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thank you for all the lovely comments.

Here's one I made of Aum and Yaya. I heard that they might be in a lakorn together, I'm not sure if they will be paired together. IDK if they matched, but I think if Aum can match Margie and Taew and Kimberly, Yaya would look good with him too. But we'll see.



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More Aum and Yaya artwork. After making these, I think I can see Aum and Yaya in a lakorn together, ONLY if they have the right style for them both.



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wow ur posters of Aum and Yaya are so pretty--love the blending.....i like the last one best


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UPDATE! I currently fell in love with BBC1's MERLIN! I was flipping through channels and landed on the Syfy channel. Merlin, instantly captivated me and in two days I was caught up with all four seasons (13 episodes per season) so far. In the US, they are currently airing Season 4, while the cast of Merlin is filming for Season 5 in England. I'm head of heels for Colin Morgan, who plays Merlin.

A short summary of what Merlin is about:
The show is an adaptation of the popular stories of King Arthur and Merlin. However, they approached the story from the point of view of Merlin instead of Arthur, how Merlin came to Camelot, met Prince Arthur, became Arthur's manservant, learned what he's destined to do: protect and guide Arthur to become the great king he is destined to be (while not trying to reveal that he has magic), etc. The storyline embeds the characters and stories that popularly known in the Arthurian period (Merlin, Arthur, Lancelot, Guinevere, Morgana/Morgan, Mordred, Camelot, knights of the round table, Excalibur, etc.) while also adding their own take and twist to the stories with a bit of magic in every episode.

I am a Merlin [played by Colin Morgan]/Morgana [played by Katie McGrath] shipper! However, I know that they will never end up together. In the show the actors have some great chemistry with one another, their scenes are amazing, that I really wished that the writers would just change the ending so that they can be together. Morgana is the half-sister of Arthur, she's a sorceress, and is evil...wants to destroy Arthur and take over Camelot. So that puts damper on the Merlin/Morgana relationship, but I'm still rooting for them. I do love the bromance between Arthur and Merlin as well, if only~



OMG i love merlin!!!
i just recorded series four i need to catch up lol.
but i know they start filming in March and air over here mid october???? i dunno that when it usually airs.
love Merlin/Morgana but my fave is Arthur played by Bradley James, even though he get on my nerves at time b/c he can be stupid

Anyway banners LOVE THEMM!!!!

Katie McGrath is a pretty lady and Colin is handsome in his on way lol


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AH!! YAY another person who watches Merlin! I do like Bradley James, he has his moments. But yes, his character does get on my nerves at times and other times, I am totally swoon by him. There's just something about Colin I really really like. Also, I really like this take on Merlin, I like that Guinevere didn't really have an affair with Lancelot and that Morgana isn't going to sleep with Arthur (hopefully this does not come true, since Mordred is already in the story). And I really like how this is age appropriate for their wide audience, with a few comedic episodes here and there. I took a look at Camelot, another show, but was cancelled after the first season, and it was not suitable for kids.


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Oh! my, I have not come visit the Artwork section for ages now and must I say that your creations are splendid beautiful. Loved every single one of it! Please do keep those beautiful creations of yours coming. Also, must I say that I miss you dearly as well and hope that you're doing great. - Lala :)


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WOW I haven't updated my artwork for over a year!!! I haven't been photoshopping for a long time since I have been busy with school. But, now it's summer and I have so much free time. Thank you everyone for all your wonderful comments <3 Hopefully I will make more soon, however, photoshopping really drains my battery on my laptop :( After looking at other's artwork here, I was inspired and motivated to make some. Here are some simple artwork as I try to get back into photoshopping once again :D ENJOY!
Credit to original uploaders of pictures, fonts and textures. Credit to missesglass (http://missesglass.deviantart.com/) for most of the textures and brushes.
Simple ones of Min:

One of Mark & Bella. I watched the mv with them. I think they look cute together.

Simple James & Punch artwork. I'm excited for their lakorn together. They look so cute together. From their pictures, the lakorn looks like it will be a romantic comedy :)

I haven't watched Khun Chai Ronapee's story yet, but I really like Esther as an actress.

Mario and Taew. I can't wait for this lakorn. They look so good together <3

Khun Chai Rachanon (Lek) & Soifah <3 Boss & Taew <3 I didn't watch any of the other brothers' stories yet, and only read Khun Chai Pat's. This was the only one I watched so far because of Taew. I think they look good together, besides the fact that Boss is really tall. There was a lot of things I wished for in their story...a little more romance, for Joi end up with someone and as much as I love Chat, I wish there was more of Lek & Soifah. One thing I was really confused about was how Chat fell in love with Janta..maybe I missed the part but one minute they are in the woods/forest going back and the next he is staring at ("the moon") her when he was talking to Soifah.  Also, I was talking to one of my friends about this lakorn and I thought it would have been better if Khun Chai Lek gave Soifah his mother's necklace to her when they went to go to save her father.  Because by that time, he really loved her and it would have been so sweet if he gave it to her before the rescue mission and said that whether they live or die, he will always love her and only her, and this necklace will be a representation of his love. Seriously, the rescue mission was played up to be this dangerous situation of life and death.  AND, the necklace was also built up to be very important in the story that I wished they didn't wait until the very end for him to give it to her. I'm not sure if they followed the book exactly or what the book version of Khun Chai Rachanon was, either way, I thought it was a good lakorn, enjoyable to watch :)