Poseidon's Lover


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Hi everyone! :D I'm sorry for not posting a new chapter lately. Writer's block I guess LOL anyways, I'm currently typing the first part of chapter 4 and at the same time, am brainstorming as well. I'll try to post chapter 4 as soon as I finish it :D


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Hi everyone! :D I'm sorry for not posting a new chapter lately. Writer's block I guess LOL anyways, I'm currently typing the first part of chapter 4 and at the same time, am brainstorming as well. I'll try to post chapter 4 as soon as I finish it :D

Donna!!!! I am so happy to see your post! woo hoo... I can't wait. :)


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Chapter 4

Nadech squinted as rays of sunshine were coming to his view. For a while, his eyes adjusted until he could already see the pier from afar. He took a deep breath and tried to brush off all the erotic things on his mind before he went back to the room where his new wife is.

“I’m on a business trip, honey. I’ll see you soon once I get back. I love you.” Yaya said sweetly, finishing up the call. Nadech looked at her, his thick eyebrows begin to meet on the middle of his forehead. See you soon? I love you? She’s surely a playgirl!, he thought to himself. After a few minutes, the yacht stopped at the pier. Nadech was the first one to come down from the yacht then Yaya followed. A man wearing a tailored business suit while holding a computer tablet greeted them.

“Good morning, Khun Nadech and Khun?” He looked at Yaya then smiled. Yaya smiled back at him and introduced herself.

“Yaya. Yaya Urassaya.” She said as she held out her right hand. The man immediately took her hand and shook it. Nadech’s eyes rolled heavenwards.

“It’s Mrs. Yaya Kugimiya now, babe.” Nadech said impatiently then he took his wife’s hand and he held it tightly. Yaya tried to free her hand but Nadech was holding it too tightly. What is wrong with him? He’s so nice to me a while ago then now he’s hurting my hand?!, she thought to herself. If only they were alone, she would definitely bite his hand so he could free her from his strong grip.

“What’s on my schedule today, Jason?” Nadech asked his secretary but instead of answering him, his secretary just stared at him.

“Khun Nadech…is she your…wife? ” Jason asked his boss. He looks as if there are thousands of questions running on his head. Nadech just gave him a nod as an answer. Yaya forgot the tight grip of her husband as she looks at the man named Jason. He looks shocked, confused and glad all at the same time. His expression was priceless and Yaya tried her very best not to laugh out loud.

“Jason, what’s on my schedule today?” Nadech repeated his question, sounding a bit irritated. Jason, who had finally absorbed the idea that his boss is married, came back to reality then started stating Nadech’s schedule which was on the computer tablet he was holding. He has 1 meeting scheduled today and that has been set last month. Nadech wanted to reschedule it but it would be very impossible. Those are important investors so he couldn’t take the risk. He looked at his wife for a while who is now glaring at him. He badly wanted to kiss her; right there and then. He wanted to make love to her at home; on his bed, on the hot tub, on the kitchen, on every part of his huge house. A while ago, he was already planning to give their maids at home a day off so they could be alone in but it seems like his plan could not carried out soon. Nadech could feel the strong gush of blood flowing on his manhood as he thought of what he wanted to do with her. He forced his mind to drift back to reality when he felt his manhood getting harder. Yaya’s eyes accidentally traveled down then it grew bigger when she saw a huge bulge forming over Nadech’s jogging pants. She immediately looked up then examined her husband’s face. His expression suggests that he isn’t aware of what’s happening down there. A huge bulge on broad daylight?! And he still haven’t noticed it?, she thought.
Nadech felt his manhood getting harder and harder so he immediately ended his conversation with his secretary then pulled Yaya hastily towards the sports car that was parked few feet away. Nadech opened the car door of the passenger seat then turned to Yaya.

“Get in.” Nadech said, almost a whisper. Yaya just looked at him and Nadech stared back. There was something in Nadech’s eyes that could not comprehend. His eyes look as if he is a hungry predator who is looking at his meal. Yaya couldn’t do anything but obey him. Nadech went to the other side of the car then sat on the driver’s seat. The moment the door closed, Nadech immediately grabbed his wife’s face then like a very hungry predator, he devoured her lips. The kiss was very aggressive. Yaya was unprepared! She was just sitting there like a statue while a stranger who happens to be her husband is kissing her like there’s no tomorrow. Yaya wanted to push him away, run and never look back. She felt as if she’s one of those dirty prostitutes in the streets, sleeping with a man for money. But in her case, marrying and sleeping with a man who offered her enough money to last for a lifetime. It may sound better but still, she still used her body for money, just like a prostitute.
I’m so stupid! Why did I let him sleep with me?!, she thought angrily. She was still not moving but tears started to form then ran down her cheeks. Nadech stopped conquering her lips when he felt that his wife’s face was getting wet. He stopped kissing her but his hands were still holding her face.
Damn it! And now she’s crying ‘coz I kissed her!, Nadech thought. Of all the things Nadech hates is to see a woman cry. He may be a playboy but still, he is a gentleman.

“Sssshhhh…Stop crying…I’m sorry, babe. It won’t happen again.” Nadech whispered. Yaya could feel his hot breath over her face. Her husband wiped her tears away then smiled at her. Nadech let go of her face then revved the engine to life. He drove the car so fast as if he was in race track. Neither one of them spoke. Yaya didn’t know where he is taking her and she doesn’t care anymore. I’ve already sold myself to him. He can do whatever he wants., she thought to herself. A new wave of tears is forming but Yaya tried her very best to stop it. The car came to halt when the traffic light turned to red.

“What do you do for a living?” Nadech broke the silence between them.

“I used to be a freelance photographer.” Yaya said while she was looking out of the window. She didn’t want to look to at him.

“Used to be?” Nadech asked. The car started to move again as the traffic light turned to green. Yaya sighed before she answered.

“I have to sell my camera so I can pay off some of my debts.” Yaya said dryly.

“Buy yourself a new camera and all other equipments you need with the money that I gave you.” Nadech said with a commanding tone of voice. Why is he being so nice to me? He shouldn’t be treating me this way. Or else, I might…, Yaya stopped thinking when she looked out at the window of the car. At the window of the shop, Yaya saw the most beautiful wedding gown she ever saw. Her eyes grew big as she stares at it. She had a weakness on beautiful things such as what her eyes are looking at right now. Nadech opened the door for her.

“Let’s get you a wedding gown, babe.” Nadech said, again with that charming smile. Yaya was not moving. She was still glued on her seat and she was staring at Nadech with a what-the-hell look on her face.

“W-why?” Yaya almost stuttered. Nadech chuckled.

“Because I don’t want you to be naked on our wedding tomorrow.” Nadech explained to her. Yaya grew even more and more curious.

“Wedding? Tomorrow? But didn’t we just got married last night?”

“Didn’t you just said last night that you wanted to be the most beautiful bride in the world?” Nadech fired back another question to her.

“I didn’t said that!” Yaya denied. She tried her very best to remember their conversation last night. All she can remembered telling him was “don’t stop” and she told that when they were being very intimate. Yaya again blushed as she recalled what they did last night. I think it’s not a very bad idea that I sold myself to him…, she wanted to laugh but it would quite inappropriate with their situation.

“You said it while you were sleeping, gorgeous…” Nadech said as he gently held Yaya’s hand then pulled her out of the car. Unknown to Yaya, Nadech didn’t sleep last night. He was awake all night long, watching his new wife sleep beside him. Last night, Nadech promised to himself that he’ll do everything just to make her happy. Nadech never let go of her hand as they walked towards the shop.

“Mr. Nadech Kugimiya, why did you marry me? I don’t know a lot about you and you don’t know much about me either. I’m sure so many women would want to be in my place right now but why me? I’m not educated, rich or famous. I’m not even that smart or even beautiful.” Yaya finally had the guts to ask that question. Before sleeping last night, she wanted to ask him but she was too tired.

“Do you really want to know why I chose to marry you?” Nadech said as he was slowly moving towards her, their faces were just a breath away. Yaya felt a swarm of butterflies in her stomach. Nadech, you sexy thing! Stop doing that or I might kiss you, right here, right now…, she thought.

“W-why?...” Yaya was almost speechless and uttering a single word was already so difficult for her. Once again, she had fallen under his spell. Nadech smiled then he started to run his index finger over Yaya’s lips.

“I want to marry you so I can kiss you anytime I want…” Nadech whispered.


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