rember the good old days on sarnworld


sarNie Adult
man sarnworld is just blah now i mean the old days where i would come to this fourm everyday and listen to the radio every week lol and chat with sarnies on the chat fourm and now sarnworld is just dead :eek: i miss the old days on sarnworld


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Don't blame us blame you ;p lol if we had a reason to go on air we would, but I notice that once I hop on air the listeners number go down. Maybe during summer we can revive sarnworld and the radio depending on the old man who happens to be going out of country lol


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^ ahaha.. i know.. i miss some of the old smilies ahahaaha.. let's see... a way to brighten up sw eh... hmmm..


sarNie Adult
yeah it was busier on here in the past,,, now i just seem to post music and will post more when i return home in a few weeks,,, music was the reason i came on here and i still believe it is the reason i hang on because with out it i'm sure i'll die---lol

:) :) :) :) :)


Mr. Char
It's been a long time guys! I'm glad to see some familiar nicknames though. As for me, I was busy with my internship and my application to study abroad. By the way, I am about to leave my dearest France this Summer. I will write another page of my life in... Singapore! I haven't posted here for a while, but I am still looking at some threads. No one can kill our SW souls ;). And concerning our super SW "old maids", I am still in touch with most of them, but rather outside SW. Should consider "Facebook", "Twitter", "MSN", and other applications.


sarNie Adult
aaahhahahha, glad i came on. otherwise, i wouldn't have known that that's what u call us CHAR! SW super "old maids" puahahhaha, great! do u tell all ur friends about you hanging around us "old maids"? ;)


sarNie Elites
lol, remember when sarnworld first wasn't even that big! <------- !!!!

it's amazing to see how much it's grown.
this is the POWER of our love for lakorns...and great ideas :D


i agree. sarnworld is not as active as before. hope that people will be more active since its summer. i'll try my best too. :)


wow outta all the people to start this thread. who would've thunk eh? :lol:

in all honesty, darvil has gotten way too old and boring. blame it on him. :D