: :flowers: :thumbsup: :grouphug:
Dreamlove said:
Can't wait to see this lakorn!!! Love Biena so much and happy to see they finally reunit!!! :) :) :)
Aw, happy that you and the others are happy, Dreamlove! :grouphug: :heart: More photos. In order from best to good. :D
Credits: exactscenario, jeabsopidnapa, lakornexact's IGs; Actsstudio's Facebook.



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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Omygosh Omygosh ohmygosh!!!!! My lovers are back!! This shipper heart of mine is about to burst from their adorableness!!! I'm so excited! The title sounds SOOO adorable! Reminds me of RJJ. 555 Ahhhh! Excuse me while I go scream in my little corner. 555
Thanks for sharing the clip and photos ladies!! <3


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I like Noona's hair and makeup from the opening ceremony. She's pretty. ^_^ And Bie is adorable as always.


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The storyline is about Node (Bie) a cartoon writer who's about to get married with a superstar women Pat (Pang). They were going to get married and June (Noona) a wedding organizer is organizing their wedding. Then Pat and Node break up, but they can't tell anyone because they both are presenter of these brands and stuff. If people found out that they broke up, they have to pay back the money that they got from being the presenter. So they have to keep the wedding on and pretend like they still love each other even though they broke up and Pat has a new boyfriend which is Nat Thephasadin. June is wondering if they really love each other, she then tries to seek their true relationship and gets into Node's business. So Node and June end up being really close to each other. This is what I know from the interview, but there are more characters. There's June's boss who liked her, but isn't brave enough to tell her. Khun Boy said that the important part is where they all went to the beach.
Bie as Node a cartoon writer
Noona as June a wedding organizer
Pang as Pat a superstar
Nat Thephasadin-Pat's new bf
CD-Noona's younger brother
Tum-a new model


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Too many people, that is the one thing I don't like about Exact but I should be happy with getting my couple Biena.


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Screams!!!! Finally, after months of anticipation the opening ceremony is here!!! Thanks Dreamlove, NdA, and Maiko for sharing. I'm so excited for this. I can't wait until they start shooting so we can see Biena interact with each other. I need my daily dose of Biena  :clap: