P'eks with unconditional love for n'ek

Yeah. I totally agree with Cupid Candy. Kobori tops all. Lol! If I had a guy like him, I would be living a dream. Lol.
Anyways, besides Kobori, I think Chane from Oum Ruk and Seua from Piengjai Tee Pookpun qualifies. Hahaha!


Cee from Nong Meow Kiew Petch. Though at tje beginning he didn't like nang ek but when he did he never gave up on her.


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Sigh...I've seen Kobori in the 1982 movie version and num's version and in both, he's too beta for my tastes. I just prefer more aggressive hard-headed p'eks, so that's the only reason I don't mention him as much as Charles or Bor. But yes, I admit, Kobori does top the list when it comes to pure unconditional love, tho I don't like seeing p'eks just get utterly battered by the n'eks -too much imbalance.
Just watched "Two Spirits Love" and have to add Thun (Mario) to the list as he's one of the most swoon-worthy peks I've ever seen. Love the way he looks at Kew and how he always invents ways to get close to her. This is one pek who can't stay away from his nek and loves her like crazy. He's also pretty forceful and aggressive when it comes to "getting what he wants" from his nek...  :heart:


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Grate in Samee
Grate in Ruk Tong Om
Grate in Tai Ngao Jun
Grate in Kor Pen Jaosao Sark Krang Hai Chuen Jai
Anothai, Luerd Kattiya 
(Seriously, how could he have not been mentioned once in this thread?) Lol.


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Khun Yai never gave up on loving Pin, even though Pin did a lot of things that hurted him


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I don't know many p'eks, but P'Athit (Nadech) captured my heart, he is such a wonderful boyfriend & hubby material! His character is very realistic. No serious problems for him & his n'ek but if there are then I am pretty sure he will love her & fight for her no matter what to the end.


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Nai Singh!!! From tarm ruk Keun jai. Hehehe. So patient and supportive and loveable!


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Three names that came  to me right away is:
  1.  Anothai from  "Luerd Kattiya" :heart: 
  2. Khun Chai Pawornruj from "Suparburoot Jutathep" :heart: 
  3. Nai Singh from  "Tarm Ruk Keun Jai" :heart: 


After watching Reun Hor Ror Hien with Louis and Susie, I have to add both Tawan-chai and Tawan-ron to the list. They both are willing to do everything to help out the person they love. Als the bad guy too, Khunluang Bawornsongkram, who waited a hundred years for his lover to come back, but in the end let her go to the one she loves. I cried so much watching this. LOL


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When I look back at the hundred of lakorn I had watch in my life time , I realized 99% of p'eks is unlikable loll , I can only name 3 or at most 5 unconditionally love from the hero , I think the second male lead have more HAHAHA.


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Kobori. So sad. He dies for his country and for his woman. Such a tragic though. haha
Would like to add Paya (Andrew) from Wimarn Mekkhala. Loved the fact that despite the many nang'rais, he didn't pay attention to any of them! Oh, and also Namoh (Por Thrisadee) from Sao Noi Roi Laan.


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Not in order of significance, just as they come to mind
  1. Khun Chai Pawornruj from "Suparburoot Jutathep" - my dear Pope was such a gentleman and so affectionate and humble and he held the utmost respect for his n'ek not just because she was a princess but because that's how you treat the woman you love
  2. Nai Singh from "Tarm Ruk Keun Jai" - He's just soooooo dreamy and funny and never stops loving n'ek from the beginning to ending and he didn't let his jealousy of her to turn abusive and controlling but the more he was jealous of her, the more he loved her
  3. Paya from "Wimarn Mekhala" - GOD I love Paya and how he just doesn't give a damn about the n'rai and how he continues to be a dork and fight for Mekhala's love even though she was so mean to him
  4. Chakrit (forgot his character's name) from "Pleng Pah Fah Lom Dao" - I just love how heartfelt his love for n'ek was, like you can see it in his eyes and sense it right out the TV that he really loves and cares for n'ek and her family
  5. Great from his last couple of series - he is just soooooo wonderful; I feel like his characters come to life so well because that's how he really is in life, caring, loving, affectionate, honest, rak diew jai diew and everything else you'd imagine the perfect guy to be
  6. P'Haym from "Ka Badin" - so gentle and loving and humble, he never let his personal agenda of rebuilding his family name and love for the country get in the way of his love and dedication to Lamduang. If I can, I would live in Khun P'Haym's arms forever.
  7. Palat Saran from "Padiwarada" - although he's not as nice of a pr'ek as those named above him and he was a baby through out the lakorn and was mean and unreasonable sometimes, I just love this lakorn so much and love James Ji so much that I have to include him on this list hahaha
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Your #7 got me laughing .. I wouldn't put him in here just because he never really make himself clear until the very last few episodes. Although, he's dedicated to his wife .. he still allow his side woman to get involve his daily life .. not my kind of man -- husband.

I agree with your #6 of khun P'Haym from "Ka Badin" -- he's everything a man should be ... too bad he is someone to romanticize with lol


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Well seems like I really need to watch more lakorns with Great in them lol, last one I watched was Samee.

But anyways dedicated p'ek in no order:

Nadech: Duang Jai Akkanee - Fai will always be one of my favorite p'ek ever, though I do like him in Tarm Rul Keun Jai as well
James Ma: Chai Ronapee
Mario: Two Spirits' Love
Great: Samee
Gun: Kularb Rai Kong Naai Tawan
Toomtam: Pan Rak, Pan Rai - pretty good debut for him, Koom Nang Kruan (as Luang Thep)
Es: Bodyguard Sao