Pee Chai Tee San Dee(Ch3:Drama)


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is anyone watching this?..i think the ending is gonna be sad..its my prediction judging from the summary..thanx to Passionlae!
also, credit to tjr & + AeR FOR POSTING DEM IN IL:


Dan Worrawech Danuwong---->as Somchai
Bua Sarocha Tanjararuk------->as Noo na

Poy Napat-------------------------->as Jack
Kwang Oragan-------------------->as Jill
Ton Jakrit--------------------------->as Anon
Nun Ramida------------------------>as khun Aom
Kwanreudee------------------------>as Sagee
Motorcycle(the bike)------------->as Taa waan(sweet eyes)

Somchai, is a normal but very hyperactive and cool guy. Together with his friends,
Jack and Jill, the twins, the three of them study at the same U. and have a dream to build
a band of their own. Somchai lost his mother ten years ago and the only person he have is his father, Anon, who sells insurance and always on a business trip.

Somchai always recieves help from Khun Aom, his good neighbour, who's always there for him. One day, Somchai gets to know that Anon has been in car accident i Pattaya, while he was on his way to work. Out of panic Somchai rushes to Pattaya with Taa waan. In the same time, Noo na, the sweet and kind girl from Chiang Rai came to Pattaya after she received the news of her mother's accident.

On her way to Pattaya, Noo na misses her bus and Somchai find out that he didn't have the money enoughfor the trip. In a situation, that force the two of them to travel together. And this just to find out that Anon and Sagee has already got married in the very same day the accident occured. Even with Anon's explanations that this is love, the kids find it hard to accept.

Because of the accident, Sagee has turned into the sleeping beauty, and Noona has to move in with Anon and Somchai in Bangkok, as Anon's new daugther. Somchai disagree with it and after the day Noo na moved in, they both refused to talk to each other. Anon had put Noo na in
all girl's school, just for her own sake. To be able to pay for Sagee's hospital's bills, Anon had to agree to his new job and move away from town.

And left Somchai and Noo na by themselves. Somchai has received strictly orders from Anon to take good care of Noo na with no objections. This made Somchai sick to death, Taa waan, who always have been a girl's magnet has now a new job, and that's to pick Noo na up everyday.
Before and after school. He has to take her out to the market, clean the house etc..The cool image of his has been ruined into the ground, just because of Noo na.

Noo na also is not very comfortable to live in "manly" life of Somchai. She has to wait for him while he's practising with his band, or wait for him while he's playing soccer. She needs to wash his very dirty clothes, these are the differences of their world that had collide. But they have to live together.

One day Somchai had find out from Jill that Jack is in love with Noo na. Somchai got mad with no reason (that he doesn't know of course) and try to make Noo na stay away from Jack as much as possible. Jack is confused and got mad at Somchai also.

Somchai and Noo na start to realise their feelings for each other, but because of what they "are" to each other, made them to suppress their feelings. somchai decided to move out and earn some money for more bills in his house and Noo na is trying to look after him.

Jack and Jill came with a good news to Somchai about music competition that is about to happen. Somchai has been working hard to take care of the house and Noo na and got himself sick. He then finds out that he has a tumour and that can not be recovered and he's hiding it from his family.

After Noo na finds out that Somchai's sick, she's been trying to earn some money to help him. In the mean time, Sagee has gotten better and better and finally she was fully recovered.

The day before the music competition begins, Somchai has gotten worse, but he's been forcing himself to go. Just to make his dream come true. Noo na left the ticket for the competition for Anon, hoping that he would go and see the competition.

Anon decided to go to the competition. Somchai made his dream come true while attending the whole competition before he collapse on the stage. This is the time when Anon finds out about Somchai's sickness.

what will happen to Somchai's and Noo na's love? Will the good "brotherly" love turn into "man's" love? Watch "Pee chai" every saturdays-sundays at ch3 at 11.00


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'บัว' ปล่อยโฮ..โดนทิ้ง! 'แดน' ใจร้าย 'ขอเลิก

ไหนๆก็เคยมีข่าว “กิ๊กกั๊ก” รัก น้องบัว-สโรชา ตันจรารักษ์ น้องสาวของเพื่อนซี้ บีม-กวี มาตั้งแต่ยังไม่เข้าวงการ ล่าสุด แดน-วรเวช ดานุวงศ์ ขอรับน้องนางเอกใหม่ เป็นฝ่ายสะบั้นรักบอกเลิกบัวซะกลางกองถ่ายละคร “พี่ชาย” ทางช่อง 3 ทำเอาบัวใจสลาย ปล่อยโฮซะตาบวมเป่ง

ฉากทำร้ายจิตใจนี้เป็นตอนที่ สมชาย (แดน) ช่วย หนูนา (บัว) จากจิ๊กโก๋ที่จะมาลวนลาม พามาพักเหนื่อยริมทะเล แล้วก็บอกว่าจะเลิกติดต่อกันอีกต่อไป ทำเอา บัว เสียอกเสียใจอย่างหนัก---ถ่ายกันที่ชายหาดพัทยา แดน นั้นทำตัวเป็นพี่ชายที่แสนหลี เอ๊ย แสนดี ดูซี้สนิทกะ บัว คอยแนะนำโน่นนี่ให้ตลอด ในฐานะที่เป็นทั้งเพื่อนพี่ชายและพี่ที่สนิทมาก่อน บัว นั้นก็เลยดูอุ่นใจที่ได้อยู่ใกล้ๆ แดน เลยชวน บัว เดินทอดน่องเล่นๆริมทะเล จนน้ำทะเลหวานเชี้ยบ จน ผกก. โด่ง-องอาจ ต้องตะโกนเรียกให้มาเข้าฉาก แดน เลยพา บัว มาที่กอง พอเริ่มถ่ายก็เดินจับมือ บัว เดินมาหยุดริมหาด แล้วก็พ่นคำตัดสวาทตัดสัมพันธ์ บัว ซึ่งเป็นสาวที่อารมณ์อ่อนไหว เจอคน (เคย) รักมาบอกเลิกซึ่งๆหน้า ก็เลยเสียใจอย่างหนัก รีบสะบัดมือออกจากมือ แดน จากนั้น บัว ก็ถึงกับเข่าอ่อนทรุดลงไปน้ำตาเอ่อคลอเบ้าร้องไห้โฮอย่างไม่ห่วงสวย ทำเอาทีมงานยังอึ้งที่นางเอกใหม่ร้องไห้ ได้เก่งขนาดนี้ พอคัต แดน ก็เลยมาพ่นยาหอมว่า “บัวร้องไห้เก่งจัง เหมือนคนเคยอกหัก” บัว รีบโต้กลับทันควัน “บัวไม่เคยอกหักค่ะพี่แดน แต่กำลังอยากจะหักอกใครบางคน” เอ๊ะ!! หนุ่มคนนั้นจะเป็นใครหนอ?! ติดตามดูพิรุธบนหน้า แดน ได้วันเสาร์นี้ตอนแรก


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It aried last nite for the first time.. I watch it did anyone else watch it?


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dan's sis is really pretty now!!! She looks like donut, but she is prettier than donut i guess cuz she has a young &refreshing look!!!!!


sarNie Coma
thanx for sharing the sc this a stock lakorn cuz dan looks so young..i know he has a babyface but from the sc he looks younger..i thought bua looked really like donut too..its like watching dan and donut


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the girl look cute and fresh.. i might watch it.. if i have enough time. hur hur


sarNie Hatchling
i'll have to say that Dan is mightly fine him and Bua she's so very pretty....although nothing much happened in ep 1 it was good still and ep 2 he was too't wait to watch the rest of it...


It's not stock up. He lost weigh so he looks younger and cuter than before. Heheh he's funny...


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yes..Dan lost so much weight, he looks so young...this lakorn is going to be so good...i love the lydia song that they play at the ending credits...


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hey tinah, don't wanna be mean, but would you mind give some credit for those who posted it up and you copied it from. The sumamry was from IL_Official. I don't mind people copying this and share it to everybody, but it would be nice to to it in the right way bygiving the cred to them who posted it up.

anyway, I love this lakorn.. it's cute funny and sad.. dan is mighty hot too


sarNie Coma
hey tinah, don't wanna be mean, but would you mind give some credit for those who posted it up and you copied it from. The sumamry was from IL_Official. I don't mind people copying this and share it to everybody, but it would be nice to to it in the right way bygiving the cred to them who posted it up.
i did..i thank Passionlae (in bold letters) from spicy cuz theres where i got it from..i didnt get it from IL

edit:so she got it from IL..ill credit the person Passionlae got it from too..i didnt see who she credit at first til i assume it was her own summary