Outback Lover-Western/Country theme SYPNOSIS


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Howdy, anyone ready for more Yadech love story?  Here is a preview, working on Chapter 1.  Stay tune!  I am putting on hold Yakuza Dech....feeling a more toned down and back to DJA era lol but with a twist.
You know my fangirl-ing is for the young talents YADECH, But you readers can imagine whoever you love at present in the lakorn world AND apply to this romance!  Enjoy!!!!
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Kerry is an aspiring corporate lawyer for the environmental division.  She recently graduated and established herself as a top intern in California’s prestigious law firm.  She has a devoted boyfriend and family that supported her through everything.  Life for her was what dreams were made of.  Only for everything to fall apart as she accidently walks in on her boyfriend with another man.  Was that the reason why he didn’t protest about the fact that over her unwavering views on pre-marital sex?  She loved him nevertheless and was betrayed by his deceit and double life.  She was a modern woman with an old-fashion upbringing.  She looked on her life and wondered if what she wanted from it was just her own illusion as to what was truly in her heart.
In the meantime the firm is in a legal battle with some farmland in Texas being taken over by the top developers and she had to ensure that they followed the proper environmental process.  She was the intern so all the hard work was for her to sort out.  She thought to escape her love life which was now in turmoil and disarray.  Not realizing that in Texas everything was even more chaotic, especially when a chance meeting with a very masculine and outspoken cowboy who is opposing the takeover of his land.  Her normally reserve attitude toward the opposite sex becomes challenged as sparks clearly was evident between them.
Braydon was raised a cowboy in the outback of Texas.  He enjoyed the larger, remote and peaceful scene of his land than the stifling confines of the city.  He tried it earlier on in his youth, the rat race, in but instantly regretted it.  His family’s land which was now put up for sale was being bid upon to support a developer’s takeover to convert it into an amusement park with a country theme.  He opposed it but his cousin, Glen, forever a childhood nemesis was at the forefront of gaining over all the neighbouring support from their community.  He needed to find out what was in it for his cousin, Glen.  At the same time fight the attraction to a conservative lawyer that only seemed to view the world in black and white and she painted him with the same black brush without getting to know him as a person. Braydon, was a man who made it clear that his attraction to her was sincere.  He noticed her reservation with men and sought to find out what happened in her past for her to become this type of woman; who no longer trusted any man.


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Sound cool!!! II want some cowboy after watching "longest ride" and Taylor song "widest dream" ^^^^^ update soon


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of course the boyfriend cheating on her with another man caught me off guard, but it looks promising! Can't wait! (on a side note, will Braydon have brothers? Cowboys always have brothers, even just sworn brothers - can't resist a ranch of hot men.  :pervie: )