Rachatayard (The Heir)- CH.11 11/26/14

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Rachatayard (The Heir)
Genre: Drama, Romance, Suspense
Yaya Urassaya Sperbund as Urassaya, a beautiful young woman from an aristocratic background; she is engaged to Mom Rachawong Chaiyapol Naresuan but later falls in love with the forest guy, Nadech
Lily Panthila as Lily, the only daughter of the headman of the village, who has feelings for Nadech
Nadech Kugimiya as Nadech, the result of a sperm donation by Mom Rachawong Puthanate Naresuan; his mother is Sopitnapa, or as the villagers call her, Mae Jieb; he falls in love with Urassaya at first sight but because they are two worlds apart and she is engaged to a royal descendant, he must refrain himself from loving her
New Chaiyapol as Mom Rachawong Chaiyapol Naresuan, the charming Casanova who is anything but good; he is wickedly intelligent, a womanizer, who unbeknownst to his fiance, Urassaya, is a total bad boy
Toey Pongsakorn as Toey, Nadech's best friend since childhood; He grew to have a crush on Lily, the headman's only daughter
Jieb Sopitnapa as Mae Jieb, a 41 year old widower who underwent artificial insemination at the age of 18, when she and her late husband found out that they are unable to conceive together; she later falls for Mom Rachawong Puthanate
Bee Namthip as Mom Rachawong Namthip Naresuan, Mom Rachawong Puthanate's legal wife and Mom Rachawong Chaiyapol's mother; she fears the inheritance of the family's wealthy after learning that her husband has fathered another child by sperm donation
Captain Puthanate as Mom Rachawong Puthanate Naresuan, the 41 year old heir of the Naresuan estates, who produces two heirs to the Naresuan bloodline, one of whom, he was unaware of until he journeys to the forest and falls in love with Sopitnapa
Ning Nirut Sirijanya as Mom Rachawong Nirut Naresuan, a good family man who tries to keep everything and everyone in place and together, maintaining order and peace
As part of a volunteer project, 21 year old, Mom Rachawong Puthanate Naresuan donated his sperm to a rural hospital in Thailand. 21 years later, he returns to the rural province for a business trip and falls in love with a Thai woman named, Sopitnapa, who has an 20 year old son named, Nadech. Unbeknownst to both Sopitnapa and Prince Puthanate, Nadech is Mom Rachawong Puthanate’s son.


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Chapter One
Hundreds of miles from the bustling city of Bangkok is a small village in Chiangmai, situated along the waist of the mountains, where beautiful waterfalls cascade along the moss covered rock walls into the blue-green waters, creating a stream running through the heart of the village.
It is home to the Barn Nam Tok peoples, who named their little, peaceful village after the beautiful waterfall. Life here is as ordinary as it gets because there is no electricity, very limited vehicles due to lack of roads, and modern technology is non-existent. Nonetheless, the village inhabitants are happy.
Today, they are celebrating the 70th year of their village’s establishment. As they do every single year, they all dress up in their best clothes, decorate their homes, and prepare many dishes of delicious cuisine to be shared among everyone. The festivities carry on into late night.
Everyone is happy. All but Mae Jieb, a 41 year old widow who had lost her husband many years ago due to a car accident. Today also marks the 20th year of his death. While everyone is outside chatting happily away, Mae Jieb is kept inside her home, tearing up as she holding and looking at the photograph of her and her late husband, taken 20 years ago when Mae Jieb was in her first month of pregnancy. It was the happiest day of their lives.
“I want to take a family picture,” Mae Jieb remembered him saying.
It was their first family picture. Nine months later, their son, Nadech, was born. It was also the day his father died.
“Mae,” said Nadech, stopping at the door when he realized that his mother was up to the same routine again as she did every year on this very day.
He walked up beside her and looked at the photograph she held in her hand. She hastily put the photo away in the drawer and hugged her son.
“Happy birthday,” she whispered into his ear. “I love you.”
“I love you too Mom,” said Nadech.
For some reason, Nadech blamed himself for his father’s death. If it wasn’t for his birth, he probably wouldn’t have died.
“He was so happy upon your arrival,” his mother told him a few years ago when he was old enough to learn the truth. “But, he never made it.”
Nadech remembered crying himself to sleep that night.
Now, he had come to realize that his daddy was in a better place now and was looking over his mother and him from heaven.
“Come on,” said Mae Jieb, patting her son on the shoulders. “We should go out now. Everyone is waiting.”
Nadech nodded and followed his mother out of their little home.
The festivities began at exactly noon and continued into the night when the stars were out. A few men had built a campfire, to which everyone sat around to watch each other sing and dance to the music produced by the village’s musicians. It was a Barn Nam Tok tradition.
While everyone was enjoying themselves, Nadech got up from campfire and snuck away from the crowd. He wandered to the cot near his home and lied down on his back, looking at the stars above and wondering if his daddy was looking down at him. Nadech smiled and whispered “I love you na krub, Daddy.”
Nadech fell asleep under the sparkling night sky, the twinkling stars, in peace and quiet. He drifted into a dream.
“Nadech, my son.”
Nadech’s heart leapt at the male’s voice that had just called out to him. He turned around to see a handsome man smiling at him. Nadech smiled back.
Nadech was unsure if this man was really his father. He squinted just to be sure and walked slowly forward.
“Nadech, my son,” the man repeated. “We will meet soon.”
“I don’t understand,” said Nadech.
The man smiled one last time and vanished into thin air. Nadech suddenly woke up. His face was drenched in sweat, his palms just as sweaty. He wiped them on his shirt then used his now clean hands to wipe the sweat off of his face.
Nadech looked up to see his mother.
“How did I…
“Toey carried you into the house,” his mother told him before he could finish asking how he ended up on his bed last night. “You fell asleep on the cot outside the house.”
“I must’ve been tired,” said Nadech.
There was a moment of silence as his mother prepared breakfast for him.
“Mom,” said Nadech, breaking the silence.
“I dreamed of Daddy,” Nadech told her. “He was very handsome but he looked nothing like the photograph you have of him.”
“Really?” his mother turned around to face him. “How did he look?”
“He was dressed nicely, in a suit and tie, his hair was tidy and he appeared clean shaven,” Nadech explained to her.
“Impossible,” said Mae Jieb. “Your father never dressed up like that. How could he approach you in a dream looking like that? Are you sure?”
“Krub,” replied Nadech. “He called me son.”
It was then that Mae Jieb was remembered that Nadech was a product of artificial insemination. Biologically, Nadech did not have her husband’s blood or DNA. However, she just didn’t have the heart to tell him that.
“Eat,” she said, trying to shift his mind from the dream to the food in front of him.
Nadech smiled and nodded. The subject of his father was not brought up again for the rest of the day.

Later in the afternoon when Nadech was securing the ties of the box of coconuts that he had just packed for export to nearby towns and cities, Lily, Por Yai’s daughter came running towards him. By the look on her face, Nadech guessed that it was something urgent.
Lily’s father, Por Yai, was the headman of the village. Every time there was something new, Lily would be the first to know and was sure to report it to Nadech.
She stopped abruptly in front of Nadech and gasped for breath and after that was achieved, she pulled his arms.
“Hurry!” she exclaimed.
“Hold on, Lily,” said Nadech, trying to brush her off. “What’s going on?”
“There are intruders in our home!” Lily replied.
“Where are they from?” asked Nadech, his facial expression changing from calm to anxious.
“I don’t know but they’re arguing with the villagers now,” she replied. “They are dressed differently, clean, tidy and seem very wealthy but I don’t know what they’re doing here.”
“Let’s go,” said Nadech, breaking into a run as Lily led the way.
What could this be all about? Never in his lifetime had there been intruders like this. Whoever it was and whatever they’re up to, Nadech was sure to reserve the peace and happiness in his village.


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Chapter Two

“Go! Go away! We don’t need your help!”
“We’ve been living peacefully for many years!”
“Please listen to me first…
“Don’t come into our home and commit sins!”
“Go! We don’t want you people here!”
Things were getting heated up by the time Nadech and Lily got there. The villagers encircled the intruders, cursing them and chasing them away.
“What’s going on?” asked Nadech, squeezing his way through the crowd. He found himself face to face with a very handsome man who appeared to be in his early 40s.
“Please listen…
“Stop!!!” Nadech yelled, and there was complete silence.
“Who are you?” the man asked Nadech.
“My name is Nadech; I am one of the villagers here,” replied Nadech. “This is my home. How about you? Who are you and what are you doing here?”
The man smiled and held out his hand but Nadech did not accept the handshake. Instead, he paid his greeting with a traditional wai.
“You seem to be a humble young man,” the man said to Nadech.
“Let’s get to the point,” said Nadech, ignoring the compliment. “Who are you and what are you doing here?”
“Very well,” the man nodded. “I’d like to be straightforward too.” He cleared his throat. “My name is Puthanate. I am a businessman looking to renovate your village.”
He took a step or two closer to Nadech and paused. He then looked around and smiled.
“This is a very beautiful place,” he said.
Nadech was silent.
“But, I think you guys deserve better,” the continued.
“What exactly do you mean by that?” Nadech asked, hoping that the assumptions in his mind are wrong.
“I was thinking about modernizing this village,” the man named Puthanate replied. “Don’t you think it would be better if there was electricity, brick homes, and technology?”
Nadech shook his head.
“You mean you want to destroy our home?!” a villager shouted.
“No, of course not,” replied Khun Puthanate.
Each time he opened his mouth to speak, Nadech became angrier. He already knew he disliked this man in front of him and whoever he was, Nadech wished he would just disappear into thin air.
“I want you guys to have a better life,” said Khun Puthanate.
“Our life here is perfect, thanks,” said Nadech coldly.
“I understand,” said Khun Puthanate. “I think you’re too young to talk about matters like this.”
He sighed and looked around the village.
“Where’s Por Yai?” he asked, surprising Nadech. “I haven’t seen him ever since I got here.”
“You know my father?” asked Lily.
“Your father?” asked Khun Puthanate.
Lily nodded, “Chai.”
Khun Puthanate smiled. “Of course I know your father. When I came here for the first time 20 years ago, I befriended him.”
“You came here before?” asked Lily.
Khun Puthanate nodded. The smile remains on his face and even though he appeared well-mannered, Nadech still disliked him.
“Back then I was around this young man’s age,” he jerked his head towards Nadech. “I came here on a volunteer project but anyways…
He sighed and looked around the village one more time.
“I am here again to renovate this beautiful village,” he finished. “I want to do something for the people here and at the same time, benefiting everyone.”
Nadech looked up.
“What do you mean benefiting everyone?” he asked.
“I want to build a resort here,” said Khun Puthanate. “I think it will be very nice…
“Go away!” Nadech yelled before Khun Puthanate could finish speaking. “I will not allow you to destroy our home!”
Khun Puthanate seemed taken aback by Nadech’s words and angry expressions. Nevertheless, he backed away.
“Oops, sorry,” he said looking up at Mae Jieb. He had accidentally bumped into her as he backed away from Nadech. Mae Jieb stared at him and continued towards her son as Khun Puthanate disappeared into the trees.
“Nadech!” Mae Jieb, rushed towards her son with a shocking expression on her face. “What happened?”
“That man wants to destroy our village and build a resort over it,” Nadech told his mother. “I cannot let him do that. We cannot let him destroy our home!”
The villagers agreed with Nadech and Toey,  Nadech’s best friend, snuck away from the crowd to follow and spy on Khun Puthanate.
“Who knows what he will do?” Toey said to Lily, who decided to go with Toey. “I have to know what this guy is actually up to, what his intentions are.”
“He doesn’t seem like a very bad person,” said Lily, quietly as they crept up a few steps behind Khun Puthanate.
“You can’t just judge a book by its cover,” said Toey.
Lily nodded and the two continued following Khun Puthanate out of the forest, where a Jeep Wrangler was waiting on the side of the road. There was another man in the driver’s seat. Khun Puthanate shook his head and got into the car. After making sure that the car was completely out of sight, Toey and Lily returned to the village to Mae Jieb’s house to tell Nadech of their encounter.
“We can’t trust this guy,” said Nadech.
“Whatever you do, don’t do anything crazy that puts your life in jeopardy,” said Mae Jieb. “That goes for all three of you.”
“He says that he came here 20 years ago,” said Lily. “You must know him right, Mae Jieb?”
Mae Jieb thought for a moment and shook her head.
“No,  I don’t know him,” she replied. “But he doesn’t seem bad at all.”
“Even if that’s so, we must be cautious,” said Toey.
Nadech got up and walked outside. Lily and Toey followed.
“What’s wrong, P’Dech?” Lily asked. “Don’t think too much about it. When my daddy comes back from out of town, he’ll know what to do.”
“We cannot wait for Por Yai to return and not do anything at all,” said Nadech. “Toey, you go find out where that guy is staying and let me know. I want to go talk to him one on one.”
Toey nodded and immediately set out.
“What are you going to do?” asked Lily.
“I am going to make sure he does no harm to our village,” replied Nadech, looking out in the distance, into the trees and thinking to himself that if his father was alive, he would probably do the same thing.

“Stupid people!”
Chaiyapol, a hot headed young man, the son of Khun Puthanate, angrily slammed his fists onto a table nearby after hearing the news from his father.
“If this isn’t a success, then everything that we had planned will be a total waste of time,” said Chaiyapol.
“Calm down son,” said his father, Mom Rachawong Puthanate. “There is nothing that we can’t do if we don’t put our efforts into. We just have to be patient. Besides, I will have to wait for Por Yai to come back so I can discuss with him personally.”
“Por Yai,” said Chaiyapol. “Who’s that?”
“He’s the headman of the village,” replied Mom Rachawong Puthanate.
“Well, I hope that bastard agrees with our plan,” said Chaiyapol. “If we get this piece of land and transform this area into a tourist hot spot, it will benefit us greatly. I’ve seen and heard of the great national parks in America. If we can do like that then it will be great for our business and country’s economy.”
“Your thinking is very modern but you can’t be too hot-headed when it comes to matters like this,” said Mom Rachawong Puthanate.
“But you promised that if I can handle this matter, then you will give me this portion for my wedding gift,” said Chaiyapol.
“So what are you exactly looking forward to, a wife or wealth?” asked his father.
Chaiyapol rolled his eyes and slumped into chair.
“Both, of course,” he replied. “I want Nong Urassaya to know how great of a businessman I am. Despite my young age, I want to show her that I am capable of doing great things. Who dares to compete with me?”
Mom Rachawong Puthanate laughed and playfully ruffled his son’s hair.

Toey returned to the village several hours later with good news that the Puthanate guy is staying rather close to Barn Nam Tok.
“Not exactly in the village but near,” Toey told Nadech.
Nadech decided that he would pay Khun Puthanate a visit first thing early tomorrow morning. He didn’t know what the guy had in mind and what plans he stored for Barn Nam Tok but Nadech was going to take a step ahead and settle things firsthand before they become a problem.


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Chapter Three
"Are you sure you want to do this?"
Mae Jieb was not in favor of her son visiting the hi-so guy from yesterday. She'd rather they all discuss the matters when Por Yai returned to the village, which according to Toey, is a bad idea.
"Who knows what tricks he will pull while Por Yai isn't here?"
Toey told Mae Jieb not to worry and promised that he will take good care of Nadech. Mae Jieb loved Toey like her own son and she trusted him with her life, but even so, she was afraid of the boys getting into trouble or even worse, danger. The hotel that the hi-so guy was staying at is almost four hours away, near the closest town. Since they had no means of vehicular transportation, it would probably take them a bit longer to get there because four hours on foot meant some rest in between. By the time they return, it will probably be late evening, or even night.
"Ready? Let's go," Toey said to Nadech.
"Mom, don't worry, alright? We'll be back in no time and all of the problems will be resolved," Nadech tried to console his mother.
Mae Jieb felt a little better because she knew her son's nature. Growing up, he never brought troubles to her; he was always obedient and filial.
Mae Jieb forced a smile and nodded.
"Bye, Mom," said Nadech.
"Bye, Auntie," said Toey. "Don't worry about us na krub."
Mae Jieb nodded again and watched the two young men set off, only to be stopped by Lily on the way out. The young woman ran up to them, beaming and expressing exuberant energy.
"Chun bpai duay," she said with utmost confidence.
"Mai dai," said Nadech.
"Chai," Toey agreed. "You stay here."
"I am the headman's daughter," said Lily, putting her hands on her hips. "How dare you dissent me?"
"The boys are right," said Mae Jieb from the porch. "You shouldn't go."
"Lily, listen to us and stay here, okay?" Nadech said, approaching her. "We don't even know what we will experience along the way. There could be danger. We don't want you to get hurt or anything. You're the headman's daughter. If your father comes back and don't see you, we will all be scolded."
"So many reasons," Lily mumbled. "If you don't want me to go, just say so."
"We don't want you to go," said Toey, walking up to her.
He smirked and winked at Nadech. 
"Come on, Lily; don't be problematic," said Nadech.
"Chai na si," said Lily. "I'm just a pest in your eyes."
"It's not like that na," said Nadech.
"Are we just going to stand here and talk?" asked Toey, annoyed by the useless conversation.
"We've got to go now," said Nadech. "Do me a favor and take care of my Mom, please."
Lily looked over at Mae Jieb, who was standing at the porch. Nadech waved goodbye at his Mom once again and finally set off with Toey, leaving Lily and Mae Jieb standing behind watching them hopelessly.
Somewhere along the way of their four hour journey, Toey suddenly burst with laughter.
"Arai wa?" Nadech sniggered a bit and shook his head for the nonsense.
"Nee, P'Dech, do you remember that time when Lily tried to pull that ghost prank on us when we were little?" Toey asked.
Nadech nodded and wondered why Toey had brought that up all of a sudden. No need to question, though, because Toey was this type of person, random with a great sense of humor. Nevertheless, he was one intelligent guy with common sense as well.
"Remember we played along and pulled the prank back on her?" asked Toey. "I will never forget it because it scared the heck out of her and she steered clear from us for days!"
The two laughed at the distinct memory from their childhood.
"It was very satisfying because it was the first time ever that she didn't talk to us or anyone for days!" Toey continued to laugh. "We should prank her like that again so she will leave us alone for a few days. Imagine Lily keeping herself in her room for several days because she's scared of ghosts. Just the thought of it is hilarious and tempting!"
"Mai dai," said Nadech. "That was when we were kids; now, we're all grown. Can't be playing like that."
"Toh, P'Dech, can't you have a sense of humor?" asked Toey. "You're no fun at all, man."
"Fun? Right now, I'm all about serious business," said Nadech. "The only thing on my mind is keeping that hi-so guy away from our home. Think about it man, if he builds a resort over our home and convert the area to a recreation spot, we won't have a home. Barn Nam Tok has been our home since we were born and has been home to many people for years. We can't let that hi-so guy destroy it."
"You're right," said Toey. "All of a sudden, he appears out of nowhere declaring to wanting to help us. That's just a cover up! Even a dummy could've guessed that!"
"No matter what, I will not let him do whatever he wishes," said Nadech.
"Chuay duay! Chuay duay!"
"Hey," Toey turned to Nadech at screams for help. "Krai wah?"
Nadech shrugged and stood frozen for a second, gripping Toey's arm so that he will stay still too. The scream for help came again.
"That doesn't sound like anyone from our moo barn," Nadech whispered to him.
"Let's go see," said Toey.
Nadech nodded and the two followed the screams all the way to the side of the road, where a single lane for vehicles split the forest. They must be two hours away from the town now.
"Over there," said Toey, pointing to the other side, a few feet from them where a stranded black pick-up truck was parked on the side of the road. A young woman who appeared to be in her early twenties stood by the vehicle fanning herself with both of her hands.
"Must be tourists," said Toey, as they approached the truck.
"Chuay duay krub!" said an older stubby man.
Nadech and Toey guessed that he was probably the driver.
"Uh, everything okay, krub?" Nadech asked, politely.
"Are you blind?!" the young woman shouted. "Can't you see that our car has broken down?!"
"Aow, hey, nee khun," said Toey. "How are we supposed to know that from the top of our heads? You could've stopped on the side of the road for anything."
"Er, we've got a flat on this side," said the man, directing Nadech and Toey to the passenger side, where they immediately took notice of the flat tire of the back wheel. "Also, our air conditioner completely went out."
Toey sniggered at the sight of the young woman fanning herself with her hands.
"What's so funny?" she blurted.
"Uhm, pee krub," Nadech said to the man. "I'm sorry to say but we can't help you. The best we can do is continue to town and find people to tow your truck."
"But town is about two hours away...on foot," said Toey. "And if someone passes by on this road, we'd miss it for sure if we're all walking to town."
"If that's so, I'll stay here and wait for your help," said the man.
"Aow," said Toey. "How about Khun Pooying? She's gonna wait here too?"
"I'm not waiting anywhere!" she snapped. "I'm going with you two!"
"Hah?!" Toey exclaimed. "Look how tiny you are! You're going to shrivel up in the sun!"
"It's better than me waiting here doing nothing and who knows how long I'll be waiting?!" she shrieked.
"Aow la," said Nadech. "We'll try our best to hurry back with help, but if someone passes by then we'll meet you along the way na krub, pee?"
"Okay krub," said the man. "If that's so, please take care of Khun Urassaya for me na krub."
"Krub," Nadech replied. "What's your name, loong?"
"Oh my name is Boon," the man answered. "You can call me Loong Boon."
Nadech and Toey nodded and promised that they will try their best to take care of the young woman, Urassaya. If they're lucky, they could probably get a lift later from passerby.
"I'm thirsty!" Urassaya screeched moments later.
Nadech handed her his half-full canteen.
"Mai aow!" she exclaimed.
"Fine then, be thirsty," said Toey, taking the canteen from Nadech and taking a drink. "Nee P'Dech, you shouldn't give alms to people who don't need and appreciate it."
"What're you trying to say?!" Urassaya smacked him on the back.
"Nee khun!" Toey exclaimed. "Have some manners! What kind of poo dee are you really?!"
"Stop," said Nadech. "If we keep fighting like this along the way, it's gonna take forever to get to town."
"How?" asked Urassaya. "We're using our feet to walk, not our mouth."
"Even if that's so, aren't you tired at all?" asked Nadech. "And if you're tired, will you be able to continue? Plus, we only a bit of water left, so save some of your saliva."
"Only a little water left?" asked Urassaya, looking at the canteen in Toey's hand.
"Chai," replied Toey. "And you'll be left with none after I drink all of this. Hey, P'Dech, you want some?"
"Stop teasing her already man," said Nadech. "I'm annoyed by it."
"Are you trying to say I'm annoying?" asked Urassaya, with hands on her hips.
Nadech sighed loudly and continued walking.
"Nee khun! Wait for me!" Urassaya called out after him.
Toey smirked and ran after them. However, about half an hour later, Urassaya stopped again.
"Nee nai," she said to Nadech, panting. "Take off your shirt."
"Hah?" asked Nadech, puzzled.
"Are you going to rape him?" asked Toey.
"Ja baa ler?!" Urassaya exclaimed. "Who would want to rape him?! Yee!"
"Well, why did you tell him to take off his shirt?" asked Toey.
Urassaya put her hands on her hips and replied, "So I can set it on the ground and sit on it! Duh!"
Nadech and Toey exchanged looks.
"Arai na?" they asked simultaneously.
"You're going to...wait what?" asked Nadech.
"Look how dirty the ground is!" Urassaya pointed at the dead leaves, fallen branches, and crawling insects around them. "How can I sit on it?"
Toey shook his head and turned around.
"Come on now," said Nadech. "We're almost there na, khun."
"But I want to take a break," said Urassaya. "And I'm thirsty and hungry!"
"We offered you water earlier," said Nadech.
"Who knows where that water came from," Urassaya made a disgusted face and folded her arms.
"It came from the heavens," said Toey. "Where an angel like you belongs."
"Don't talk like that to me," said Urassaya.
"Gaw mun jing nee," said Toey. "We got that water from the stream, which is a product of rain that came from the sky; if it didn't come from the heavens, where would it come from?"
Nadech sniggered and put one hand over his mouth to hide his laughter.
"What's so funny?" asked Urassaya, holding out her right arm.
"What?" asked Nadech.
"Aow ma," she commanded. "The water."
Nadech gave her the canteen, which was only about 1/4 full. The two men watched as she drank every drop. Urassaya handed the canteen back to Nadech.
"Can we go on now?" asked Toey, rolling his eyes.
"No, I need to rest," said Urassaya, eying Nadech's shirt.
Nadech sighed and began to take off his shirt. However, he only lifted it up when Urassaya screamed and turned away.
"Arai eek?" asked Toey.
Then he knew that Urassaya had become embarrassed to see Nadech strip. He laughed aloud and clapped his hands.
"So entertaining! Meuan nai lakorn wa!" he exclaimed.
Nadech left his shirt on and stood there hopelessly looking at Urassaya.
"What do you want me to do?" he asked her.
He suddenly came up with an idea. It wasn't a bright one but it was better than delaying their journey.
"I hope you're satisifed now," Toey said to Urassaya as Nadech lifted her up onto his back.
Nadech had decided to give her a piggyback ride. 
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