Ploy Chermarn


sarNie Coma
oh no, what happen to ploy. she isnt glowing like she was before. i like when she was fuller.


i miss her curves. suits her more id say. and her make up is nice. nice and easy


Just an ordinary gal in an extraordinary world.
She has gotten a lot thinner.
I agree with you, Cupid Candy. Sadly, every time I see Ploy now, she keeps getting skinnier and doesn't have as much meat as she used to... :no: She had such a nicely-curved body back in the old days. I just hope that she doesn't get any skinnier than this! She looks nice on the cover, like everyone's saying. :D I think she's more prettier and cuter when she smiles!

On the cover pic, she kind of looks like Noon W to me. :unsure: They even have smilar smiles.