[R] Heartless


sarNie Hatchling
H e a r t l e s s​


Phone as Suriyathep
Yam as Soysujung
Featuring a Second Couple:
Intatranam and Asoonmali



sarNie Hatchling
--CHAPTER 1-----
“Scare the people, implement some damages, keep the injuries minimal, and make yourself look mean and ugly.”

“Yes, King Suriyathep. Mean and ugly, just like they make us out to be. Arrgghh.” The four guards laughed and put on their scariest face.

Suriyathep didn’t join the joke. There is no room for laughter or mistakes tonight. “I will see you guys back at palace to celebrate.” He walked off into the distance and then looked back at his four best guards morph into their giant Yak form. Suriyathep ran into the shadows as the sounds of terror erupted behind him.


“YAAAAKKKKKK!!!” The one word echoed through the grand hall. Just a few seconds before, everyone’s attention was on the young beautiful princess who had just entered to open her coming-out ball. Now everyone was running out to seek their own salvation. The earth quaked and gradually they became more powerful and closer to the palace.

Princess Soysujung rushed to her parents and older brother, “Father, what’s going on?”

“I knew that one day, this day would come.” The King took his wife’s hands into his, “My dear, everything will be okay.” He hugged his wife and daughter and ordered to the guards, “Take the Queen and Princess to the safe house.”

“Father, Brother, how about you?”

“Jung, go! Father and I will be fine.” The Crown Prince turned to his father.

The King looked at his son. “Intatranam, we need to get to the sword.” And they rushed out the opposite doors with an army behind them.


Inside the palace walls, chaos was everywhere, but Suriyathep easily spotted the guard circle that was escorting the royal family. He saw her face—the face that he had engraved in his memory vowing to avenge her. She was holding the hand of a young woman that made his breath caught.

Suriythep gulped. The rumors were true. The Princess was a beautiful. On the 17th birthday of the Princess of Kingdom Suwanthong, invitations were sent to out announce her coming-out ball to find her a Prince suitor. At first the few nearby Princes came, but when they saw her, each one was mesmerize by her beauty. And the rumor of the Princess being the most beautiful maiden spread to all over the Kingdoms. Princes came from all over to win her hand. But for King Suriyathep, the news was the piece of information he have been waiting for years. With his most loyal subjects, he ventured into human world to seek out this beautiful princess. He had inquired and confirmed his assumption. The beautiful Princess was indeed the offspring of his enemy. Finally, he had located his enemy.

Suriyathep had two objectives. Kill his enemy. And get the Yakfai sword. He clenched his fist and he morphed into his giant Yak form. Screams exploded inside the palace. Everything was ant to him, but their kind had excellent vision, and he zeroed on his target—Queen Soytida. He stepped right in front of the escort and morphed back to normal size to see level on level with his enemy. All of the guards surrounded him, but their swords pointed at him were shivering. He walked toward the Queen, “Long time no see, step-mother. Have you forgotten me, because I haven’t live one day without thinking about you.”


sarNie Hatchling
got some eager readers demanding that if i got sone chaps done, then they want it up, so up is the first.

you don't have to be boran fan or understand the boran culture to get this. i hybridize it--kinda like dang duang haruethai meets jamloey rak with a pixie dust of twilight. and to get this of my chest, this is my rebellious remark to the current megadisapointments in boran lakorn. my sis and i fantasize bout how a revenge slap/kiss set in the boran setting would be so romantic.

i decided to compile a list of the current boran trend that all of us complain about--or at least i do:

1) the untraditional clothes, the mass of curls hair, the ugly crowns, yeah, the whole getup - can we keep it simple, last time i check there's definitely not curl irons in those days. oh, and the glasses on the dad in one of the last few aired one just gotta go.

2) the unnecessary humor, that includes the retarded animal half people, plus the talking sticks, dogs, fish, and all the other stupid characters - i see this as the most dramatic subtraction to my love of boran lakorn. these characters overwhelm the screen time and they're ugly or so computerized that i just want to pull the plug.

3) overuage of technology, computer graphical setting, gay gay gay - you used to do just fine with some, but now that you think it's cool, you're all over the place. and youre so fake that i rather not have you at all

4) the songs, sorry this disses the cast singing too - first, i saw this catching on from Uthaitaywee, but the animals or silly character just gets a part in the song and they screw it up, like in wongsawan the stupid 3 color cloth demons were singing a part. second, i think it's gula sang goy that started the whole cast singong ost song trend, it reached to kot gaya sit and on and on, theres some good song, but you also over killed.

5) NO ROMANCE - i dont know what happen there. i dont know where their children come from. there's not enought room for me to vent here on this one.


sarNie Hatchling
as promise, heas the update. i did have more...but apparently last nite i decided on some changes. so ill juz be brainstorming a general flow of events for the next few days...then of course, ill get busy typing. the storyline is getting very yummy in my mind!


sarNie Hatchling
--CHAPTER 2-----

“Mother, you know him?”

“There’s nothing.” The Queen turned to Suriyathep. “What do you animals want?”

“I’ve been searching for you 18 years. Ah , and as the Queen, you must be the source feeding these lies about us. Your kind is raging hate on us, entering our premises, stealing our resources, and hunting our vulnerable down like animals.”

“Everything is true. You are savage animals.”

Suriyathep effortlessly kicked the wimpy guards away and grabbed his step-mother, “You don’t know the intensity of the irreversible damages you triggered, you cunning women.” He wanted to crush her, but he also wanted her alive long enough to be his trade-off for the Yakfai sword. “Now, tell me where you hid the Yakfai sword. Tell me!” He twisted her arm.

“You ANIMAL!!!” The singsong voice intervened. Suriyathep looked to see the enchanting Princess at his side. “Let my mother go, or you’ll be sorry!” Soysujung was so angry at the coward guards doing nothing. She grabbed a sword from one of the guard and pointed it at Suriyathep. “I say let my mother go!” She gave a strong swing at him. Suriyathep was surprised at her boldness, and he had to let go of his step-mother to avoid the swing. Jung repeatedly swing at him, but his agility was impossibly non-human.

Suriyathep must applause her efforts; she was accurate and persistent. He easily got out of her swinging aims and caught her swing. With only applying a small pressure, she flinched in pain and dropped the stupid sword. He then swung her into a back embrace. The sweetest perfume evaded his nostrils, taking him aback, but he checked back his senses and talked into her ear, “Nice, my beautiful, but you fight like a girl.”

Soysujung had never been so insulted, “Ahhhh, you animal, let me go! Let me--.”

“Let my daughter go!” Suriyathep turned to the voice. The King ran over and pointed the glowing Yakfai sword at Suriyathep. “Or I kill you like I did your father. It’ll be even easier with this souvenir from your kingdom.” So, it is this man who murdered his father and stolen their family treasure.

Suriyathep pushed the kicking Princess off. “My father was love-blind and weak, but I am not either of that.” Suriyathep summoned up his dragon sword and pointed it at the King.

“Intatranam, take your mother and sister to safety.”

“Tonight, I will take everything that is yours.” He looked at his step-mother huddling with her daughter being led away by the young Prince. “You hear step-mother; first, I’m going to kill your lover who murdered my father. Then I’ll kill your children in front of you and then make you suffer the worst death.”

Suriyathep returned to look at his father’s murderer, and delivered the first blow. The King was an excellent swordsman, but a human’s strength cannot compare with the strength of a Yak. The Yakfai sword was powerful but Suriyathep was a skilled combatant and avoided all attacks. This was almost too easy. Suriyathep delivered a powerful blow and it was enough impact to send the Yakfai sword flying out of the King’s hand. Suriyathep brought his dragon sword to the throat of the exposed King. He was about to strike when another sword intercepted him. The prince had run back with a sword to block Suriyathep’s fatal blow.

Suriyathep laughed, “Good, I can kill you both in one run.” After a few maneuvers, Suriyathep was winning. And Prince Intatranam was losing ground…and then the sweet intoxicating perfume from before overwhelmed him, and he froze for a second, and something possessed him to turn back to the direction of the perfume. And Suriyathep was greeted with the beautiful face of the Princess with the Yakfai sword in her hand stabbing it in his side. Suriyathep let out a surprise gasp, not of pain but of stupidity.

He clutched his bleeding side, the pain now hitting him hard. The Yakfai sword was ten-folding the pain, and he knew that he had made a grave mistake. Suriyathep raised his dragon sword into the air and let out a lightning bolt to cut down the giant overshadowing tree. In the diversion of the guards rushing to pull the royal family out of danger, for the first time in Suriyathep’s life, he fled.


sarNie Hatchling
authors note: i edited the previous first two chapters just to make it an easier read. same stuff, just better.

heas two chaps update.


sarNie Hatchling
--CHAPTER 3-----


On the roof of the palace, Suriyathep cursed at himself. It had taken him more hours to heal back to health because the wound was inflicted by the Yakfai sword. Damn it, he had been so confident, he didn’t think of a plan B. Then some voices caught his attention.

“The Queen was so shaken, Malai. You see the Queen, King, and Crown Prince huddle around our Princess. Remember when our Princess almost drowned in the river as a kid, the Queen cried for days, swearing she will die with her. And from then on, they isolate her from all danger in that south tower. And when she finally comes of age, about to see the world for the first time, this happened. I thought that that Yak was sure to kill our princess, then we will all have to mourn for a lifetime…”

Suriyathep welcomed the devilish smirk spreading on his face because a new plan just take form in his mind—the plan that should had been his Plan A. Suriyathep looked south into the dark smirking wider.


Suriyathep swung effortlessly and landed without a sound. He was in the right room; he can smell that intoxicating perfume that almost got him killed. Suriyathep walked toward the bed and the perfume got stronger. The devilish smirk spread even wider on his face as he looked down at Princess Soysujung.

He sat on the edge of the bed and leaned in to inspect her face. She looked and—with that perfumed—smelled deliciously. Suriyathep turned his mouth to her ears and whispered. “How can an innocent sleeping face like this take such a daring stab at me?” He had intended to wake her up, and she started to stir.

First, her eyes opened in shock; then her mouth opened to scream. Suriyathep wrapped his hand over her little soft mouth. And he scooped her into his lap and held her still. “Hey, my beautiful. You did something very bad.” Her hands and feet were kicking him and her bottom rubbed against him sinfully. “Sorry, I had to wake you up, I wanted to see how you would react if I told you about my little plan.”
Suriyathep brought his face right up to her shoulder and neck. “I’m going to take you with me.” Suriya held up a scroll with his Yak family crest. “Don’t worry, I will leave a message: An eye for an eye.” He smiled wickeder, as she started to beat and fight herself out of his embrace. And he blew into her face, and Soysujung’s body went limp.


[Three Days Later]

Soysujung woke up in a a strange bed. And she panicked remembering that Yak’s face smiling so close to her. She got up and surveyed her surroundings and walked to the door. She placed her ears on the door, and she heard the sound of guards chitchatting. Soysujung looked back to the wide-open window, the vase near it, and then to the sheets on the bed. She smiled.

Outside the bedchamber, the half dozen guards heard something shattered, and they opened the door and rushed inside the bedchamber to inspect the disturbance. They automatically saw the tied bed sheets lowered down the high window. “The Princess went out the window. She must be headed for the forest.” The guards raced out. When the room was silent, Jung popped her head from behind the changing divider, and she ran out of the room, heading in the opposite direction of the chase.

Suriyathep heard the commotion and he rushed to find the same evidence. He looked out the window, thinking she was headed toward the forest. But then that distracting perfume made his nostrils flared again, and he traced that perfume coming for the other direction. Suriyathep smiled, that girl was smart.


sarNie Hatchling
--CHAPTER 4-----

Soysujung ran and ran, and soon exhaust took her over. The trees started to thin out. Then suddenly, she found her path completely full out. She was looking down a cliff, and below was the billowing sea. Her worst phobia choked her, and she felt queasy and turned back—only to see that handsome Yak’s face smiling mockingly at her again.

“My beautiful, you make my days interesting.”


“Is that so, my beautiful.”

Soysujung growled at him. “You have no right to bring me here! My father and brother will hunt you down and skin you again! You animal, take me back!”

“Being not so nice again are you? Why do you have to call me names like your mother?”

“I can call you worst. You savage. You monster. You--.”

Suriyathep grabbed her tiny wrist and twisted her inward. Soysujung collided into his hard chest, and he held her there. “Say that again!”

“You savage. You mon--.” He claimed her smart mouth and plunged his tongue inside to punish that derogatory tongue of hers. And he pulled away and magicked his two upturn fangs out at her. Then gave her a crooked grin and swooned in again at her silent mouth. This time, he made use of his fangs to poke at her soft lips. He tasted blood and he sucked at her bleeding top lip. She was the sweetest nectar and her blood was giving him a high. And then he tasted her salty tears and pulled away.

Soysujung automatically brought the back of her hand wipe her to split and pouty lips. “My mother was right. You Yaks feed on humans and drink blood and use your power to intimidated human. It’s all true. You’ve just proved it to me. You’re disgusting.”

“You don’t learn well, do you, spoil Princess, still calling me names. Well, know that your mother is a liar. I’ll just have to reeducate you.” He pulled her closer. “First, I’ll crush your heroic image of your mother. I bet she never told you how she came to know these ‘facts’ about us Yaks, did she?”

Jung stopped trying to pry her wrist loose. “What do you mean?”

He smiled. “Ah, you don’t know. Your mother and father didn’t tell you of their sins?”

“WHAT are you talking about?!!”

“Listen, my beautiful, your dear mother was the wife of a Yak and just no any Yak. She’s was the second human wife of my father.”

Jung froze, “Impossible.”

“It’s the truth.”

“No it can’t be.” In her mind, she remembered Suriyathep calling her mother step-mother.

“My father loved my mother until he traveled into your world and saw your mother. He was gone for a long time, and when he came back, he brought your mother here under my a love spell. You know, your mother change her mind the moment she found out what my father was. But he was already too in love with your beautiful mother.”

Soysujung let out a loud laugh, “Is this the truth?” She laughed some more, and look at him boldly, “My mother was a victim and she was imprisoned under a spell. No wonder she hates you Yak. Your father was a monster forcing my mother to stay with him. It’s your father’s fault that he loves my mother, and not your mother and you!”

Suriyathep started to join her in laughing; then he stopped abruptly, “My father didn’t love your mother. He was seduced by her beauty. Your mother made my mother died only a year afterward of a broken heart. And right after my mother’s death, my love-blind father was stupid to think that by now your mother would love him regardless of his identity, so he lifted the spell. And when your mother got her conscious back, she fled for the forest, where she met your father. My father went to chase your mother back, but he walked straight into his death. Your father murdered my father, took our family’s Yakfai sword. All of your happiness was at the expense of my family!”

“Your father’s negligence killed your mother. And my father was only saving him and my mother from your father’s wrath.”

“You’re in denial.”

She looked at him, “YOU’RE IN DENIAL!”

Suriyathep laughed, “My spy returned with news that your mother had seriously taken ill. Your weak father is looking after your mother. And your courageous brother is preparing troops to rage war on me.” He chuckled as if war was a funny matter.

“You want the Yakfai sword. Let me go, my father will give it to you.”

Suriyathep laughed louder, “That’s too easy, my beautiful. If it was merely the Yakfai sword I wanted, why didn’t I just take you hostage at your palace and get the sword quicker. Why? Because it’s you I wanted.” He watched the surprise in her take form, “You see. You are the most precious treasure of your mother. I take you, I take her life.”

Soysujung wanted to strangle that face. “You—You--.” Suriyathep brought his face right up to hers, flashed his fang, daring her to call him something foul, so he can take her mouth again. Instead, Soysujung lunged all of worth at him to throw him off and freed herself. “I’m not going to be your victim.”

“When I want something, my beautiful, I get it.”

“You’re never going to get me!”

“You bet?” Suriyathep raised his handsome brows. He started to walk up to her, but she inched back further into the edge of the cliff. He realized that she was out too far and reached out to grab her from falling off, but he was too late. And unknown sensations erupted in him, and without thinking or hesitating, he jumped after her.


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im so stuck on the their first time being :w-scene-pop-corn: or :r-scene-pop-corn: ...? wtf, lets settle for a rawr scene.


sarNie Hatchling
I agree! A "RAWR" scene is always better. It makes the story much more interesting...hehehe... :r-scene-pop-corn: :drool:


sarNie Hatchling
--CHAPTER 5------

“AAAHHHHH!!!” Soysujung woke up was in a small hay shack. Then she saw him and she threw the pillow block at him. “Why didn’t you let me died!!!”

“My beautiful.” Suriyathep was topless and he squatted down to her. “Even if you chose death, that’s not your choice to make but mine.”

Soysujung sat up and brought her face up to meet his. “What do you want from me!!!”

Suriyathep brought his face closer to her. Their noses touched. “You have to repay everything your mother took from me. And the revenge starts with you willing to be my Queen.”

“Burn in hell, you ani--.” Suriyathep sealed her lips to silent her relentless rebellion.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!!!” She pushed him off and lunged at him and pounded repeatedly at his chest. He caught her arms, and held them still. He ogled the sight of her two white mound of flesh shaking evocatively in front of him. Soysujung looked down to see herself bare. She pried her arms free and grabbed the blanket to cover her nakedness.

“You undressed me!?!” Her hands flew to slap him hard across his cheek.

“You--.” Suriyathep’s voice was ice cold. “NO ONE hits me.”

SLAP. Soysujung strike him again harder this time on the same cheek.

Suriyathep grabbed Soysujung, and she clenched the blanket for clothing. He dragged her into the forest and dumped her on the grass. “You need to learn that your actions have consequences. Say no to my proposition, and I’ll first kill your captured brother who dare attacked my palace, then your mother, father, love ones, and your Kingdom.” She turned to where he was looking and saw a herd of deer. Suriyathep magicked a bow and arrow and whoosh, he hammers on a fat one. “You move, and I’ll kill the rest of that family just to show you I can.”

Suriyathep hulled the kill like it had no weight back to place it in front of her. “What are you doing?”
Suriyathep magicked his fang out. She saw him sunk his fanged mouth into the deer. She closed her eyes. “Soysujung. Open your eyes. Watch me feast. Or I’ll bring back your brother.” Soysujung opened her eyes. “This is for striking me.”

His bloody mouth smiled as she cried. He ate the meat like a hungry animal. Soon he was done, and he wiped his mouth, and ran his tongue over his fang to clean them. Soysujung was cuddling her knee sitting like a scare, traumatized child. Suriyathep grabbed her and pulled her back. Soon, they reached the hut, and he released her.

“Now, my beautiful, I will ask you again. Be my Queen or be responsible for a million deaths?”
Soysujung stared at him for a long minute, then nodded. “Let this revenge end with me.”

“My beautiful, you make it sound like you’re a virginal sacrifice to the devil.”

“I hate you.” She didn’t scream it. She said it slow, like ice to his face.

Suriyathep felt an empty stab at his chest. “Hate me, love me, it’s all the same.” He patted his chest. “I don’t have a heart.”

Soysujung subconsciously reached over and touched his left chest. And she felt nothing. How can he be without a heart?

Her touch brought anger to him. He grabbed her hand and held it away. “Don’t touch me!” Suriyathep turned his head to the burning fire. His voice was strained with annoyance. “Your clothes are dry. Get dress. We need to get back to announce our Wedding.”


“Brother!” Soysujung ran into the crowded Great Hall of Yaksoyothai. She hugged the tied up Intaranam and looked at Suriyathep. “Let my brother go. We have an agreement already.”

“Of course, my beautiful bride.” With one waved, Intaranam was untied.

“Jung. What did you agree to?”


Suriyathep raised his hands, and the hall’s attention was on him. “For many years, there have been a rift between us Yaks and Humans, but today, there will be no more for the Princess and I have concurred to a mutual marriage.”

The hall erupted in happy congratulations. “Way to go, your majesty.”“That’s the way to score the enemy.”

Intaranam stood up and looked at Suriyathep read to kill. Soysujung jumped in between and held her brother. “Don’t.”

“Jung, you agreed to be…” Intaranam couldn’t finish the sentence.

“Pee Nam. It’s for the best.”

Suriyathep pulled Soysujung to his side. “Tomorrow we wed and…” He looked at Intaranam, “My brother-in-law will carry the good news to Kingdom Suwanthong.”

Right in front of the crowd, Suriyathep leaned in and gave her a tamed just lips kiss. He pulled out and whispered in her ears. “Until our wedding night, my beautiful.”


sarNie Hatchling

NUDITY, SOME SEXUALITY, AND (well the beginning of) An :r-scene-pop-corn: .


sarNie Hatchling
--CHAPTER 6----- [Rated R(ish)]

“I won’t go.”

“No, brother. You must return. Mother, father, and Suwanthong need you.”

“This is exactly what he wanted. He already stole back the Yakfai sword when he captured me. You’re just a trophy to him. He wants revenge and he will be merciless to you.”

“Then pity me, Pee Nam. Leave. Stop this useless war.”

Intaranam hugged Soysujung. “I will bring you back one day, I promise little sister.”

She waved to her brother riding off in the night. “I love you.” Soysujung clenched her heart, and turned back to her strange future home and sighed.


Early the next morning, the maids came to doll her up for her fateful wedding. She loathed the gold, blood orange, and scarlet robes on her. The Yak style top wrap was short, showing her midriff, the skirt was fluffy and also short. The drape over her shoulder was the only thing that provided her some short of coverage. The maids fussed over her hair, accessorized her, and painted her face all day.

At the first shade of nightfall, he came to get her. “You’re beautiful.” Suriyathep took her arm and linked it into his.

Soysujung remained silent and walked like a zombie out to the Great Hall, where the Wedding started. The spiritual minister blessed them and they were announced husband and wife. They ascended the Throne, and the subjects chanted them longevity and fertility. Finally, Suriyathep guided his bride out. She was reluctantly participating but he sense the bomb ticking in her. The moment the door of his Kings Chamber closed, Soysujung pushed herself off his side

“I can pretend to ‘your Queen’ in public, but in private, I know well I’m just our avengee.”

“And in private, as my wife, you have bed duties to perform.” Soysujung eyes scanned the spacious bedchamber nervously; her eyes lingered on the giant bed. Then she shot for the door.

Suriyathep caught her. “It’s too late to run, my beautiful.” He lifted her easily as she started to kick. “You know this would happen.” He tossed her on the white silky sheets. She quickly sat up and cowered to the headboard farthest from him. Soysujung threw the two pillows at him. “This pillow charade is getting old, but thank you for ridding of these bed barriers.” Suriyathep saw the fear in her peaked and he walked on his knees closing in the space between them. She was down to throwing the red rose petals on the sheets at him.

“Don’t touch me, you animal!” Soysujung threw all of her weight at him in a last desperate attempt to get away. He caught her small waist and hugged her still. Then he quickly lifted her under him. She fought him kicking all her worth. “Just the thought of intercourse with you Yak is disgusting. You’ll never have me willingly, you savage!” Her mouth was before his neck and she reached for his ear, and she bit hard on his earlobe.

The pain didn’t bother him, but he felt the warm blood gushing out. He lifted off her and covered his throbbing, bloody ear. He stared at her opposite him giving him the killer look. “When I bed my enemy, I planned it to be war.” Suriyathep planted his hands on her face and claimed her mouth and his tongue pumped at her barbed teeth. Suriyathep claimed her mouth and his tongue pumped at her barbed teeth trying to get inside.

Soysujung opened her teeth and bitted down harder on his devil’s tongue. Suriyathep swore and the anger brewed in him as his upturn fang appeared readying him for his kill. She flipped herself on her stomach and crawled out of his entrapment. Her hands reached the headboard and she quickly lifted herself on her knees. Suriyathep grabbed her ankle and lifted himself to cover her body. He lined himself. He kneaded his erection on her behind and his hands yanked the top wrap down and possessed her breasts. Her grip on the headboard put her on the position like she was on her elbow and knee. Soysujung wiggled for release but he drew her closer in that awkward embrace.

“Let me go, you monster!”

One of Suriyathep hands lifted her skirt in one motion. She fought but it was worthless in her position. He bunched her skirt at her waist, and ripped her underpiece off. He nudged his hardness at her bare butt cheeks. “You call me an animal, a savage, a monster! I’ll show you a savage animal monster.”


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whos excited?................well, i aint posting up the action til i get at least a few of my 649 viewers to cough up some bravery and give me thoughts because im getting writers block (plus no couragement...no no...but really more due stress of school starting soon) and im considering dropping tis .