Por-Thrisadee Sahawong following Nok-Chatchai


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thanx to persephone24 @ pat/por forum for the translation

Hot young and unstoppable pra-ek of channel 3 is the star born from the lakorn Likasit Huajai along with friends, Power 3 group. Right after that, Wik Pra ram wants to keep building Por's career non stop by matching Por and Namfon, also a new leading actress, in a lakorn

Jao Sao Ban Rai is the lakorn that raked in very high ratings so Channel 3 was confident that both these Pranangs (both praek and nang ek) will definitely be famous .Channel 3 then put both actors into Yeur Marn, a kiss and slap lakorn to see whether or not they can pull the ratings. Turns out that the lakorn was another hit. Channel 3 didn't stop there, further boosting Por's career with the lakorn Bua Prim Nam.

The manly and thai-ish style of Por correlates to the personality of Nok Chatchai, who is a praek that transcends time. ( I really don't know how to translate this last sentence cuz it's using some thai analogy I'm not getting ,but this is what I'm taking it as.) Eventhough they are not exactly alike, still it made the people who love the lakorn become impress with Por even more.

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Thanks for sharing, Tinah. I'm so glad to hear how prosperous my sweetie Por is. He's on a run for success!! I have no doubt that one day he will be the actor that transend time, just like P'Nok Chatchai.