Plik Fah Haa Ruk - CH.8 [5/8/14]

Guess I'll alternate between the FFs that I'm currently writing. Hope you guys will like this one.

   Plik Fah Haa Ruk
(Turning Over the Skies in Search for Love)
Mint Chalida as Amika (Aim)
Mark Prin as Payu Puttichat Tanawong/ Seua
Kimberly Voltemas as Nattamon (Nat)
Om Akkapan as Officer Ravirath (Ravi)
Kong Sarawit as Officer Chatsawit (Chat)
Toey Jarinporn as Paowalee (Pao)
James Ma as Cheewin (Win)
Bow Benjawan
An orphan adopted into a wealthy, warming family sets out into the cold, cruel world seeking to avenge his adopted parents' murders. After inheriting the family estate and mansions, he sells all of the possessions to invest it in illegal businesses with intentions of demolishing the entire mafia industry. His plans do not go smoothly as he had hoped with the continuous interrogations with the police and clash with other mafia bosses. He soon seduces and marries the daughter of a powerful mafia boss in order to gain trust and bring down all the bad guys. In the meantime, his plan backfires as he sincerely falls for her and on top of all that, he later learns that his enemies are none other than his biological parents.


“My name is Payu. I am so-called because the day my parents found me, I was left unattended, unwanted, abandoned in front of their gates during a raging storm. My mom said that I am lucky to be alive because I was only a few days old at the time and was running a high fever. My parents took me in and nursed me back to health. Growing up, they spoiled me with everything that some people could only wish for, most importantly, love. Unfortunately, they passed away six years ago due to murder, a crime, a sin… committed unexpectedly and shockingly by…my biological parents…”

“I vow to avenge my parents’ death and if my enemies don’t die, I will.”
“Payu, are you sure about this? They are infamous mafia leaders with seemingly unlimited powers.”
“I don’t care! I won’t let my parents die free!”
Payu didn’t bother to wipe his tears, the first tears of his life as a man. For the past eighteen years, Payu only knew of happiness and warmth. He never shed even a single tear. He never knew how cruel the real world was and how cold-blooded some people could be. He was raised in a warming home by loving parents who only showered him with happiness and love. In the end, he was left all alone in this merciless world, now heartless and vengeful.
“Payu, listen to me,” said Ravi, Payu’s best friend since childhood. He put one hand on Payu’s shoulders, hoping to make his best friend feel at least a tad bit better. “I don’t want to see you get hurt. I know. I know it hurts that you lost your parents but I’m sure they wouldn’t want you to get yourself in trouble by avenging their deaths. They want to see you happy. I want to see you happy.”
Payu slowly shook his head and allowed his tears to fall freely to the ground. He bit his lips and clenched his fists, fuming with anger.
“I’m leaving now,” said Ravi. “Think about it buddy. It’s not worth it. You can’t use oil to put out the fire.”
Ravi left, leaving Payu standing in the middle of his living room of what seemed to be an empty house.
“Khun Noo ka.”
“GO AWAY!” Payu bellowed at the servants and maids who arrived by his side.
They all scattered away. Payu cried some more and still didn’t bother to wipe his tears. He cried until his heart ached. He cried until he collapsed on his bottom onto the cold, hard marble floor. He rested his head back against the tall, white pillar by the stairs and cried until he could cry no more.
Payu sat there for the next several hours reminiscing on his childhood. He recalled every cooking time he shared with his mother, the most intelligent and sweetest woman to ever grace the Earth.
“Ouch!” Payu remembered burning his little, right index finger on the hot stove. His mother immediately grabbed his tiny hand and kissed the injured little finger.
“Mwah! Now it’s all better!” she proclaimed. “A little accident doesn’t stop my little man from learning to cook, right?”
“Right!” the then six-year old, Payu happily nodded to his mother.
Despite the many little accidents during their cooking times together, Payu turned out to be a great cook, according to his mother. The thought of it once again brought tears to Payu’s eyes.
“Don’t cry my little man,” Payu remembered his father telling him during childhood. “Boys don’t cry.” No, Payu didn’t cry out of sadness or misery, but for the minor injuries resulting from playtime accidents as a kid. Like his mother, his father would just magically brush or kiss it away.
Now, his tears were uncontrollable. He cried because his parents are no longer with him. He would no longer be able to experience his mother’s embrace and hear his father’s wise words. Their love, however, remains with him, embedded deeply in his heart…forever.
     Chapter One
Background Information

“Have you any previous sexual experience?”
“We must ask you this because if you have had any previous sexual experience, we must test for sexual diseases.”
21-year old, Nattamon banged her palms on the desk and stood up angrily from her chair, her eyes still fixed on the interviewer. She had initally intended on securing an almost decent paying job for her ill-mother’s medical expeneses but little did she know that the position she applied for involved more than serving drinks.
“What do you mean by this?!” she asked her interviewer, furious that she had been deceived by these filthy scumbags.
“Uhm ma’am, this is a nightclub, a gentleman’s club,” the interviewer replied calmly.
“But the position I applied for is cocktail waitress!” Nattamon exclaimed.
“Even if that’s so, you must know that there are times when guests here make ‘special’ requests so this is just a safety precaution,” the interviewer explained.
“Fine then,” said Nattamon, grabbing her purse off of the adjacent chair. “I no longer want the job.”
She made her way towards the door, opened it but stopped and turned around again. “Oh, and next time when you recruit new employees, do state clearly beforehand the exact details of the job description.” She finally walked out, slamming the door behind her with a loud thud. Nattamon hoped that they find her advice useful.
She descended the short flight of stairs to the first level of the nightclub, cursing the employment team loudly on her way down and without looking up straight when she reached the last stair, Nattamon had clashed into a complete stranger.
“Are you blind?!” she automatically yelled at him through the loud music.
She then noticed that there were two men, dressed exactly alike, standing behind him. Nattamon guessed that the guy was some sort of hi-so jerk and the two men by his sides were bodyguards.
“I’m sorry ma’am but you were the one not watching where you were going,” said the stranger.
Nattamon grunted and ignored him, whisking them out of her way as she continued past them.
“Wait,” he said.
“What do you want?” she asked, turning around to face him.
“I’m the one that should ask you that,” he replied coolly. “This is a gentleman’s club and you’re a woman.” He put his hands into his pockets and nodded once at her, expecting a prompt explanation.
“None of your business,” replied Nattamon in a vulgar and hostile tone. “Now if you don’t mind, I’ll be on my way out.”
“Hey, my boss is talking to you,” said one of the bodyguards. He stepped in front of her with his arms folded.
“Your boss asked me a question and I answered it,” said Nattamon. “Since I’ve already provided you with an answer, I’ll be leaving now.”
With his hands still in his pockets, the stranger slightly jerked his head for his bodyguard to step back. “Very well,” he said, slowly moving towards Nattamon. “You seem to be a head strong woman. I like it.”
“I take it as a compliment,” said Nattamon. “Now bye!”
“Wait,” he said, grabbing her left wrist.
“Let me go!” she exclaimed, trying to yank free of his grasp. However, the more she wriggled, he exerted even more pressure on her. Nattamon then attempted to slap him with her free right hand but he grabbed it in midair and smirked.
“Aie Sak, Aie Chart, prepare a private lounge for me,” said the stranger. “I must welcome this special guest.”
For the first time in a long time, Nattamon was scared. Her heart was racing and her mind seemed completely raveled to the point she couldn’t think clearly. She tried to avoid eye contact with him but it was impossible because they were directly face to face now. As much as Nattamon wanted to fight back, she decided that she shouldn’t risk it because she didn’t know what she was getting into. She’d rather play it by ear and save her energy for escaping later when the perfect moment became available.
“Welcome,” said the stranger. He had opened the door of the private lounge for her and motioned his right hand for her to go in.
She glared at him for a few seconds, bit her lips, and did as she was told. The room was dimly lit and nicely arranged. There was a red, velvet loveseat adjacent to a small, circular glass table with two matching, single sofas on opposite sides. A flat screen TV was attached to the wall across the seating arrangement, which Nattamon assumed was for karaoke due to the entertainment center below the television.
“Have a seat,” said the stranger. He had noticed that Nattamon was studying the room.
Much to her disappointment, there were no windows. How was she supposed to escape now?
“Do you want something to drink?” he asked.
Perfect! Nattamon thought to herself. Perhaps, the drinks could be her life-saver.
“Perhaps something strong to match your personality,” the stranger suggested.
This guy was definitely reading her mind! The stronger the drinks, the quicker she can get the guy drunk and the faster she’ll be out of the place!
Nattamon smirked and twisted around to face him. “I suggest you obtain some weak drinks to match your own personality because it seems that a guy like you can’t handle strong. I’m warning you now because I’m not the type of woman you are seeking.”
“Well what are you doing here?” he asked. “This is a gentleman’s club but you are a young woman. If you’re not seeking pleasure then what exactly are your intentions?”
“If I tell you, you must let me go,” Nattamon demanded. Hopefully, he would agree because she didn’t want to waste her time with this moron.
“If you provide me with a convincing and valid answer, then I will let you go,” he said.
Nattamon didn’t want to trust him but it was worth a shot because at the moment, she didn’t have any better plans of escaping.
“Well,” he said. “Why are you here?”
“I came here for an interview,” Nattamon finally admitted. “I had applied for a position as a cocktail waitress but the management here are deceiving fools who think they can trick me into selling myself. Bastards.”
Surprisingly, the stranger burst into laughter, much to Nattamon’s dissatisfaction. She had expected him to open the door and let her go but who was she kidding? The guy didn’t seem any different from any of the men here. He was probably the same as any horny, hi-so bastard who seek pleasures to fulfill their sexual desires.
“Let me ask you this,” he began. “What’s the difference between a cocktail waitress and a woman who sells her body?”
“Look, I only agreed to answering your question so you will let me go,” said Nattamon, sharply. “I’ve already answered your question; now let me go!”
“You know your answer doesn’t make any sense,” he said, circling her. “The difference between a cocktail waitress and a woman that sells her body is that a cocktail waitress is no different from a woman that sells her body, only that she serves drinks. If a customer requests special services from the cocktail waitress, she must agrees because it is part of her job to make customers happy.”
As Nattamon listened to his explanation, she pictured herself punching him in the face, kicking him in the crotch and shins then breaking into a run for the door. She wanted to hurt him so bad that her fingers tingled for some action. Nattamon clenched her fists in case she had to get violent.
“Why are you so quiet?” he asked with a smile. “Are you reconsidering this job?”
That did it. Nattamon wiped that smile off of his face with a hard punch. She then kicked him in the crotch and ran for the door. Luckily, no one attempted to stop her on the way out. She had successfully made it out the nightclub.
Nattamon ran as fast as she could, away from the filthy place and when she ran out of breath, she stopped in the middle of the street and put both hands on her knees, panting out of both fear and exhaustion.
“Are you alright?”
Nattamon looked up into a beam of bright light. She put one hand in front of her face and squinted her eyes to see a tall, built figure towering over her.
“Are you alright?” the stranger repeated.
Finally, Nattamon was able to stand up straight and immediately realized that the stranger was a police officer. She let out a heavy sigh of relief and tried to find her words.
“Who are you?” asked the police officer, before Nattamon could finish replying. “Why are you running in the middle of the streets out at night?”
“H…he…help…help me,” she panted.
“Let me see your ID,” the police officer demanded.
Nattamon reached for her purse but could not find it. She then realized that she had left it at the nightclub. Great!
“I…I forgot my…p…purse at the nightclub,” Nattamon replied. She was drained of nearly all her energy from the prolonged running that she felt as though she could collapse any minute.
“You work at the nightclub?” asked the police officer.
Nattamon shook her head and suddenly, everything around her was dark.

The fresh aroma of coffee tingled at her nose, drawing her out of bed. She sat upright on the soft, comfortable mattress, her feet dangling at the edge, her hands pressed on the sides of her head, trying to remember what had happened. Nattamon then realized that this wasn’t her room. The immediate surge of fear completely drove her off the bed and onto her feet. Her feet! They were covered by the hems of the extremely large pajama pants that she had on. Nattamon tugged at sides of the pants and panicked. They were men’s pants! She was wearing men’s clothes!
“Oh hey there, how are you feeling?” asked the tall handsome man, who had just entered the room and was completely unfamiliar to Nattamon.
Angry and confused, she struck him across his face, knocking the mug of hot coffee out of his left hand. It splattered all over both of their clothes and the bare, wooden floor.
“Why did you slap me?!” he asked angrily.
“I can’t believe you still have the nerve to ask!” she barked. “Who are you?! How could you do this to me?!”
“Will you calm down?!” he exclaimed, massaging the left side of his face where she had slapped him. “You’re mistaken! I didn’t touch you at all!”
“I don’t believe you!” she yelled. “If you didn’t touch me then who changed me into these clothes?!”
He nodded. “Okay, I changed you but I didn’t do anything to you. I’m a police officer. I wouldn’t harm you.”
“I don’t believe you!” she exclaimed furiously, on the verge of tears.
He quickly grabbed a black wallet off the nearby dresser and flipped it open to reveal the inside. “Take a look and see for yourself so that you’ll believe I’m not lying,” he said, handing the wallet to her.
She snatched it from him and carefully studied the police ID. “You’re…you’re…
“A cop,” he finished.
Nattamon suddenly remembered the cop she had run into last night after escaping the nightclub. She stepped forward and looked closely at his face. “You saved me last night?”
He nodded. “Chai and you repay me with a slap in the face.” He bent over to pick up the empty, ceramic coffee mug off of the floor. “Luckily it didn’t break.”
“I’m s…I’m sorry,” said Nattamon, in an apologetic tone.
He let out a heavy sigh and shook his head. “Well, whenever you’re ready to explain your situation from last night, I’ll be ready to listen.”
“Let me clean that for you,” she offered, feeling guilty that she made him spill the hot coffee.
“Mai tong,” he said. “I got it.”
Nattamon frowned and watched as he wiped up all of the hot liquid. “Well what is your name?”
He looked up and replied “Ravirath.”
After mopping up the area with a wet rag, Nattamon followed Officer Ravirath into the kitchen, where he washed his hands and made her a new mug of coffee.
“Thank you and sorry,” she said.
“Don’t mention it,” he said. “Well, what is your name?”
“My name is Nattamon or you can call me Nat,” said Nattamon, taking a seat across from him at the breakfast table.
“Now are you going to tell about last night?” he asked.
Nattamon looked away uneasily and set her mug of coffee down on the coaster on the table. “I…I…
“If you’re not ready to talk, it’s okay,” he said. “It’s my job to help you but if you’re not ready to talk, I can’t force you.”
“It’s okay,” said Nattamon, finally. “I was running away from a bad guy at the nightclub down that street.” She carefully explained the incident to Officer Ravirath, including everything from the job interview to the clash with the hi-so jerk.
“What was his name?” asked Officer Ravirath, after Nattamon finished explaining.
“I don’t know,” she replied. “I never asked him.”
“Hmm…by the sounds of it, it seems like he works there,” said Officer Ravirath.
“How do you know?” asked Nattamon.
“Because he seems to know a lot about the nightclub life,” replied Officer Ravirath. “He clearly defined a cocktail waitress and a woman who sells her body. But of course, there is only one way to find out if he is really employed there.”
After filling in Officer Ravirath of last night’s account, Nattamon agreed to go to that nightclub with him for further investigation. She hoped that she would be able to send that hi-so jerk behind bars.
“Okay, make sure you only speak when I allow you to,” said Officer Ravirath.
Nattamon nodded. They both got out of the car and went inside the nightclub.
“Hey, we’re closed right now!” a male employee called out from behind the bar.
“I’m a police officer,” said Officer Ravirath, showing his police badge to the male employee. “I’m here for investigation.”
The male employee looked over Officer Ravirath’s shoulders at Nattamon. “Hey, you were here last night!” he exclaimed. “You made the owner really angry last night!”
“Who’s the owner of this nightclub?” asked Officer Ravirath.
“What is it Aie Saeng?!”
Descending the stairs was none other than the jerk from last night. Nattamon recognized him at once. “It’s him!” she exclaimed to Officer Ravirath.
“Payu,” said Officer Ravirath, in an almost whisper.
The jerk came to a sudden halt at the foot of the stairs, stunned to see Officer Ravirath and Nattamon.
“Payu, is it really you?!” To Nattamon’s surprise, Officer Ravirath dashed over and hugged the jerk. “Where the hell have you been?!”
“Officer Ravi, what are you doing?” asked Nattamon, approaching him from behind. She was now in utter confusion.
“Sorry but I think you’ve got the wrong person officer,” said the hi-so jerk in a serious tone. “My name is Seua, not Payu.”
Officer Ravirath shook his head in disbelief. There was no way that his best friend didn’t recognize him and he was 100% positive that the guy standing before him is Payu, his best friend since childhood.
“I don’t believe it,” said Officer Ravirath. “You’re clearly Payu! You’re Payu! Where have you been the last four years?!”
“I’m sorry but you’ve got the wrong person,” said Seua, once again. His facial expression was pretty convincing that he isn’t Payu.
“What’s going on, officer?” asked Nattamon, pulling Officer Ravirath back.
Officer Ravirath did not answer. His eyes were still fixed on Seua.
“You left your purse last night,” Seua said to Nattamon. He tossed her purse to her and she caught it, staring at him, her whole body trembling with anger.
“If you’ve brought this police officer to arrest me for the incident last night, I’m warning you now that you won’t succeed because I am not at fault,” said Seua.
“Let’s go, Khun Nattamon,” said Officer Ravirath, finally.
“I said let’s go.”
Nattamon nodded and followed Officer Ravirath out.
“Why are you scared of him?” Nattamon asked Officer Ravirath, once they were in the car.
“Do you not know who he is?” Officer Ravirath asked.
Nattamon shook her head. “No but why did you…
“He’s the most infamous mafia boss in Thailand!” exclaimed Officer Ravirath.
Nattamon noticed that he seemed very angry. “Well how am I supposed to know?” she asked. “I was just…
“I didn’t even know,” said Officer Ravirath. “He is my friend. He was my best friend! I refuse to believe that he is the powerful mafia leader, Seua! His name is Payu!”
Nattamon was at a loss for words. At the same time, she was angry at this Seua or Payu guy, whatever the hell is name is! She was angry, confused and disappointed.



Haha i like Nat & Ravi's encounter after Nat woke up. A big slap in the face. Thats the way to do it. Lol.

Cant wait for more. Hopefully MM has their encounter next chap. Hehe :)
@Noy- Lol! The typical first encounter of many dramas and lakorns! Hahaha! They had to get to know each other somehow right? Oh just wait til you read about Mteam first meeting each other. Prepare a box of Kleenex if you're the emotional type. Stuff finna get real. Lmfao.


@ thatsouthernasianchick haha I can get pretty emotion, especially in lakorns but we shall see how Mteam's first encounter will be. I'll be sure to have my lil blankie with me b/c that'll be my tissue. LOL. love your poster btw!
  Chapter Two
It’s a Small World After All
“Run Aim! Run!” Aim Amika Srivarangkul told herself. “If they catch you, you will meet your fate!”
Crying was useless and running could only take her so far, but she could not help it. Her face was drenched in tears and she kept running, as fast as she could. She wanted to escape her fate, planned by her own father, Jao Phor Jorm, a highly respected mafia boss who everyone either feared or despised, or both.
“You don’t have a choice!” her father bellowed at her, only an hour or so ago. “If you marry Nai Seua, you will have everything! We will have everything!”
Throughout her entire 18 years of life, Aim never quarreled with her father. All of sudden, she became this unfilial child who is considered self-centered.
“Why?” cried Aim. Her voice was no louder than a soft whisper. “Why do I have to marry this mafia? My entire life, I’ve never been discouraged that my own father is a mafia boss. People may see you as this bad guy but I’ve never been disappointed, because you are my father. But why? Why do I have to marry a mafia? What is so great about being a mafia?”
It was by speaking her heart, expressing her long, self-reserved, honest opinions, that earned her a slap in the face afterwards. Now, all she could do was cry and run, thinking to herself what she had done wrong in her past life to deserve this unhappiness? Had she accumulated a great number of sins lifetimes before?
Aim came to a stop sign at a busy intersection and wiped her tears. She was lost. She had no idea how long she had been running but being lost was better than facing the tough situation at home.
For the first time in her life, she was free: no bodyguards with unnecessary, strict protection pressuring her to go home, no driver in a luxury car, no servants or maids by her side waiting to assist her, but only herself, in this great, big world. Aim was tired of the unhappy princess life.
“Where should I go?” she asked herself.
Suddenly, she remembered her best friend, Cheewin, who she had met three years ago at the university. Unfortunately, Cheewin had dropped out during his sophomore year due to lack of financial support; nevertheless, they had always kept in touch, much to her father’s discontent.
“Win,” said Aim, helplessly to herself.
She wished she had her cellphone so she could call and discuss with him her issues. However, she had left everything behind at home. If she turned back now, her parents would force her to marry that mafia boss. She would rather die.
“If I die, it will solve everything,” Aim thought to herself. She wouldn’t have to drag Cheewin into her miserable situation. It seemed to be the best idea at the moment.
Aim noticed that the traffic lights were now green, just in time she made up her mind. She glanced above at the overpass and continued walking into the oncoming traffic. Her heart pounded with fear and tears trickled down her face but she did not turn back. She had only walked a few steps when a car braked abruptly before her.
“Arai wa,” Seua said to Chart. “What the hell is that woman doing?”
“I’ll go see,” replied Chart.
He got out of the car and kneeled down beside Aim, who was lying on the ground clutching her knees.
“Are you okay krub?” he asked her.
Aim did not answer. Noticing the tears on her face, Chart bit his lip, wondering if he had hit her.
“Khun krub,” he said, scooting closer to her.
“What’s going on?” asked Seua. “Aie Chart, what’s wrong with her?”
Chart shook his head and shrugged.
“Leave it to me,” said Seua.
Chart stepped aside onto the sidewalk, allowing Seua to step forward.
“Are you okay?” Seua asked her.
Aim remained silent.
“Do you hear me asking you?” he asked.
Again, she did not reply, nor did she look up at him.
“Nee khun, I don’t have all day to stand here and watch you cry,” said Seua. “If you’re hurt, say so. Otherwise, get out of my way.”
This time, she got up and Seua noticed that her knees were bleeding. Aim hadn’t even managed to stand up straight when she collapsed…right into his arms.
“Beautiful!” Seua thought to himself. Even with tears in her eyes, she was beautiful.
Aim glided away from him but he pulled her against his chest, his hands wrapped tightly around her wrists.
“You’re bleeding,” he said.
“Let me go,” said Aim, in a raspy voice.
“Stop being stubborn,” said Seua. “You can’t even walk.”
“I’m fine,” she said, knowing that she isn’t fine at all.
She had been crying and running all day, too exhausted to argue with him. Without notice, he picked her up off of the ground and ordered Chart to open the back door of the car.
“Krub nai,” Chart replied at once. He did as he was told and waited until both Aim and Seua were in the vehicle before closing the door.
“To the hospital,” said Seua.
Chart nodded and the car proceeded forward, merging in with the ongoing traffic.
“Please,” begged Aim, tears glistening in her eyes. “Just let me back out on the streets. I don’t want to go to the hospital.”
“Will you stop being so stubborn? Do you want your injuries to become infected? Do you want to die?!” Seua slightly raised his voice, which frightened her.
“Yes, I do,” Aim replied. “I want to die! I want to die! Do you hear me?! I want to die!”
Seua was taken aback by her response. At first, he thought that she cried out of fear and pain, but now realized that there was possibly far more to it than that.
“Are you crazy?!” he asked, trying to sound tough. He couldn’t be all soft-hearted now. He had put aside his weakness four years ago after witnessing his parents’ murders. Could this woman possibly be his Achilles’ heel?
Afraid that he would fall prey to her beauty and innocent looks, Seua turned away and looked outside his window. He shouldn’t develop any types of feelings at all because he had an important task waiting to be fulfilled. The only thing on his mind was revenge and he refused to let anything or anyone interfere with his plans.

“Let’s wait here, Mom.”
Thanks to Officer Ravirath, Nattamon was able to take her ill mother to the doctor. He had dropped her off at home that day after leaving the nightclub and not only he assisted her with the incident, he also offered financial aid to compensate for her mother’s hospital expenses. Nattamon couldn’t refuse because her mother had been diagnosed with brain tumor for several months without medical attention.
“He’s a very nice guy,” said Nuan, Nattamon’s mother. “You’re very lucky that he saved you that night.”
“Too bad that Seua guy is still out and about,” Nattamon frowned. “I wish police would just throw him in jail. They know he is a mafia boss yet they let him do whatever he pleases.”
“Take it easy, honey,” said Nuan. “Just because they are aware of it doesn’t mean they can punish him right away. Evidence and proof are necessary to charge someone of a crime.”
Speaking of that jerk ruined Nattamon’s good mood and the fact that he was still at large angered her.
“I’ll be right back, Mom,” said Nattamon, standing up from her chair. “I think I’ll go grab some coffee. Would you like anything?”
“No thank you honey,” replied Nuan.
It would probably be a while until they were called into the doctor’s office. Nattamon figured she’d get a cup of coffee to boost her energy. Perhaps, it would make her feel better too.
“Khob khun ka,” said Nattamon, paying the cashier for her small cup of coffee.
It was when she turned the corner on her way back to the waiting room when she collided with the subject of her previous conversation, Seua. The cup of coffee had slipped out of her hands and the hot liquid soaked up his crisp, white shirt.
“Again?!” she exclaimed at him before he could say anything. “First in the nightclub and now in the hospital?! Seriously, are you blind or are you just stalking me?!”
“You are really something else,” said Seua, trying to remain calm. “Go ahead. Why don’t you call the cops to arrest me.”
“If I could, I’d rather kill you with my own hands and have them arrest me!” she yelled.
Seua smirked and took one step closer to her.
“What are you doing?” asked Nattamon, stepping back.
“Don’t worry,” said Seua, reaching into his back pocket. “I know just how to handle this.”
He handed her several thousand bahts and stuffed his wallet back into his back pocket. “Since you didn’t get the job, this might help you in some way. You seem to be very professional at this. Must do this everyday, I’m assuming. How much did that police officer give you?”
This time, she slapped him so hard that her whole right hand hurt. It was no ordinary pain either but rather a fused, icy, hot aching pain.
“Don’t you ever joke with me like that!” she furiously exclaimed.
Not wanting to waste his time, he watched her angrily stomp away down the hall. He licked the small gash of blood at the corner of his lips and gently massaged it for a few seconds before returning to the examination room where doctors were tending to Aim’s injuries.
“Nai, what happened?!” Chart asked in shock.
“Nothing,” Seua replied. “How’s that girl doing?”
“Don’t know yet,” replied Chart. “Nurses are still taking care of her in the examination room.”
At that moment, the doors swung open and a nurse emerged before them.
“How is she?” Seua asked her.
The nurse shook her head. “She won’t let us touch her.”
Seua sighed and followed the nurse into the examination room, where Aim was consciously lying on the stretcher. There were still tears in her eyes. He was losing patience with her.
“What exactly do you want?” he asked her. “Why won’t you let the nurses take care of you?”
He motioned for the two nurses to leave.
“You want to die? I’m not going to let you die. I’ve wasted a lot of time with you already and I’m about to lose all of my patience. You know what happens when I lose my patience? I lose my mind too and if you don’t want to see me lose my mind…
He slowly approached her and grabbed her wrists.
“Let me go.” She tried to push him away and wriggle free of his grip. “What’re you going to do to me?”
“You really want to know?”
He smirked and leaned in closer as she tried to move away.
“Let me go!”
Seua finally released her and stepped a few feet back. “Either have those nurses take care of you or I will do it!”
“Get out!” she cried.
“What’s going on?”
The same two nurses burst into the room and headed straight to Aim. Seua nodded at them and left the room, leaving them to take care of her.
“Khun ka,” said a nurse, approaching Seua. “May I please ask that you fill out this out?”
“Why?” he asked, not looking at the clipboard in the nurse’s hand. “It’s just a minor injury.”
“We still ask that you fill this out ka,” said the nurse. “It doesn’t matter if the injury is major or minor, we must have the patient’s information on file.”
“Nai krub, what do we do?” Chart whispered to Seua. “She doesn’t even have any sort of information with her and we don’t even know her name.”
“That woman is my wife,” Seua lied to the nurse.
    Chapter Three
“Miss Nattamon.”
Nattamon got up from her chair at once and automatically shot several questions at the nurse, who had just emerged from the doctor’s office after what seemed to be forever.
“Ma’am, how is my mother? What did the doctor say? Is my mother okay?”
“The doctor would like to see you in his office,” the nurse replied.
Nattamon’s heart sank. She followed the nurse into the office, where her mother was sitting directly across from the doctor.
“Mom, are you alright?” Nattamon pulled out the empty chair next to her mother and sat down. “Doctor? How is my mother?”
Nuan sadly looked away from her daughter.
“As you already know, your mother has a brain tumor,” the doctor began. “If not immediately removed, the tumor may grow and affect the brain from functioning properly. However, we cannot say at the moment if the tumor is cancerous or non-cancerous. If benign, then the condition is less serious and less riskier to treat.”
“What else?” asked Nattamon.
“We will transfer your mother to a specialized neurologist to check to see if the tumor is cancerous or not,” replied the doctor. “As for now, we ask that you keep a close on your mother. Make sure she gets plenty of rest and abstain from too much thinking. The neurologist will tell you exactly what you need to do next in order to treat the tumor.”
Nattamon nodded and replied with a soft “ka”. After thanking the doctor for his service, Nattamon escorted her mother back out to the waiting room.
“Wait here na ka,” she said to her mother. “I will go check out.”
“Nat,” said Nuan, grabbing her daughter’s arm. “I…I don’t think we have to go to the neurologist. I’m fine.”
“Mai dai,” said Nattamon. “You don’t have to say that to make me feel better because I will only feel better if you are treated. Whatever the results, I don’t want anything to happen to you at all.”
She gave her mother a supporting smile and continued to the check out desk, where she was asked if she wanted to set up the appointment to the neurologist. Nattamon nodded and was informed that the neurologist is conveniently on the opposite side of the hospital wing.
“When is the next available date?” she asked the nurse.
“Next Tuesday.”
Exactly a week from now. That was too long but Nattamon didn’t have a choice. She agreed to the date and paid the nurse for the day’s service. Now, she could only wish and pray for the best.

Nattamon and Nuan returned home to find Officer Ravirath sitting on the front steps of their house. He jumped up at the sight of them and smiled.
“What are you doing here, Officer?” Nattamon asked him.
He held up the several bags in his left hand and looked over to Nuan.
“I’ve brought some fresh food and fruits for you,” he said, happily.
“Thank you,” said Nattamon. “But next time, don’t do that. It’s already very kind of you to help us out with the medical expenses.”
“I’m here to discuss a very important matter with you, Nattamon,” said Ravirath. “In fact, I’m here to ask for your help.”
Nattamon and her mother exchanged looks.
Whatever it was that he needed assistance in, Nattamon was glad to help. She hated feeling indebted to people, especially strangers. Even though he’s a police officer, which is his duty to serve the public, he had already done more than he should. If it weren’t for him, she wouldn’t be able to take her mother to the hopsital today.
“Please come inside,” said Nuan, breaking the silence.
“I need you to help me with Nai Seua’s case,” Ravirath said to Nattamon, after Nuan had left the room to put up the food and fruits.
Nattamon bit her lip and looked away. She was suddenly reminded of the incident earlier in the afternoon when she had clashed with the jerk at the hospital. Enraged by the fact that he had looked down on her, accusing her of being a gold-digger, Nattamon’s hatred for the guy escalated.
“Why don’t I do the public a favor by killing him and you can help bail me out of jail afterwards?” Nattamon asked. “That would do all of us good.”
“You would think that I’m joking but I am so serious that I’m about ready to cut that guy up to several pieces. And I just don’t understand the police, who know damn well that the guy is a good for nothing criminal yet they don’t do anything about it all. If you guys aren’t going to step up soon, let me handle it. All I need is a good, loaded gun.”
“I can’t let you do that,” said Ravirath after hearing Nattamon’s piece of mind. “You may not know but he is my best friend.”
“I can’t believe you still think that!” exclaimed Nattamon. “If he is really your friend then why did he pretend he didn’t know you that day?!”
“That’s what I want to find out,” replied Ravirath. He turned around and sighed. “You have no idea how complicated this is for me. He and I grew up together. We’re like brothers. I can no longer bear to watch him break all of these laws and commit all of these crimes. You don’t understand. He isn’t this cruel, cold-hearted mafia boss that you think he is or as others see him. He had the perfect life, family, and everything a person could ever have but lost it all in one night. If you were in his shoes, how would you feel? Wouldn’t that change something in you?”

For some reason, Nattamon felt very sorry all of a sudden. She pitied this guy but at the same time, hated him to the bones because she couldn’t picture him as this warming, loving gentleman. Morever, she didn’t want to imagine herself in his shoes. Why would someone give up everything to become nothing?
“I’m sorry I cannot help you,” said Nattamon.
“If I don’t believe in you, I wouldn’t ask for your help,” said Ravirath. “Please. I promise that I won’t let anything bad happen to you.”
“Fine,” said Nattamon, finally. “What do you want me to do?”
“Be a cocktail waitress at his nightclub,” replied Ravirath.
If she wasn’t indebted to him, Nattamon would not have agreed. “Deal.”

“Aie Vee! Are you inside? It’s me, Chatsawin! Aie Vee!”
No one seemed to be home. After knocking several more times, Chatsawin twisted the doorknob and surprisingly, the door swung open.
“Aie Vee,” Chatsawin called out again. “Are you home?”
Weird, he thought to himself. “How could the door be unlocked and no one is home?”
Chatsawin extracted his gun from the holster and carefully crept into the master bedroom. Being a police officer, he was used to odd, silent circumstances like this. There were no signs that a thief was in the house but Chatsawin kept his finger on the trigger just in case. He cautiously proceeded into the guest bedroom, where he immediately took notice of sounds of the shower knob turning off from the bathroom. Just as he was about to kick the door open, Chatsawin fell backwards, his gun slipping out of his hand onto the floor near the bed. He looked up and smiled at the beautiful young woman, who was damp from wet to toe and wearing only a towel.
“AAARRGGH!!! WHO ARE YOU?!” she bellowed getting up.
With her left hand, she held onto the knot near her chest, securing the towel that was covering the rest of her body. The one top of her head became undone and fell to the floor, revealing her beautiful, long, black hair.
“Uhh…uh…Chatsawin quickly turned around and covered his face with his hands.
“WHO ARE YOU?!” she screeched.
“I…I…uh was just going to drop off something for my friend,” replied Chatsawin. He had managed to move closer to the door, ready to break into a run in case things got physical. “Who…who are you? What’re you doing in my friend’s condo?”
She picked up a pillow on the bed and tossed it at him.
“Hey stop it!” Chatsawin ran out of the room but she continued chasing him with his gun, which she had picked up after the pillow missed him. “Hey! That’s my gun!”
“Oh so you’re a thief!”
“You’re a thief! This is my friend’s condo!”
“But this is my brother’s condo!”
“Huh...what d… Bam! She had shot him and the bullet pierced through his upper right arm before he could ask her to confirm her response.
Chatsawin fell to the ground just in time the door opened.
“Aie Chat!” Ravirath rushed down beside Chatsawin and looked up at the shooter. “Pao! What’re you doing?! What’s going on?!”
“Aie Vee, you…you know this girl?” asked Chatsawin, trying to grasp for breath.
“She’s my younger sister,” replied Ravirath.
“P’Vee, what is this?!” asked Pao, with a hint of fear in her voice. “Who is this guy? You know him?”
“He’s my friend, Officer Chatsawin!”
“He’s a police officer?!”
“What happened?!”
“I didn’t know he’s a police officer! I thought he was a thief!”
“Pao! What happened?!”
“It was a misunderstanding,” said Chatsawin, getting up on his feet with the help of Ravirath. “I didn’t know that this girl was your sister. I came by to drop off the documents that you requested but I knocked on your door several times and no one answered. When I twisted the doorknob, the door opened and so I thought there was a thief in the house but I accidentally walked in on your sister…uhm…showering.”
Ravirath took the gun from his sister’s hands and stared at the two in disbelief. “Is that what happened, Pao?”
“Ka,” she replied.
“I’m sorry na krub,” said Chatsawin. “I should’ve knocked first.”
“It’s good that you know,” said Pao, coolly. “Apology accepted.”
“Pao, you owe him an apology too,” said Ravirath. “He’s a police officer and you’re lucky that he’s my friend; otherwise, if this was someone else, they’d charge you for manslaughter already.”
“Sorry,” said Pao quickly.
“Now go put on your clothes,” said Ravirath. “I’m going to take Officer Chatsawin to the hospital.”

Ravirath opened the envelope at the hospital and carefully looked through all of the documents inside. “No records of Payu,” he said to himself.
“That’s all I could get,” said Chatsawin, massaging his bandaged wound. “It seems like Payu Puttichat Tanawong doesn’t exist.”
“Mai jing,” said Ravirath. “That means Payu and Nai Seua are the same person.”
“I don’t understand,” said Chatsawin. “What exactly are you looking for?”
“It’s a long story,” replied Ravirath. “I’ll explain everything to you later.” He stuffed all of the papers back inside and resealed the envelope. “Thanks for the help. And sorry about my sister.”
Chatsawin chuckled. “Mai bpen rai. It’s just a misunderstanding. So this is your sister?”
“Chai,” replied Ravirath. “She just finished schooling in America. I let her stay with me until she finds her own place.”
“You should’ve told me before,” said Chatsawin. “Seems like she’s a tough cookie.”
“Yeah,” Ravirath agreed. “You’d best watch your back.”
Chatsawin smiled and nodded. “Interesting,” he thought to himself.

“Let me go!”
Seua threw the young woman on the bed and put both hands on his hips. “Until you tell me who you really are, you are my wife!”
“I’m not your wife!” she exclaimed.
“I’ve wasted this whole day with you so don’t even dream that I’m going to let you go that easily,” he snarled.
“Please, I beg you,” she cried. “Let me go.” Aim got down on her knees and tugged at his shirt sleeves.
“No!” Seua told himself. “I must not give in! I must not give in!” He pushed her away and left the room, leaving her to cry, her voice echoing down the hall.
“Nai krub,” said Chart. “Why didn’t you just take her to the police station? They would’ve been able to help her there.”
“I’m not letting her go that easily,” replied Seua. “I’ve wasted a lot of time with her already. Let’s so how stubborn she can get.”
“But aren’t you afraid that she will affect our work?” asked Sak.
“What can that weak little girl do?” asked Seua. “Right now, we should only worry about one person.”
“Who?” asked Sak and Chart.
“That feisty woman from the other night at the nightclub,” replied Seua.
“I thought you said she’s harmless,” said Chart.
Seua shook his head and descended the stairs with Sak and Chart behind him. “She brought that police officer to our nightclub the other day. By the looks of it, I know that cop isn’t going to stop there. We must be more careful from now on.”
     Chapter Four
Big Heart, Small Feelings
“Have you searched everywhere you fools?!”
The group of bodyguards nodded and kept their heads down, avoiding eye contact with their boss, Jao Phor Jorm. He paced up and down the living room and stopped at the sight of his wife, who had just descended the stairs. “Where are you going?” he asked her.
She shot a furious look at him and kept walking.
“I said where are you going?!” he bellowed.
“I’m going to file a missing person’s report,” she replied angrily. “Our daughter has been missing for two days now! I just don’t understand! How could you do this to her?!”
“So you’re blaming me for this?!” he shot back.
“Well, who’s fault is it?! If you didn’t force her to marry that Nai Seua, she wouldn’t have ran away!”
“I only want the best for her!”
“You want wealth and power and you’re using our daughter as a chess piece!”
“Khun Garnda!”
“Well, isn’t it true?! Tell me! Is it true?! It’s not like I don’t know you any better!”
“Shut up!”
Garnda didn’t even bother to wipe the tears off of her face and not wanting to argue with her husband anymore, she stormed back upstairs and shut herself in their bedroom. She hoped that those bodyguards will find her daughter soon because when they did, she was going to move out with her. Twenty years of misery was more than enough and too much to ask for of anyone.

“Get up!”
Aim watched as he set the tray of lunch on the table. For a minute, she salivated at the sight of the food but reminded herself that it was because of this stranger that she was forced to starve herself. Who knows what he could put in the food?
“Aie Chart has told me that you haven’t ate anything for the past two days,” said Seua. “You think I’m going to let you die in my house?”
Aim remained silent.
“Get up and eat this food!”
She did not get up.
“I said get up!” He violently pulled her up and immediately took notice of her pale face. Her arms were unusually warm. “So you’re sick, huh?”
“Go away,” she croaked.
“I’m not going anywhere until I see you eat this food,” he said. After a moment of hesitation, he put one hand over her forehead.
She tried to push him away but her weakness was no match for his strength. “I said go away.”
“Will you stay still?” He got up, opened the bedroom door and ordered for a bowl of cool water and a clean towel.
“What are you going to do?” she asked him, scooting to the far, opposite end of the bed.
Seua dipped the towel into the bowl of water, squeezed off the excess liquid and applied it to the side of her face. As she tried to fight him off, he exerted more pressure on her to keep her still, gently dabbing the towel on her cheeks and working his way up to her forehead. After a moment, she stopped fighting back and stared at his face.
“Why?” Aim thought to herself. Had she been so out of her mind the last two days that she is hallucinating now? One minute, he is this scary beast and in the blink of an eye, he suddenly becomes a gentleman.
“Who are you?” The burning question slipped out of her mind through her mouth.
“You’d be better off not knowing,” he replied. When he was done with her face, he began to wipe her arms.
“Why did you help me?” she asked.
“You think I could just watch you wander alone in the streets?” he shot back. “I don’t know who you are but since my driver hit you, I must take responsibility for your injuries. You don’t have to tell me who you are either, because even if you told me, it probably wouldn’t really even matter because I don’t care.”
He stopped wiping and put the towel into the bowl of water. “I just want to know why you want to commit suicide.”
Aim looked away and silently cried to herself. She didn’t want to think about it but as much as she tried to avoid it, she felt even worse about the problem.
“Alright then I won’t ask you,” said Seua, getting up from the bed. He brought over the tray of food to her and demanded that she eat.
“I’m not hungry,” said Aim.
“If you keep being stubborn, I’m going to feed you myself,” he said. He ladled a tablespoon full of the chicken congee and held it up close to her mouth.
“I’ll…I’ll eat it myself,” said Aim, carefully taking the spoon and bowl from him. She didn’t want him to feed her. It was unnecessary because they had no relations with each other and she felt uncomfortable to have a guy feed her.
Seua smirked and got up from the bed. “I’ll go get you some medicine. When I come back, I expect you to have finished all of the food, understood?”
Aim nodded and watched him walk out the door. This chicken congee was very good. She assumed that he bought it since she knew that he didn’t have any servants, maids, or cooks. It was only last night that she had found out about it from Sak.
“Boss doesn’t think it’s necessary to have servants or maids,” Aim remembered Sak telling her.
“Why don’t you have any servants or maids?” Aim asked Seua when he reappeared in the room.
“Why do you ask that?” he asked, handing her the medicine and glass of water.
“I’m just wondering,” replied Aim. “Sak told me last night that you don’t think it’s necessary.”
“Chai,” said Seua, picking up the empty bowl of congee from the nightstand. “It isn’t necessary.”
He turned around to leave again but completely froze when she said “Thank you. The congee was very delicious.”
Seua smiled and continued out the door. He was very happy that she liked his cooking.
For some reason, this woman turned him into a soft-hearted guy, not exactly the kind and caring type but with hidden sincerity. He didn’t understand why he felt the way he did but couldn’t help the way he felt either. For the first time in a long time, she was the first woman that made him smile after many tormenting years.


“Are you sure?”
“Yes, or do you want me to say no?”
Ravirath frowned at Nattamon’s response.
“I was just kidding,” she said, laughing. “I promised that I would help so I will help. Besides, my mother and I owe you a lot.”
“I don’t want you help me because you feel indebted to me,” said Ravirath.
“But that’s the way I feel regardless of what you think,” Nattamon argued.
“Okay,” said Ravirath.
“But you must promise me one thing.”
“You must not tell my mom about me helping you.”
“Why? Can’t you just tell her that you’re getting a job?”
“Look, she already scolded me for going there in the first place and she’s ill, so I don’t want her to think too much about anything.”
Ravirath nodded and promised Nattamon that he would not tell her mother. They both got into the car and pulled out of the small street into the market, merging in with the steady traffic on the road.
“Where are you going?” asked Nattamon. “The nightclub is the other way.”
“We’re going to a different one,” replied Ravirath. “This one is owned by Nai Seua too. You don’t want to go back to the other one after arguing with them, right? Besides, you will have a better chance of getting a job at this one because this nightclub is open to the general public.”
“Oh,” said Nattamon. “And what if I run into Nai Seua? What do you want me to do?”
Ravirath gave a slight laugh. “Try not to arouse his anger. Remember, you’re there to spy not stir up trouble.”
“I know na,” said Nattamon. “Why? Do you think I’m the troublemaker type?”
“Well from what I’ve seen so far, that’s pretty hard to say.”
Nattamon pouted and looked out the window. If she talked back to him then it would make it obvious that she is the troublemaker type. She decided to best keep to herself and save her saliva.

“Nai krub, are you sure you don’t want me to go with you?”
“You don’t have to,” replied Seua, getting into the car. “Just keep a good eye on that girl.”
Sak nodded and closed the car door for his boss.
“Wait! Wait!”
The sight of Aim running down the steps made Seua get out of his car.
“What are you doing?” he asked her.
“I want to go too.”
“I’m going to work.”
“I don’t intend on going to work with you. I just need you to drop me off at a friend’s house.”
“I’m not your taxi!”
“Please, I beg you! If I leave, you wouldn’t have to waste any more time with me and I will no longer be a burden to you.”
After a moment of contemplation, Seua agreed.
“Where does your friend live?” he asked her when they were in the car.
“Near the south side of Sukhumvit,” replied Aim. “This is the address.”
She handed him the piece of paper of Cheewin’s location of residence. Aim had used the phone in Seua’s house earlier to call Cheewin and much to her delight, Cheewin answered and promised to help her.
When they pulled into the small, narrow street, Seua ordered for Chart to stop the car. “Seems like we have to walk. You two stay put here while I escort this girl to her destination.”
“Krub nai,” Sak and Chart both replied.
Seua’s heart sank at the sight of Cheewin. “Your friend is a guy?” he asked, turning to Aim.
“Yes,” she replied. “His name is Cheewin.”
“Sawadee krub,” said Cheewin. “Aim has told me all about you. Thank you for helping my friend out.”
Seua was stunned, his heart pounding with anger. So this was his supposed fiance! Aim Amika Srivarangkul, daughter of his enemy, Jao Phor Jorm Srivarangkul!
“Your name is Aim?!” he exclaimed all of a sudden.
She nodded slowly. “I didn’t…
Before she could finish speaking, he dragged her across the small yard and back out into the streets, with Cheewin running after them.
“Hey stop it!” Cheewin yelled. “Where are you taking my friend?!”
“Let me go!” exclaimed Aim. “You’re hurting my hand!”
Seua did not stop nor slow down. He dragged her all the way down the street and tossed her back into the back seat of his car, where the puzzled Sak and Chart turned around from their front seats.
“What’s going on, nai?” asked Sak.
“No questions,” replied Seua. “Just start the car and get the hell out of here.”
“What’re you doing?! Let me go!” The more she tried to escape, the more pressure he exerted on her.
“Nai krub, where are we going?” asked Chart.
Seua smirked and turned to Aim. “Jao Phor Jorm’s house.”

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