sarNie Egg
*Hey so this is my FIRST, repeat my FIRST, Fanfic. So bare with my writing. I am writing Saban Nai Mek a fanfic cause i don't know if Saban Nai Mek is gonna be a confirm lakorn or not so Ya.
Saban Nai Mek
Nadech Kugimya as James/Samme
Kimberley Voltemas as Naralin (Lin)
Mint Chalida as Fah
Ken Phupoom as Dome


OMG ur turning this into a ff. Yes, I will totally stay tune hehehe. 
For Mint. IDK, I love both Mario and Ken. EEERRRGGG....I can totally picture her with Ken P. But I will choose Mario since her and MArio will look good together and cute. I hope they have bickering scenes.


I will be tuning in as well. I really hope Saban Nai /mek is true, but in the meantime I'll love reading the fanfic. Also don't worry, even if this is your first ff, i'm sure you'll do great. :)