[PPTVHD] Prissana The Series (Srikhumrung Production)


sarNie Juvenile
This one haven't even started and besides they haven't even choose who will be in this one, so if u want some updates about Prissana u need to wait for a long time.


sarNie Adult
I want Andrew to play lakorn again but not with Yaya... She's just WAY too young looking for him. :(

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sarNie Coma
Damn, that mv made me realize i forgot like 70% of Prissana and i only watched it 3 yrs ago. I can't believe i didn't think of Nadech taking Tik's role. That MV definitely proved me Nadech would be great in this role.


imma kick ur-ass-aya !
Lol Nadech will definitely not be in here so stop worrying. Even if for the oddest reasons, he happens to be in Prissina, Yaya wont be the nang ek. Ive been told some things regarding this lakorn but will keep quiet and wait to hear more confirmation before i say anything more


sarNie Oldmaid
I still hope Yaya can be in here, she will fit the role well. But I will wait to see who will be in here, watching the mv makes me want to watch this lakorn again.


sarNie Tombstone
after watching this video, Yadech would fit the pranangs perfectly.
chubbycheeks just said that Yadech won't be in here for sure but if Yaya she's in the pra'ek won't be Nadech they will consider someone that is more maturer


imma kick ur-ass-aya !
I never said 'they' are considering someone more mature. There's no need to be worried about Nadech being in here because he was never rumored or considered in the first place. That video was made just for fun/entertainment purposes and it's being shared here because clearly it's related to this lakorn. Don't freak out from nothing lol.

I'll be honest, not once did I imagine Nadech for the role of Tanchai because for one, although I like Yadech I'm not the type who wants them in every lakorn possible. Second, in my mind, I've always pictured someone very mature but superbly charming and captivating (not that I don't think Nadech is good looking/charismatic it's just I was leaning more towards an older actor). But now a days, people aren't so keen into finding people who are physically suitable. For example, someone who is suppose to be pure Thai looking ends up being acted by a halfer. Someone who is suppose to be Chinese is played by someone with no prominent Asian features at all. With a visual like that fanmade video, I feel that Nadech wouldn't be bad choice at all. But regardless of whoever the pranangs are, that doesn't mean we disregard the opinion that both Nadech and Yaya would good for those two characters. We can keep it in the back of our minds while we wait to see who really ends up getting the roles.


yea even though im not fond with yadech I would have to say if yaya is already chosen as nang'ek pa'ek should be nadech in order to not ruin a script like this. prissna is complete remake so if yaya is nang'ek pa'ek shuld be nadech otherwise if nang'ek is not her then other pa'ek will be fine...

I can picture mario in tik's role, but not with yaya tho.


I see very very very little chemistry between Mark and Yaya. Both just do not have sparks. I wouldnt want them to pair up in a remake at all, not this one.
Since the production is Meta Mahaniyon with Nok and then, is Nok C directing this!?!??!!