Poll for the domain name switch

Pick the name you can best tolerate ;)

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sarNie Adult
So here are the choices that I picked.

There were a few other ones like asiancircle and asiancreation but those are already taken.

Lets see how this pans out yea!

I need the name soon to do a logo and to do some templates so thats why I'm pushing it. I'll probably migrate the site next week so I'll give this a few days.

If another good name come up, I may modify the poll to add the new one.


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
huuhuu T^T I'm gonna miss the name Sarnworld. Literally grew up with it for 2 years! lol
But I guess it's alright. :D ehehhe
It was hard to choose. It was either between asianfuse or slapandkiss! xD
I just chose asianfuse but i do like slapandkiss! Majority of the time, lakorns are slap & kisses! lol It would go along very fine :D ahahha
But yeah...this is my 2 cent. lol


Expired Sarnie
my first pick was ruktertainment.com mainly because this forum sole purpose was for people all around the world coming together for thai entertainment (lakorns, music, gossip etc). and all other entertainment is welcome thus we have the other asian thread (khmer, korean, japanese, bollywood, etc) for their entertainments.

but i guess asianfuse works too therefore my vote goes there.


sarNie Adult
I think ASIANFUSE would be a cool name! Most things here is all about asain! :D
I like that name,,it makes me think of EXPLOSIVE! and I like EXPLOSIVE :) AWESOME NAME!! :D LOL


I like asianfuse too. it reminds me of the Fuze drink and CA fusion cuisine, which I both love, so the name brings good memories of eating lol.


:loool: lmfao :rofl: as much as i like :slapandkissse3: slapandkiss.com :slapandkissse3: i'mma have to go with neither.... the titles arent catchy enough and does it have to sound so asian?? come on... RICE?? lol no offense Darv..


sarNie Adult
Since ruktertainment couldn't make the poll, my 2nd favorite is asianfuse.


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
Ooooh! I Like ruktertainment! :D lol
But darn. It didn't make it to the list?! :numchuck:


sarNie Hatchling
I love Ruktertainment too. It's fine, I still have love for everyone who suggested a domain name, and I voted.


All these fuze talking is making me hungry.... Lolz makes me think of Asian hot pot. Whatever happen to you weak sauce and fish sauce darvil.


Ky the Star
oh wow, the names were interesting and pretty good.
i casted my vote. hope all goes well from here on out. C:
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