Quantum of Solace


sarNie Adult
You know, I was surprised I liked this movie.
I was never really into Bond movies because it seemed more like a guy flick with all that fighting, killing and sleeping with random women.
I like this new Bond and I don't get why it's getting a so so review.
One reviewer said that Quantum of Solace was short, couldn't stand alone and "lacked emotion".
Um yeah...HELLO did you watch the movie at all? No emotion? Seriously?
There was emotion in this movie, it was just subtle, did they actually expect James Bond to get all teary eyed and start sobbing or something?
It's slightly shorter than the first movie and yes, it's not enough to be a stand alone movie because it's NOT suppose to be a stand alone movie. It's the first "real" Bond series (in that this movie and the first tie into each other, whereas other Bond movies have been meant to stand alone with different stories) and it's based off of the Bond novels, not the movies.