Poo new man is???


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Rumored to be close guy friend to Poo is "Nat" Nattapol Sarasars well educated and from a good family.

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dude, what's up with all guys who are so much older than her? she's only 16 going on 17; what is it with her anyway?
he doesn't look good; she could do so much better in terms of appearance, but i guess she goes for the older guys since they tend to have more money...but she herself stated that she doesn't care about their status/money, etc...


Memories with Oil from his U.S. Tour in Nov 2009!
He isn't that much better than Joey Boy either. OMG what's up with her and them OOOGLY guys?!? So not attractive to the eyes. But i guess thats how she likes them... :unsure:


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OoO she's seeing Tai,He look cute in other picture but i dont knoe why he look like that in this pic!

opps nevermind I didnt look at the other picture!


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pu new man is not that good looking..he's ok..i think he's kinda aggressive type of bf..but best of luck Pu..she should date someone that's around her age..heheh


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he is ugly but iam not going to be over the borad its her yea she should at least date a guy her age or date american if i were her lol