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Hey everyone, I just wanted to announce to you all that I just opened my first blog. :D My first post contains a fan-fiction story that I wrote. Through this blog, I hope that I can share more about the Hmong culture/history, my fan-fiction, news/reviews on Korean/Chinese entertainment, along with novels. Please support me. Thank you in advance.
Here's the first chapter of my fan-fiction just so that you guys get a feel of how it'll turn out like. 
Threads of Life
[SIZE=11pt]This story is based on a skit that I wrote with my board members of Hmong Club. Although this skit has been performed at our Hmong New Year event already, I’m so in love with the story that I want to turn it into a full story. My version of this will have some differences compared to the original skit. My writing style is like a script so I hope you guys don’t mind the fact that I used the names of the characters during a conversation. Each chapter will be short since I lack the time to extend each chapter.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]In 1961, the Hmong joined forces with the Americans to fight in the Vietnam War. [/SIZE]They were guerrilla fighters who devoted their lives to fighting for their own freedom.[SIZE=11pt] However, this war was hidden from the public and became known as the Secret War. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]5 years later, Nou Cheng (Nuj Txeeg), a 21 year old residing in Long Tieng is in a relationship with a girl named Hnouci. They’ve been together for 2 years but have yet to marry. As the war continues, Nou Cheng is recruited as a soldier. What happens when the war separates these two? Will they be able to overcome the storm or will their relationship die like the many lives that were lost in the war?[/SIZE]
Chapter 1:
               The sun is setting in the horizon, lighting up the sky with bright pink rays. The sound of chirping cicadas and birds die down with the sun. Only the sound of a distant water source remains. As the sky gets darker, Hnouci is reminded of Nou Cheng. She lies in bed tossing and turning, trying to find his warm and firm shoulders. Yet, with every turn, she only finds a cold and empty bed. She talks to herself, “Nou Cheng, do you miss me like how I long for you?” Hnouci finally gives up on her thoughts and goes to sleep.
                Roosters crow announcing the new day. Hnouci gets out of bed reluctantly and prepares food for lunch. Her parents come and talk to her.
Hnouci’s dad: Hnouci, today your mother and I have to go meet with some of the elders.
Hnouci’s mom: Since you’re going to the farm by yourself, don’t stay there so late. There are many soldiers and ghosts lurking around.
Hnouci: Alright, mom and dad. I won’t be out too long today.
Hnouci’s dad: Take care of yourself, okay?
Hnouci’s parents leave the house. Shortly after, Hnouci also leaves with her gardening tools and lunch. At the farm, she takes out the weed in preparation of setting up for the new rice field. 2 hours go by and the hot sun continues to shine on her back. Exhausted, Hnouci decides to take a lunch break. As she eats, she starts to sing a kwv txhiaj (traditional song) to herself.
“Nou Cheng, it has been one month since we’ve last seen each other. I still remember your sharp face, handsome smile, and your broad shoulders carrying your Hmong outfit filled with coins. The time we spent together during the new year was the happiest time of my life. You haven’t sent any news or letter to me. Where are you now and how are you doing?”
                Hnouci spends the rest of her day at the farm until the sun starts to set. The walk from the farm to her home is about an hour long. Although rays of light were still out, there was an eerie feeling in the air. There were no birds chirping, only the sound of the wind blowing strongly. Hnouci quickly walked home in fear of encountering anything that lurks in the darkness.
Authors note:
This first chapter originated from a poem that I wrote in Hmong. Since not everyone can read in Hmong, I decided to translate and elaborate it into a full chapter. Here's the original poem that narrates the whole chapter.

Lub hnub pib poob tim npoo ntuj.

Mi kab nqos vias ntsiag to, tsis hnov mi kab mi noog quaj.

Cas niam leej ntxhais nim nco txiv leej tub ua luaj.

Lub siab quaj dhi nrhiav txiv leej tub lub mi xub ntiag.

Tiam sis tig sab twg los tsuas hnov txaj txias zias.

Es txiv leej tub puas hlub thiab puas tshua

Li niam leej ntxhais nco txog koj?

Kaj ntug tag kis, qaib quaj sawv zom zaws.

Niam leej ntxhais thiaj li lam ua ib siab sawv.

Mus txog nram tej qub chaw,

Ua cas ho pom txiv leej tub tej qub hneev taw.

Tsis quaj los kua muag ntws si.

Tsis xav nco lub lub plawv dhia cuag tsi.

Niam leej ntxhais thiaj li seev ib zaj kwv txhiaj.

"Nij yaiv txiv leej tub nim ploj lawm ob peb hmo

Ntsiag to tsis xa ib tsab xov.

Es koj nim mus nyob rau rooj teb twg lawm os?"

p. Zoua

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great job. There's not much Hmong fan fictions out there but I'm glad we're all creating more and more into our culture with our talents. Keep up the great work. :)