prisnayang's creation


sarNie Hatchling
I'm a beginner with photoshop but just wanted to share some of my creations... :welcome1:

Bie and Fang

Captin and Bee

Ken and Janie


Mos and Vill


Pong and Bee

Pong and Noon

Dan and Donut

Mos and Noon



You're Average Person :)
for a beginner, you're really good! I love it!...You're even better than me when I started out using photo shop


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^ i agree with thip.. you're actually very good for a beginner.. you'll be a pro in no time ^_^


sarNie Hatchling
Thanks for all the nice comments, i appreciate it a lot, i still have a long way to catch up with photoshop. I've seen lots of very beautifull artwork in this forum that I like so much. Everyone in here is very creative.


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love that one of RAHUT RISSAYA .. i miss them.


sarNie Granny
very lovely artwork. AHHHH!! Rahut Rissaya <3 I really really wish that Paul's last lakorn will be with Noon <3
if only Noon could act with Ken, they look good together ^.^


sarNie Egg
wow your creations are so pretty for a beginner...i wish i could make pretty poster like yours...i love your mos poster it's cute...i'm a big fan of him...mos is so cute and captin...