sarNie Adult
Just finished watching Penelope. OMG it was really cute. I like this storyline..kind of reminds me of Shrek.
It's about a girl named Penelope. Penelopes greatx3 grandfather fell in love with a common girl and then refused to marry her because of social status. The common girl died and her mom who is a witch cursed their family that the first daughter born will have the face of a big. The only way to break the curse is if one of their own kind claims her till death do they part.
Penelopes mom is so annoying in here. She's also the mom in Home Alone..I thought that was funny! :loool: Christina Ricci has really pretty eyes.

Still waiting for someone to upload The Other Boleyn Girl...Comes out today!


Expired Sarnie
Reminded you of Shrek. lol> It reminded if me of a Thai boran Kaew Na Mah. lol>> her horse face scared the crap out of me. :lol: