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I'm happy for you na ... I hope things go as you've planned/dreamed! You can do it when you put your heart/soul into it ... Nothing will beat you dedication and passionate ... Fighting!!!
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The Realist guy here period
God 1st
Family 2nd
Everything else extra

Hope: Helping others progress everyday

This is crunch time nong Cecilia. I'm kind of nervous and anxious a bit because the deadline is Monday at 11:59 PST and the editing is a bit rough but I think we'll pull through.

HAPPY MOTHER DAY EVERYONE!!! IN THE US and EVERYWHERE. I know in Thailand it's at a different time but in the US it is tomorrow.

There are two roads in life
You can choose the narrow ones or the wide path, that's right.
I'm gonna ride the narrow ones with the lord and shine my light
The journey was hard but I kept my head up every day and night
So many things the lord cleaned up in my life, it'll be to long to write
God 1st, family 2nd, everything else extra, like ice cream full of delight

If I had to do it again, I won't change a thing
Some changes are good, some changes are strange
What dies GOD could always bring back to life no exchange
I stay focus, I stay humble, I stay hungry with no complaint
Sellout I won't do loyalty to my family and GOD I remain
I'm longer bound by the chain, the pain, the rain, the stain
Cuz the lord is the one who's in my life who truly reign
Happy mother's day and don't forget to bring her flowers roses and daisy
Shout out to my two sisters in the US and across the pond .... and ..... (rhyme scheme)



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Keep focus and you'll get there soon ... A narrow road? I probably choose wide road with a focus mind and try to bring as many love ones with me along the journey to happiness as possible.

A man who put his family next to God is one to trust ... stay humble, hungry, and focus because these will bring lots of motivation for you to get to wherever you wanted to be. Happy to see you continue this road of yours to success. Keep up the good work!!!!!
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The Realist guy here period
We turn in the project but I think we could have done a better job. I wish I had another week to do some re-shoot on some scenes to get a better. I'll work on some more scenes on the side before I have to head out to LA in two weeks. It'll be work I'll build towards my portfolio.

Listening: Lecrae - Don't Waste Your Life

Someone's already the illest but I'm just tryin' to be the realest
Slowly methodically I'm crossing my checklist
Don't need many things in life, just my friends and family, I'm a minimalist
I'm done grinding cuz now it's time for some celebration
It's like the first of the month, the foundation has been laid I'm full of elation

My realization toward my creation reaffirm God's vindication
Only through him a clear and concise transformation can occur through revelation
With GOD there is no disqualification just happy occasion.
And now, we waiting for in anticipation of that application on the project for validation


sarNie Granny
Why can't I meet a man like this off line ? all I see is weed head boys & butch girls , even when I want to be BI , I can't find a good girl that dress cute lol


The Realist guy here period
Thaitanium - This is me. ---> Old school track.
I don't agree lyrically with some of the verses that P'Way spit on this track but I truly respect
him because he tell it how it is. What he spit on the track is real and he doesn't sugar coat it.

For the past couple of days, I went camping in Northern Wisconsin; well, more like Door county. It was in a log cabin with a couple of my close friends. Ever since I was little, I always love the great outdoor and camping was one of my favorite past time. In LA, there are nothing but concrete so I don't know when I will be able to go camping I am going to be living there for a while. I mean, they do have Lake Tahoe in Cali but it is not the same as Wisconsin. They have nothing like Wisconsin Dells. When I go camping, I leave my phone on but I don't look at email or anything. I just leave the world behind and enjoy the great outdoor. Plus, it is still a bit chilly so no mosquitoes. :)

I haven't heard anything from the contest people yet because they are still looking at all of the contestants. There must have been a large number of entries. Realistically, I don't think I will win because there were weaknesses in editing and some errors in filming. What have I learned? I have to shore up those weaknesses and I am doing that right now. I just download Adobe Premiere Pro and I'm going to master it to the T. After that, I will tackle Adobe After Affects. For filming, I'm working with directors on set so I will be picking their brain even more when I go back to LA in about two weeks.

I want to shore up my weaknesses before I put more things out. Eventually, I want to shoot an online commercial for my lil sister's clothing brand. I mean, I'll do it for free since I consider this person to be a littler sister of mine; plus, it will show how much progress I have made in that time frame. haha. (All of you reading on here is wondering who she is? Just let say, I can't name her on here because I respect her privacy and she is a link to the person I shall not name as well. But do know that she and her sister are good people. People who I can genuinely say that they are beautiful on the inside and the outside. Oh by the way, her clothing brand is popular in the motherland so it's not this unknown brand. :thumbup:)

If you lose, it doesn't mean it's the end
It's either you lose or you learn my friend
So keep improving your skills and it'll pay dividend
Learn from your past mistakes so you won't make it again
Pour passion into it like an unstoppable freight train
Zoom at your goals like your driving in the fast lane
Live it, breathe it like a druggy taking in cocaine. (Not saying to do cocaine. That's bad very bad.)
Be high, be fly, soar to the atmosphere like the fastest plane
Refrain from complaining and leave the rest to GOD especially the mundane
Never give up, never surrender, and always hustle
There might be struggles, troubles, stubble and puzzles
But they too will past so smile chuckle and always stay humble
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You're here in Wisconsin ... Nice! I'm going there this coming weekend for a short break too ... I usually don't check my email during break as well lol

Good luck with the commercial ... I'm sure she'll be thankful to have your help!


The Realist guy here period
So filming grading and editing is a pain in the butt but I'm learning so much. If you want something, you
got to go at it at 100%. You have to live it, love it, and breathe it. I know in the future if I eventually do a commercial for my lil sister, the concept shouldn't be very hard. It's like the 1800 Tequila and no it's not a tequila commercial. Or the Dos Equis ones.

"He's not a man of many words. And he's the life of parties when he attends one. And the DJs thank him
for bringing joy and fun. He is the most interesting man in the world." :aaaaa:

Guy: "I don't date just any girl. But when I do, I prefer one in Sh**** M*." :p:)
"Stay fashionable my friend." :worship2::clap:

But to pull off something like this, you need multi-clips and shoots. The color grading should be fun with colors with a hint of darkness to balance out the badness of the guy.


The Realist guy here period
Ok guys, this is my final week in the good old Midwest before heading back out to LA on Tuesday. I'm been going hard at it studying cinematology on forum and Youtube. I think it is starting to make sense to me now but I didn't know it would require this much work. It's very complex to get the right shot and a lot goes into it to mastering it. It's how you shoot the scene, the lighting, and editing. In addition, I have been learning Adobe premiere and the plethora of ways I can edit scenes to get it where I want it. It's like when I get lock down into something, I breathe it and live it to the max. Either I go for it or I don't, that's my motto. I don't know what project I'm going to be working out in LA but I'm hoping for an action drama type. That's my genre anyway and Nong Cecilia can attest to that.

Oh, congrats to my little sister on your graduation and I'm very proud of you. :clap: We got the same degree and I hope you use it wisely/to the max. Don't forget the ethics and values that you mentioned because not many people have those things. I think your actions in the past spoke loud and clear to who you are as a person. That's how I know you were different because you were able to differentiate between right and wrong. Kudos. "Bada-boom realest people in da room. And you can't teach that."

I bought more camera gears and my total collection is approaching $6,000 but it is well worth investment. I was watching "Desiigner - Panda" and I love the cinematic approach to the MV. I muted the song because it was kind of dumb but the MV was well done. I'm hoping on my free time, I can do something like this. I have to do more experiment though. I'm getting closer as someone of these guys have done it for their whole life. I don't want to shoot any commercials for my sister until I am confidence that it is the best possible. Some people tend to say I am a perfectionist but I just to put out an excellent product especially for close friends and family.

There are many people that will comes into your life
Some are just passerby but a few of them will brighten it up like the sunlight
Or guide you through the dark like the moonlight
But others will continue to inspire you to continue to fight
Not to fight with your fist but to fight for what is right
You can't do things over and rewrite
So you gotta continue to march on like a good knight

So let do this world and let it do it like there is no tomorrow
Kick it up a gear and hit it fast and furious
Have fun a long the way and don't be to serious
But keep it glorious and definitely not nefarious
Not something notorious nor insidious
cuz the lord is with us and at the end we'll be victorious
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Hope you had a great time here ... have a safe trip home tomorrow.
Can't wait to see you put your skills to work. Susu!


The Realist guy here period
First, I thank GOD for giving me the wisdom and ability to pick up things very fast. It's a gift that I have noticed since I was a child that I can see patterns and pick things up at an incredible pace. Well, the work ethics that my parents instilled in me also helped. In term, of shooting MV and short filming, I think I have unlock some of the keys. Like what lenses to use, camera setting, lighting, etc. Below is a link to a test footage and the color grading that I did. This weekend, I bought a couple of LUTs (Lock up table) for adobe premiere which will help in grading what kind of scene I want to display.


Don't mind the lenses flare as I just read something about minimize them online just now. And the music as I was learning how to put music in the scene and playing around with it. Now to stabilize my shot even more, I'm putting an order to Glidecam HD 2000 and Glidecam Smooth Shooter Support System (so my arms doesn't get tired). That's a lot of $$$. But it's a good investment. I'm going to be testing it out and mastering it on the weekend since I'm going to be writing script on the weekday. Now, if someone want like a roof top shot, I'm gonna need a drone. Good one is very expensive but one thing at a time. Trust in the lord on this one. I don't know when I'll get the chance to be in BKK cuz schedule kind of going to be crazy cuz filming going to start shooting for various shows to debut in the fall. I don't know how I'm going to be bringing my gears over there too. In the future, I'm going to have to pack what is essential I guess when I have a chance. But one day at a time cuz I still have more room to improve. Staying humble.

I think I can do something like this MV now. In term of shooting and editing. :) Oh by the way, I'm a big Zach Knight fan. Love his R&B songs to the max.

Just rocking with the lord tonight
The lasagna at my favorite restaurant tasted just right
Just vibing to my favorite jam til twilight
Watching the shooting stars over the moonlight

Set the tone, set the mood, I'm in the zone
Messages and texts all on vibrate on my phone
Beautiful night in the third ward someone playing saxophone
Last night with friends and family before I head out on my own
But Brew City is where I will always call home
Even when I'm on the other side of the country feeling alone
The lord is my shield, my wall, my shelter, my rock, my stone
But us Christian already knew that but I'll say it again so let it be known
For the lord is the king of kings sitting on the heavenly throne.


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It has a nice beat to it ... anything is possible as long as you have imagination. I have yet to invest in my photography skills but I believe that the more you practice the better you'll get ... I'm sure hope you will get there sooner than expected na.


The Realist guy here period
I did some more color grading on Adobe Premiere. Only my lil sis would know what the file below is. hehe. lol. Every time I do it, I'm getting better at it. Film grading and photo grading are somewhat similar. I chose these four names for the specific style that I did.

1.) Cherry Blossom Pink
2.) Cosmic Blue
3.) Twilight Mist
4.) Sintara

Cecilia, I'm learning how to put film grain into my film at the moment as well. It's a special effect that would give a film that retro feel to it. Like it's shot way back in the day. In a couple of days, I'll do a little preview of it. I think with me not winning that contest, it made me work even harder cuz I still have a lot to learn about film making. I mean, I'm learning this on the side but I love it in a way. I'm able to express my creativity in a whole new level and share it with the world eventually. hehe.

I can't wait until Wednesday because that is when my Glidecam stabilizer and vest are coming in. I'm going to be shooting film more professional now because I won't have to stabilize my shoot with a computer program. But, I think I have to practice because I was watching YouTube and those guys mentioned that practice is key in using it. I still have so much to learn from Adobe Premiere and everyday I'm learning something new about the program. I'm not competing against no one, I'm competing against myself. To be the best I can be.

Don't try to compete with no one
Just be the best you can be and have some fun
Go outside, go to the beach and have some sun
Or maybe yet, go to your favorite eatery to have brunch
Don't worry be happy don't worry about the little details too much
Problems will arise but patience is a must
Just like family and friends are a plus
So keep it simple, keep it fresh, it above everyone's else final cut

"Where fairies with magical pixie dust gives you the latest style. Stay fashionable my friend."
lol. This randomly came to my head as I was watching a soccer game today. Read about this guy, he is Thai like us. He is killing it in the fashion world now. Awesome. http://www.racked.com/2015/6/11/8763835/somsack-sikhounmuong-jcrew-madewell


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I used Adobe Premiere to create a video project for my IT degree. It was pretty cool/fun. I think if you have the skills and the creativity, software manipulation will be easy --- Sony Vegas is another cool program so check that out as well. It is the only program I'm envious of Windows users beside many other cool video editing software and Cyberlink.

Anyway, I hope to see a preview of your work ... in the few days to come. Good luck!


sarNie Granny
Adobe Premiere is hard to use ! Damn. You got such a bright future ahead!!! I wish I was young again & start over .


The Realist guy here period
Cecilia, my brother got Sony Vega on his computer. It's easier than Adobe but it lacks some of the features that is presented in Adobe Premiere. Final Cut is all right but the Pro seems to be using Adobe Premiere more.

Sarn, at first I thought it was going to be super hard. It is hard because it's a platform that I haven't use before. But half the battle is in our head. Not to brag because all of my abilities come from GOD. I think I taught myself to ride a bike in two hours, roller skate in three hours, and swimming as well. Once, I got over the mental hurdle of it all, I was able to figure it out by trial and error. The more I do something, the more it becomes second nature to me.

Any who, I borrowed someone's logo to practice doing an intro animation in Adobe Premiere. It took me an hour to master or understand the technique behind it. I think my lighting is off but I'll perfect it this weekend. Because tomorrow, I'm going to be attempting to do a split screen concept. I don't see this in lakorn or Thai MV at all. I don't know if it's a new concept but it is a pain in the butt to do it though. We'll see how it turns out tomorrow. :thumbup:

But enjoy this mini intro animation by your truly. A couple of months ago, I did tell someone that I was to going to try to raise the profile of their brand even further. :p:rolleyes:;):cheer:. This is just the beginning and the tip of the iceberg. I don't see any brand doing anything like this. P.S. I had to use that small logo because I don't know if you guys got a bigger one than that. :BangHead: That's why it's kind of blurry due to the low resolution logo. But all is good cuz it was a practice run. :thumbup:


The Realist guy here period
Ok, here is another one I did during my break yesterday. This one is a bit difference because it's not logo base but text base. So it was something new that I had to learn but I think I'm getting better at it. Almost professional looking. lol. :facepalm::p Oh by the way, I had to search on YouTube for the music for this clip. Then I had to convert the MV into a MP3 files but I think the beat goes along with the animation. :clap: A certain individual might recognize this beat immediately. Now, I'm gonna attempt a split screen on my break today. I still got a long way to go sis but I'm getting there fast though. ;):thumbup:

Movie Type Introduction Style with Music this time. lol.


sarNie Granny
Oh, yup, I understand , I taught myself to drove a motorcycle & the engine tractor to plow the farm field in Vietnam, good lord , did I done some DAMAGE LOL but I finally learn at the end , just never give up ^^^^


The Realist guy here period
Today, I can finally test out my new camera gear. Un-boxing begins and test filming begins. Likewise, last night was a frustrating day on Adobe Premiere. Moving from beginner to intermediate was hard but intermediate is even harder. Grrrr.....

Life can sometimes be filled with frustration
Keep it at with great determination
Stay committed and have lots of dedication
Pump yourself up with motivation
No matter the problem or the situation
Sooner or later it will be reveal through revelation
And your work will be finish --- completion

Rough draft so far with major kinks. >.< Grrrr... I guess we can call it growing pain. :BangHead: I'm a perfectionist that's why it's frustrating. lol


The Realist guy here period
Cecilia, I did some shooting with my Glidecam Smooth Shooter today but I need more practice like this guy here before I can upload anything meaningful.

But opening those boxes -----> awesome.

Went with a couple of my friends to see the Conjuring 2. It was good as the first one. :clap: I'm jumped a couple of times and I don't do that. Love horror movie. Anywho, I'm going to be posting a video (editing and coloring with split animation) of my niece in her first gymnastic meet in two days. Now, this was in Wisconsin but my sister was able to forward me some clips. She's not my biological niece but her father and I are like almost brother in real life. What had taken me an hour is now taking me 20 minutes to do. I'm improving.

Hey sis, check out my medium draft. Looks pretty good so far. lol. I'm thinking more of an online mini-booklet like someone would get in the mail or something being shared on social media. Or you could play this on a monitor with small speakers at the shop. :rolleyes::cheer: And yes nong Cecilia, this is the brand that is owned by my lil sis. :thumbup: The one person that I have been calling my lil sis on here any way. lol. It's something that I have been wanting to do for a long time but never had the know how to do until now. Well, an epic commercial shoot in the future maybe. :p Oh, it looks small cuz the setting is set at 1920*1080 so that is why. Regular HD would be 1080 by something.