Pbaa Nang Suer


Wait to confirmed!!!
And wait that the company said it themselves
because of this I dont know which Company it is and only I know
is that it is a action drama

What I know it that the company want Jakjaan but it can changing everytime


Dont know about who could be the nang ek
The Company who make this will say it themselves

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sarNie Coma
Info from ImmaculateYui's blog (i didn't write this)

Yui is going to have another lakorn entitled Pbah Nang Sua (The Tiger Girl’s Jungle). It’s going to be an action lakorn produced by Kantana. Also starring are Tle Thanapol, Kade Tarntup, and 1st runner up for Miss Thailand Universe, Eiam Wunsaporn. It is scheduled to begin filming soon.

Credit: P’Salak @ Channel 7 Webboard

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Yeah, Kade is really underestimated, back in the day he was a popular p'ek, after he broke up with Noon he gets such crappy roles. Poor guy


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looks like another action lakorn for Yui. Correct me if I'm wrong.


credit to cityloveu


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This is definitely another action lakorn for Yui. This will be interesting to see Tle and Yui together for the first time. I saw a clip of the teaser and it looked pretty interesting but it sounds kinda boring. But its one of those you just have to wait and see!


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I'm still waiting for Yui's other lakorn with Paul, but I guess it going down the drain now. I'll wait for this one. Although it's action, I'll watch for Yui and give Tle a chance, cause never watch his lakorn before.


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Should this thread pin? it airs already..

Any 1 watching this lakorn..how do you girls like it. I don't really like action, but somehow I like this one..maybe because Tle??? he looks so much like some1 I used to know..


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Like it, but don't like Tle's clothing...kind of gay


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haven't watch since esp. 5. How is it now? I don't sense chemistry between Yui and Tle..or maybe I haven't watch when their relationship really develop.


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nuthing much but the other girl got hit by a rocket or watever and her so call soul went inside yui. humm there only some sweet scence