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The Realist guy here period
Decided to go back to my roots.  No more lovely dovey poems but more of a street feel.  Hope to be in contact with a couple of publishing houses by the end of the month.
Uh, I like where I'm at
But I got a long way to go
Have a lot to give
But definitely have more to show
Taking time to perfected it
So I can land those free throws
Only the good lord and I know
Like a butterfly in a Cocoon
The translation inside I'm about to undergo

My vocabulary has no plateau
Glass half full plenty of room to grow
Uh, I ain't satisfy with the status quo
And no I ain't taking about the money or the doe
It's like watching a symphony in sync
And appreciating their beautiful melodies flow

My vision, my mission, nothin' hidden
Not a victim just someone who's very driven
Humble but ambitous that's my admission
I'm a writer but you can call me a technician
Like a physician I'll make the correct incision
Like a mathematician I'll make the correct addition
And just like a musician I'll make beautiful composition
I'm a straight edge, that's what I do

My only addiction is competition!

I'm out.


The Realist guy here period
Chapter 1
It seems like it was just yesterday
I was on stage giving a short
Simple speech on my graduation day

Started from the bottom
But I came out on top
I was the class Valedictorian and
I thought I just couldn't be stop
It was hard to be humble when
you thought you were the creme of the crop

Attending one of the top university
in the country made me a freaking snob
Until reality hits me and fell on my face and flopped
Lord, you gave me a second chance
And I was able to finish the job

Getting to the top of the corporate world was great
Until you got so many things on your plate
So many burnouts high attrition rate
From working eight to eight
The corporation was your life
We were told what to say, what to eat,
Corporate dictated and there was no debate

Now I'm free, free to do free to create
Free to fly, free to initiate
It's a new start some would say a clean slate
Just have to smile at the detours I had to take
Nothing is to far gone cuz it never to late
Freewill is in your hands don't leave it to fate
Chapter two coming soon just wait for the updates.



The Realist guy here period
A fair and balance poem.  Not too lovely dovey but let's just be honest, let's just be real, I'm being realistic here. 
Let's just be honest, let's just be real
Yeah let's just be honest, let's just be real
Let's just be honest, we all know the deal
So let's just be honest, this is how I feel

The problem isn't love itself just to let you know
All relationship are filled with ebbs and flows
I shouldn't have over sweated you  
From the start though
I should have just let it flow and just kept my composure

And no my fire isn't extinguish
Inside my heart somewhere the candle is still lit
I'm just examining where you and I fit
Is it destiny that you and I are tightly knit? :shrug:

Cuz in heaven I've already submitted my premit  :whistle:
For the turbulence to pass so we can make it.  ^_^

I just wanna take it slow baby
Until you and I are really ready
So that we are in a good place and rock steady
I don't wanna jump the gun and go bat crazy
That's kind of stalkest and kind of scary

You're not going to be seeing me blowing kisses
Or give you one million wishes
Or give you one million flowers pitches
That's corny and some would say that's ridiculous :sick:
I only have one rose in my coat pocket
And I reserve the rights to give it to that special misses  :whistle:

So as long as we're not an item (yet)
I reserve the right to be naughty  :ph34r:
Besides, I wanna finish writing my book
And not have my head in the clouds
Thinking about a particular cutie
Sorry, the bad boy in me would not let me use the word hottie.  :whistle:


sarNie Adult
Such a wildly green gown, flattering with the wind.
Such an unruly sight, drawing a colorful painting.
You with a look of porcelain jade, more flexible than bamboo and voice with nightingale.
In this forbidden city, our ties were like vines.
Our fates brighter than the fireworks ,our lives like quick sand.
All died out quickly. All sunk deeply.
The heart of this green swallow, may she have peace.
May she have bliss. May she be at ease.
I wish you to fly past those hurtful memories.
I wish you to fly past these forbidden walls.
To the north where you will stretch your wings.
To the place where your love will take.
Fly fly with those green gown, unruly yet calm maiden.


The Realist guy here period
I wanted to write something light and soft to the touch today.  Just wanted to keep it simple and elegant.
Two fishes swim in an ever changing World
Facing countless obstacles left unspoken
One is a lovely Mandarinfish
While, the other is an Atlantic Salmon from the abyss
At first, there were confusion and conflict.
When two species meet for the first time,
those are bound to exist

It's not a physical meeting
But a spiritual ones which is worth repeating
It even defines logic which gives it more meaning
Who knows where it goes metaphorically speaking
It could be an ending or a beautiful beginning
One day at a time is what the Salmon is thinking

Just like a field full of Sunflowers shining
Just like a desert when it is raining
When the Mandarinfish is ready,
In the sunset is where the Salmon will be waiting
Until then, the salmon got some stuff that needs printing
Plethora of stuff that still needs penning & publishing

No matter how many miles away the Mandarinfish is,
Her heart will always reside in his...


The Realist guy here period
Just having some fun today.  I wrote something light but it turned out to be some kind of rap battle.  Could be cuz I was listening to some MC battle this afternoon. Haha.  Took some time off from writing my book today to just having fun with my poetry.  Can't wait cuz I am just about done.  Just having fun not trying to be too seriously or too cocky. Peace. :) Alway stay humble.
Cuz to me you're my only VIP
It means that I wanna take good care of you
And that you're very important to me
And yeah, I admit you're dealing with a bad boy
But I'll change the game for you
So baby, sit back, relax and enjoy

Your heart is safe and it will never be exploited
It's something that I value that c
an't never be voided
L to the O, V to the E,
sh... it's just between you and me
There might be numerous guys sweating at your feet
They might look like me, they might sound like me
But seriously and lyrically they ain't gonna be able to compete
I'll send them back to the bus so they can take their seat
Just keeping it real no need to be discreet
Lastly, I'll tell them Satwadee Krup
Have a nice day and please take your receipt

I'm writer, MC and poet all in three
I'm hungry but humble to the nineth degree
I float like a butterfly but sting like a bee
So relax sit under the palm tree I'll put your mind at ease
It's free no charge and definitely no fees gurantee


sarNie Adult

Just because of you, I'm here.
Just because of me, you're there.
Through the passage of the time, we live, we thrive.
We don't have the same blood nor the same Last names.
But We share our opinions, we share our visions.
Though sometimes our parents won't side.
Even sometimes our surroundings abandon us.
We won't abandon each.
They call this, bromance between men.
They call this, girl power between girls.
Or rather simply friendship which doesn't define the gender, status and boundary.
Simple but strong. Beautiful it may.
Let this friendship bonds exist as long as the mankind shall live.


Staff member
I start reading these again and all of sudden I hear some beat in my head ... next thing i know .. the poem turns into some rap lyric lol
I ran out of likes again but keep them coming :)


sarNie Adult
Thanks for the encouragement. Well, I can't rap well so I dont know. But intriguing thing is all my closest friends love to rap.


The Realist guy here period
Something inspirational from the street :)
I wanna bring sophsication to the street
I want them to hear the beat/ so forget the weed
There are many roads one could take /to succeed
You gotta learn to read and write/ to proceed
Write your goals down, most plans start with a seed
They might be many roadblock /yes indeeds
You gotta fight back no time/ to concede
Don't fall for the shortcut
Don't fall for the greed
Or get wasted up like a tsunami

Life is like a song
You still have time to rewrite your past wrongs
Keep your head up, smile and/ be strong
Don't let them
Tell you you can't do this or that
Buckle up, chin up, show em your hard hat
Sooner or later it'll be your turn to bat


Been a while since I've been in this thread, but coming back to all these poems and lyrics that everyone shared is quite refreshing and an honor. I will get to sharing more of mine later. :)


The Realist guy here period
Just enjoying life at the moment.  No matters what is going on, you got to keep plugging along.  Enjoy the littlest things in life and the bigger problems doesn't seem that bad.  The beautiful fall colors are so lovely.  I just feel like the detours were a way of making me stronger as a person.  To fight to presist and to never back down.  Glass half-full is my mentally.  :)
I'm the type of guy your momma said never bring home
It's a misunderstanding baby I'll never roam
But I'll take you to Italy to the city they call Rome
I write, dine, and travel that's what I do
We can ski in the Alps, hit the Berlin zoo
Or the Scandinavian coast just me and you
How about Australia? And New Zealand too?
How about Machu Picchu in the mountain of Peru?
The water in Tahiti is that what you used to?
How about the fabolous beach of Waikiki?
The blue water, the sun, and summer breeze.

Are you sure you wanna stun with a bad boy like me?  :whistle: B)

I'll shake your foundation maybe drive you crazy
It's not shady, I just don't wanna give off that vibe
Don't have to rush, there's plenty of time
Just trying to keep it smooth
With these nursery rhymes
Maybe it sublime but you're one of a kind
That's why our hearts always feel so entwined
Miles and miles away the stars have been unkind
But the wait will be worth it cuz our hearts are always aligned
Until then knowing you're in my heart
I think I'll be fine.  B)


The Realist guy here period
Today, I just took some time to write something from the heart.  It's not about love; well, not that kind any way.  It's a brotherly love to a sister in Christ.  I just think GOD inspired me to write it down.  My faith is an essential part of who I am.  I might joke around a lot but deep down Christ is the driving force in my life.  Like treating people the way you want to be treated.  Anyhow, I might add more horror style poems since it is halloween and the horror genre is one of my favorites. 
Litle sis, I don't know about merman
Cuz God is alway in control so trust in his plans
Be it someone or that special romance
Be it here in the US, Uk, or France
Be level-headed and lastly stay balance

Everyone of us has been given some kind of talent
So close your eyes, what drives you?  What are your passions?
Is it the catwalk or the runway? Or is it in high fashion?
Never give up, never surrender,
spread your wings and make it happen

A word of caution
Always put Christ first and
You'll receive great blessing and satisfcation
So smile even in the worst of situation
Cuz God is love and full of compassion
And remember that you're just a few steps away
From reaching your true destination.

Your brother in Christ - CTR


The Realist guy here period
This is my first halloween poem of the year.  I added a little suspense to it.  I wanted to flow like Edgar Allan Poe but at the end, I added my own twist to it. hahaha.  Live free and enjoy life.  Don't worry about the littiest things in life.  Don't worry be happy.  
This was on the night of hall-o-ween
She could hear the front porch creak and then creakety creak
It was late, she was tired and weak
She looked out the window to take a peek
The sight of a woodpecker pecking on a tree
Was not what she seek
Not only was there was a creak, now that was a squeak
Her adrenaline pumping she lets out a shriek

She had to start somewhere before it looked bleak
She had to be strong, no time to be meek
A creak, a squeak, and now a thump as we speak  
The thumping became louder and louder before hitting its peak
The door swung open as she ran in retreat
A little boy with a spiderman costume and his brother the geek
"Sorry to bother you miss, it's halloween trick-or-treat"

"What was all the thumping, creaking, and squeaking?"
They pointed at a guy holding a single rose
He was the only making all of those beats
"I'll take it from here" said the guy as he gave them some sweets
And he said this to her, "Me - you = incomplete"
"But I'll wait for you when you're ready to sign this sheet"



The Realist guy here period
I wanted to write a vampire theme tonight but it didn't turn out so well cuz it was too lovely dovely.  hehehe.  Anywho, I went with an exorcist style theme tonight.  I wish Thai scary movies were this good.  I just don't get that scared when I watch them.  The new ones just seems like they were inspired by the Japanese.  I'm not saying they're not good but they just need to mix it up a bit.  A good scary movie is ----> The Conjuring 
My not so good vampire poem that I had to stop cuz it was... :p  B)   hahaha.
Her eyes glisten like the starry lights
Her winks are the Sunday delight
Her smile warms you up on a cold winter night
Some would say her smiles are infectious, are they right?
Classical pics in black and white
But don't get too close, she might take a bite

The House
The door begins to slam violently back and forth
This was supposed to be their new home up North
They had put their life saving into this place
They remodeled the home and even put in a new gate

At first, they ignored it but now it wasn't up to debate
They wanted out before it was to late
They put the house on sale but no one took the bait
But at the mean time, they had to lie and wait
The banging, thumping, and foot steps increase in rate
They searched online for those who have experience the same fate
They wanted to find someone who they can trust and relate

Finally, a paranormal team came to set things straight
As the team setup up their gears at eight
The table and chairs begins to shake and vibrate
Cups flew across the room and so did the plates
They could feel it, the house was full of hate
The holy water and blessed objects only made it irate

The demonologist demanded it communicate
What was it name?  And demanded it leave at the present date
He blessed every room in the house except the basement
An odor of sulfur came from it which was flagrant
The demonologist knew they had to stand their ground and make a statement 
(Could have added more to what went on but got tired at the end)
After an hour of battle, it was over to their amazement


The Realist guy here period
Wanted to write something deep today.  I think I was inspired by Ellie Glouding - on my mind but mine is a bit different from her.  Way different but I liked the flow from her song so I decided to just let it flow.  Enjoy.  Soft,simple, and heartfelt.  Light to the touch. 
And my heart don't understand
Why I got you on my mind?
Could it be you're one of a kind?
A rare treasure so hard to find
When the wind blows it always remind

It breathes a fire that make me feel so alive
A tingling love so deep inside
A love so deep even the oceans can't divide
Even the dry thirsty desert can't deprived
Something special so heavenly devine
In this point in time, just you and I
That's why we take it one day at a time
So the candle can stay lit
For this love to survive

Finally, my heart understand :heart:

It can finally comprehend
Why I see you more than a lady friend
When you least expected it
Love catches you by surprise
Happy ending rainbow in the sky
cuz that's is perfectly fine  :)


The Realist guy here period
Why can't I write today?
That's it, I'm just going to stop for today.
The lovely dovey kind of feeling is too much
To much mushy-gushy kind of feeling too.
Sorry guys,I'll be back later to write something.
I just don't know yet.
I got to go to the gym to burn some of this feeling down a bit.
And trust me guys, I have written a page or so
on this subject but I won't publish it on here. haha.

I can't write today
I don't know what to say
Lovely dovey feeling is getting in the way
Mushy-gushy feeling
It's hard to convey
Just trying to be judicious in what I display
Just trying to be judicious in what I portray

I'm a bad boy that's what we do
I gotta stay calm and I gotta stay cool
And no, that not an unwritten rule
It's one, that I made up just for you  :p :lol:  B) 

Pull your heart strings and make it worthwhile
Drive you crazy, drive you wild, that's just my style B)
Stimulate your mind and go the extra mile
I'm different from those other guys
It's something I can't deny.  ---> lol.    :ph34r: :)

Lastly, it's not about me
Cuz most importantly it's about you
Well, me + you = Two  :heart:
That's more like it in my view


The Realist guy here period
I just feel good.  very centered and even keel.  Just nice,simple,and free flowing.  I went deeper and most serious this time.  I know I goof around a lot on here.  sometimes, it's refreshing just to be serious and talk from a realistic point of view.  When I say serious I meant it in a positive way where it doesn't feel like people are stuck in a corner.  It's more of a soul level connection.  Thanks and enjoy.     
I love that we're in synchronicity
And we're communicating in a high frequency
Cuz you and I are authentic fittingly
Our writing epitome who we are exquisitely
We are different in many ways
But in terms of love, we speak the same liguistically

Your love is a soft touch to the soul  :)
It stable and full of tranquility
One can say it's serene realistically
I'm pretty low-key characteristically
But with you, I just feel a warm of electricity
And It's hard to express myself objectivity
It just leaves a smile on my face incredibily

People are probably laughing at our secret flirtation
For me, it's more than that, it's a heart to heart conversation  :heart:

Just the two of us in 2015 with the same vibration
It's strange how two souls connect at different location
Angels are real no speculation
Just tell my little sister from Boston this is the validation.  (Angels, they do whisper)
It's something special and out of this world no classification.  
Right now, it's good for us to be incognito (Low-key)
Cuz when the cold winter blows  :cold:
It will warm my heart and echo the name .....  :eek: