[OneHD] Jood Nud Fun (Exact - Scenario)


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
Sean is on a roll! Charabelle doesn't look too bad with short hair. Can't wait to hear more about this lakorn! :D 


sarNie Oldmaid
She was ok in her lakorn with Pok. Nice with short hair. I liked her hair red also. But the clothes are a little too revealing


♥Korean Obsessed♥
I've become neutral with Charebelle, but I really like the short hair on her. I hope her acting has improved.


sarNie Adult
This lakorn is about five of friends who study in same university. They are separate when graduate for spending life as their own dream.
When they are out o university, and have working. They all know that life isn't easy like they think. It has many problem that they have to solve.
Five of them will be regular customer of a bar. They always have appointment for meeting at here. 
It will about friendship which is grow up along with changing life. 


sarNie Hatchling
From looking at the opening ceremony photos, Pango is nang'ek, not Charebelle?


Whatever Shaun is eating, it looks delicious. I don't think they match though if the girls were switched I think it would match more. Lately Charbelle hasn't been giving off the nang'ek vibe. Pango is getting a lot of work now.


sarNie OldFart
charbelle roles are mostly weak...her recent role is more diverse which I like...hopefully this is a strong character


sarNie Oldmaid
I'm liking that they're changing her styles and roles. Her weak roles are good too but I like her spicy. I'm not too big or hung up on her getting nangek roles just as long as she does well and grow in everything she plays.