Poo’s New Man Revealed – Joey is History!


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Poo’s New Man Revealed – Joey is History!

Another shock for the entertainment industry is the break up of “Poo” Praiya Suandokmai and Rapper “Joey Boy” and the announcement of Poo’s new beau “Auon” Rungsit . The two fell in love with each other on the set of “Tah Ja ruk Diew Jat Hai”. Let’s hear what Aoun has to say:

“We’re friends, we close to each other on the set, and we’re both teenagers”

you worked with her for the first time and you fell in love with her already?

“(laughs) Well she’s cute, talkative and she’s a good kid so we became closer “

How did you fall in love with her?

“Go and ask Poo, I’m too scared to answer this question”

Are you afraid of third hand allegation?

“Yes I am, I’m afraid the elders will think I’m being too upfront about it, but if Poo wants to say it then I don’t want to lie”

You don’t want to say it because you don’t want to be Poo’s boyfriend?

“No, but I haven’t done anything wrong, they’ve broken up long ago and that’s when we started talking, I didn’t influence her to break up with him”

So when can you guys be an official couple?

“Let us get to know each other a bit longer, we can’t say when at this point”

Did you know that Poo has a preference for chinky guys?

“She said she likes short chinky guys, but I’m not short so I didn’t think I was her type, anyway I’m not expecting anything, I’m just an average guy and I don’t want to say too much, go and ask Poo”

Now let’s move over to interview Poo’s uncle, the man who used to anti Joey boy with a passion

“There is no break up between Poo and Joey because they were never together to begin wth. Poo never accepted him as her boyfriend and I don’t know what happened between them but my niece and Joey are not talking to each other anymore, long before the opening ceremony of “Tah Ja Ruk Diew Jut hai””

Is it because your family are too possessive of her?

“If she has a boyfriend who’s not appropriate then we can’t agree with her, but we do give her freedom”

Poo once said, her uncle is more possessive of her than her mother

“Poo is young and still naïve, we need to help her screen the men who comes into her life”

So Poo is close to Auon?

“They’re friends, they talk to each other and my niece is lonely, she talks to everybody”

Source: Thairath Feburary 2006
Credits To Interlove


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that's her new man?? well, he's not bad looking, kinda cute, better than joey boy waaa...lol