[OneHD] Pidsawat (Exact) : Noon Woranuch Pong Nawat


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Now I don't know if this is the lakorn that they are [re]making but it sure does sound like it. Here's the link to the previous versions of it.

with Touch and Ning
credit: tusneem123

with Kade and Noon
credit: Spicy11

Sorry I can't provide summaries for it b/c I only saw bits and pieces of it here and there.
OH MY GOD! that's one my most favorite kade/noon lakorn! they were so good together in that one. i remember being addicted for months. lol.

i've never knew that it was aremake of ning's lakorn and never saw it either. but ning looks so much younger and prettier than today. of course i like noon's better, but that may be my bias opinion b/c noon was my first favorite thai n'ek ever. hmmm...maybe i should go look for ning's version so i can compare.

thank you looksy for sharing the vids. although i really think it is too soon for a remake (if it is one) of this lakorn, i can't wait to see it. and this time, it's Pong and Bee!

btw, as much as i love pong and bee, i want to point out that i don't think Pong is suitable for the p'ek's role since i think the p'ek is very weak compared to Pong's previous role. a more stronger, high-handed, and arrogant role suits him better such as Ngao Asoke. as for bee, i don't know either. this n'ek character is also weak and is just a cliche of most n'ek we saw. i think bee played enough of those roles. i prefer to see her in a better role such as the last one lakorn she did with Pong, (the one with her sister's kid whom she tried to hid from pong)

all that aside, PONG/BEE ALL THE WAY!!! YEAH! :D


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This Lakorn is not a remake Lakorn. This Lakorn calls Pidswat (Pitsaward) not Pood Pitsawards
ahh...no wonder messed up. :) but off course, whether it is a remake or not, all that matters is that pong/bee are pairing up again. love those two. miss them so much.


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Wait yeah I had the wrong lakorn for some reason I was thinking Krai Kamnode lmao I don't know why .. cause in Krai Kamnode Kade was a player ... lol yeah pood pissawas remake = no pong and I don't think this is the same lakorn lol


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wat does pissawat mean? lol.. just curious.. anyways.. im just happy to see them pair up again ^_^


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^I have the same question.^^

To be honest, i'm not a big fan of the Pong and Bee pairing, but i do like watching them act separately. *hides* They do look sexy together, but i still don't see that natural electrifying spark that i yearn to see. I hope this new lakorn will change my mind! And i vote for a MELODRAMA because Pong just shines like crazy in that genre. :p

Can't wait to hear more about it!


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ooh another Pong/Bee lakorn...

i dont want to miss out on anything with Pong :p

haha Looksy, anymore news on either of Pong's lakorn, do keep us all updated!!!

awww missing Pong/Aom pairing already, but looking forward to Pong/Bee


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I hope it's not a ghost lakorn or a comedy because I'm not a fan of those. I agree with songielove and am hoping for a melodrama b/c Pong is at his best in those.

To be completely honest, I used to be a big Pong and Bee fan but after I saw Pong with Aom, I completely fell in love with the Pong and Aom Team as a pairing. I have never been more captivated by a pairing as I am of Pong and Aom. But no matter what, I will watch it for Pong b/c his acting has improved tremendously and him and Bee do have chemistry, too. It's just that I am more in Awe of the Pong and Aom pairing now.

C123, if I find anything else, I'll definitely let you all know.


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same here, i hope its not a ghost lakorn. .. i do like comedy, but i def cant picture Pong acting in a comedy lakorn.
haha i actually lol-ed at the thought of Pong in a comedy as i was reading ur post, looksy!


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Crazzy. That's a long time! ahahaha
but i guess...It better be worth the wait. Lol jk
it will! I can't wait to see it! :D
Pong&Bee foreverrrrr ~ ♥


JJ - who's the girl? Is Bee still in this lakorn? BTW, thanks for sharing and update on this.
Yes, Bee is still the Nang ek

You dont know about her???? OMG ^^´´
This is Jakjaan Akumsiri Suvannasuk, she was the ex girl-friend from Chakrit Yhemnam and she was an actress for Exact - Scenario, and she was in a lot of dramas from Exact but she changed the Channel/Companay, is an actress of Channel 7 now and played in many lakorns for this channel likes 2 Lakorns with Aof Chanapol (I forget the name) than with Weir Sukollawut in Por Noo Pen Superstar and in the drama: Roy Ruk Roy Pbarb.

She has acted with Pong too. The name of the dramas was: Pluerk Saneh Ha. And this drama was the first drama for Nat Thephudsadin.


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im happy for pong but.. damn it really does seem that pong, bie, & son are the only actors we see everytime..

DAMN!!!!! I WANT TO SEE MORE PEPPER, PURI, CAPTAIN, & OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but im also excited for this one since i love bee&pong..
LMAO I couldn't agree more with you aiko. I want to see my old Exact p'eks. I especially want to see Pepper & Ann Alicia back together again as leads, not supporting! I was super happy when Ching Chang came out because it was like an ALL-STAR cast (a dream come true) but I never finished it because it seemed to dramatic for me.

Anyways, I'm excited for this one with Bee & Pong. I love their previous lakorn. I hope this lakorn is going to be a romantic comedy one or something. I can take whatever just as long as they are paired together---well maybe except if it's toooo dramatic then no lol.


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wat does pissawat mean? lol.. just curious.. anyways.. im just happy to see them pair up again ^_^
I asked my friend and she says that "Pidswat" means to fall for someone deeply all of a sudden, like a spell. She says that if she had to translate the title into English, it would be "Spellbound".

Hmmmmm......that sounds like a romance drama to me. For all of those Pong and Bee fans that have always wanted them to do a great love story, this might be the lakorn you all have been waiting for. I hope it's a melodrama b/c I love Pong in those. :D I'm excited, can't wait.

The more I think about it, the title also sounds like it could be a ghost lakorn. I hope not, not a fan of those.

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I love Pong and Bee's chemistry, Buang Ruk Kammathep was so awesome and Taley Rissaya was good too, i skipped Song kram nang fah cause they don't end up together. Can't wait 4 this :D