Sapai Jai Ded

Well basically I know two charaters from the lakorn: Nappon Gomarachun&Som Nattawara Hongsuwan.
It involves a mother in law,her daughter and son,two sisters,one of which is married to the son& a little boy that belongs to the married sister.The mother in law and her daughter are evil(DAughter=Som) as usual.The mother in law has four groupies also_One of them is a little tubby and she has a daughter.Her daughter starts to like Nappon.The married sister deis after being absued(?) by her mother in law.Her younger sister moves in and starts caring for the son that her sister left behind.Somehow the mother in laws son and the sister become married.Stuff happens asnd when the little boy gets abducted tehy can't find him.They end up seeing him on TV and getting him.After that the mother in law(or before that D:) wants to marry her son off to the tubby woman's daughter.And once they do,the little boy would become the the son's (ex)wife.She starts getting abused by the mother in law and teh tubby woman and the mother in laws ddaughter.The son still hasn't signed teh contract to divorce so they are still husband and wife.
I forgot the rest of teh lakorn I'm sorry.But hope that this is enough information.
BTW the Cambodian title of the drama(Khmer dubbed ^_^") is Strong Daughter in Law.
Thanks a lot!