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Upon popular request, many have asked me to translate Great and Preem's interview from the Suparburoot Jutathep Series: Khun Chai Taratorn from the Tonight Show since I translated their interview for Samee. I couldn't do it while I was in school, but since I have some free time now, I translated a third of it. I should have the rest done by tomorrow or Sunday. Enjoy :)
Translation I starts at 0.10-10.00

Host: Tonight’s talk show centers around one of the most anticipated works of the year. This lakorn is one of Channel 3’s very own, Suparburoot Jutathep. This lakorn is a series that has five different producers. The first part is known as Khun Chai Taratorn with Grate Warintorn and Preem Ranida. When they’re onscreen, everyone who sees them can’t deny how adorable they are together. How cute are they? Let’s find out because today, you all will get the chance to meet the two. Please welcome from Khun Chai Jutathep: Khun Chai Taratorn, Preem Ranida and Grate Warintorn.

Host: Please have a seat. We are happy to welcome the both of you on today’s show after hearing that you two are the first couple for the Suparburoot Jutathep series. We reviewed the script, plot, and characters. You have four younger brothers. I look at it and think to myself, WOW. It’s my true feelings and I’m not saying it just to say it because I know that you are able to pull it off and Nong Preem is the n’ek. I’m very happy that Preem was chosen to play this role. Preem you have changed a lot ever since you first entered the industry.

Preem: Yes.

Host: You looked a lot younger before. But now you appear more grown and mature. Has acting and the responsibility you’ve taken on resulted in your maturity?

Preem: Yes, acting has made me more experienced which attributed to my growth as a person.

Host: Grate krub, when you first heard that they were going to make this lakorn, did you think you’d be able to take on the role?

Grate:  I didn’t thinkI could. I never thought it was possible that I’d be able to participate in such a huge project. That time, I was filming a couple lakorns, and then I heard about the production of this series. Channel 3 then called me and said, “If I was free, come by so I can try out for the role.” I asked them, “Really?”

Host: For the Suparburoot Jutathep series right?

Grate: Correct. That day, I went and met five producers. I already know that the first attempt to create such a series was 4HHKK. This is the second time they’re producing something similar.  All five producers were sitting together with a chart that showed who would play who’s father and who is playing which
character.  It was a huge collaboration. That was the first day I met nong Preem.

Host: Was it your first time there also Preem?

Preem: No, I’ve been to the set a couple times as a newbie.They let me do multiple takes.

Host: When they first contacted you, they contacted you for this series right?

Preem: Yes.

Host: When you heard about this project, how did you feel to
be contacted?

Preem: When I first went to try out, I was one out of many. I didn’t think I’d get the part.

Host: For this first part of the series, the producer was Khun Ja. So she was one of the five producers there. What role did Khun Ja give
you to try out?

Grate: She gave me a role where p’ek tells n’ek he loves her. However, it wasn’t meant to be said directly. It was a line that expressed he loved her, but p’ek doesn’t know that what he’s saying is a love confession. Something like he’s worried for her and such. I played it the way I understood and felt. At that moment, it was nothing serious, and I didn’t play as if I was the eldest brother. As I acted, Pa’Jaew told me, “Your eyes don’t have to look at nong so sweetly”

Host: They wanted to see if you can play as a big brother. Not so romantic.

Grate: I had to tone it down a bit. So I did a couple takes. P’Ja then told me ok. You’re done. Go home. We got the person.

Host: She said that?

Grate: You can go back home now. I was like for real? Because she didn’t sound serious, like she was joking.

Preem: Yeah, she decided so easily. I was shocked. Like, that’s it?

Host: What about you? When did she tell you you got the part?

Preem: She told me the same day. She was like, “Ok you guys can play together. You can go home now.”

Host: Were you happy?

Preem: I was happy and still in shock. Like…(tries to explain with her hands)

Host: Like how come it’s that easy? When they shoot the
lakorn, it would probably be easy also.

*Grate and Preem Giggles*

Host: So Khun Ja is the producer for this lakorn. Who’s the director?

Grate: P’Noomkrit.

Host: Can you describe for us the character of Khun Chai Taratorn?

Grate: Khun Chai Taratorn is from a royal family. He is an archaeologist that teaches also. And Khun Chai Taratorn is close to her parents. Ever since they were little, they grew up playing together. Preem’s character is one of his students.

Host: That’s the character of Khun Chai Taratorn. You have to take on big responsibilities for the family and maintain your family’s name and reputation. How is that like?

Grate: There’s an agreement between two families that the people from the Jutathep family must marry the women from the Taewaprom family.

Host: But that person is not Preem. Who is the woman?

Preem: It’s P’Mint.

Grate: In total, there’s three women. There’s Katesara (nong Mint), Marathee (nong Noey), and Wilairampa (Ester). For these three women, we’ve already agreed that the men from this family must marry the women from that family. And I’m the eldest brother so I have to obey and maintain the promise
between these two families. For my character, before I do something, I always think about how it’d affect others. I keep my promises and like to sacrifice
for others.

Host: So the men from this family have to marry the women from the other family for sure. What about your character Preem? Who is she?

Preem: She’s Mom Luang Raweerumpai. She’s just a normal student. She grew up in a loving family. She’s very gentle and never uptight.

Host: So she never thought about being in love right?

Preem: Well, she doesn’t think about it because she has always been in love with P’Chai ever since she was little.

Host: Ohhhh. For this I want you all to see that nong Preem can play her role well. I really like how well they prepared you for the role. For this role, your eyes were full of emotions and never dull. Where did you learn how to gaze like that?
*Shows clip*

Host: Let me ask Khun Chai. When you’re Khun Chai, you must be talented in a lot of areas. Before you became Khun Chai, you’re Grate. Before becoming your character, what did you do? How did you prepare for this role?

Grate:  If you’re a normal person, you’d have to sit and think about how a Khun Chai would be. He has to be conservative, quiet, confident, and carry himself well. This is the image I had in my head before I played my character. I went to speak with a person from a royal family to get the gist of it.   

Host: For real? What did you ask him?

Grate: I went to see Mom Luang Pannada Sokhun. I asked him how does he carry himself? He replied back by saying that a Khun Chai is a normal person like every other person. The only difference is that he has Mom Rachavong (royalty) attached to his name. His life is normal and he does normal things every day. However, being a Mom Rachavong is a reminder for him to set a good example for society when he goes out in public.

Host: That was a very good reply from him. I want to thank him for answering the question so well. Because the little advice he gave you to set a good example for society meant a lot. It’s forever imprinted in your heart to help you take on this role.

Grate: Yes.

Host: For this lakorn, there are many things that one has to prep for in order to make it happen. There are love scenes and every day activities that one has never done before but has to learn how to do in order to bring their characters to life. What did you learn Preem?

Preem: I had to learn how to cook, how to…
Host: Wait, you had to learn how to cook? Can you cook?

Preem: Yes I can.                                                   

Host: When you say you can, what can you cook?

Preem: I know how to fry eggs. *Laughs* No, I know how to bake.

Host: But when you learned, you have to learn how to make Thai pastries right?

Preem: Yes, I had to learn how to make (Thai pastry that idk of Lol)

Host: And you know how to make it?

Preem: No, I didn’t know how to make it. I had to go learn with P’Mint and let Ajin teach me. Ajin did everything. I only ate. *Laughs* And stood there to watch.   

To be continued...     
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sarNie OldFart
Translation II 10.01-20.04

Host: However, you were still able to learn a lot from her because Khun Jin is a very sophisticated person. So how was learning how to dance?

Preem: When I first learned, it was fun, but when we entered the scenes for real, it was difficult because I had a lot of things to deal with such as the music, dress, hair, and make up.

Host: Were you excited?

Preem: Yes, I was. It was difficult also because every time we did a scene like that it required a lot of preparation. There were a lot of people; the outfits and accessories were very heavy. However, I was able to do them all well.

Host: What about baton twirling?
Preem: Baton twirling? *Laughs*

Grate: She had it hit her head a couple times.

Host: Hit your head?

Preem: Honestly, I used to be a baton twirler before, but this was different because it was the old fashion way. You had to have a firm and strong grip. There were incidences where it did land on my head, but I was able to do it eventually.

Host: You were hurt but were still able to do it. Grate, you also had to do a lot of preparation. What kind of things did you have to learn?

Grate: I had to learn how to dance.

Host: How are your dance moves?

Grate: Well, if I were to learn how to dance, I’m not very good.

Preem: Good enough *Grate nudges her and smiles*

Grate: It’s that when I have a scene, I try my best to do what I can and really get into character.

Host: Or is it because you like to hug women?

*Grate and Preem laughs while audience screams*

Host: So you’re a good dancer?

Preem: He’s the kind of person who goes with the rhythm of the music.

Grate: Yeah. It’s difficult, but I’m the type of person who’s afraid of making mistakes. So I had to practice many times before I get it right. I’m afraid I’ll be the one to ruin the take so I have to prepare myself well. That’s why if I’m slouchy, as soon as the cameras roll and I have to dance with nong Preem, I immediately straighten my back and posture.

Host: What else did you have to learn?

Grate: I had to learn dining etiquette.

Host: This is a very funny topic because before you did a scene, your character is Khun Chai, so they had to teach you some table manners and how to eat properly. How was it?

Grate: When they taught me, oh my, there were so many spoons, forks, and knives. I wasn’t sure which one to use first. I had a prior understanding that we had to use the outer utensils first and work our way inwards and the top is for salad and dessert etc. I used some correctly and used some incorrectly. There was a guru who came to teach me. That’s when I realized that in order to be a Khun Chai, you have know many proper ways such as table etiquette so it’s ok if I don’t know the proper way. *Laughs* In the scenes, it was normal at first, but when I have to eat for real, I have to eat gracefully, not bring out Grate Warintorn’s eating habits.

*Audience laughs*

Host: So we’d have to consider that as adapting to new behaviors in order to become that character for real.

Grate: Correct.

Host: For you Preem, how do you have to speak?

Preem: Normally, for my other lakorn, I didn’t have to speak as clearly. But for this lakorn, I had to improve my speech. My pronunciation had to be precise and clear. At first, I had difficulties with speaking. In some scenes, my speech wasn’t clear and sounded monotone. I didn’t sound natural. So I had to go over and practice my lines many times. To this point, I’ve improved a lot, but I still have a bit of a problem with speaking clearly still.

Host: A little problem still. But the technique is to speak slowly and try to convey your feelings in your voice.

Preem: Correct. Because this is a period lakorn so there is a certain way to speak also.

*Shows clip*

Host: Do you know that Grate likes you a lot?

*Preem turns to look at Grate with a big smile and Grate asks for money insinuating that she bribed him to speak nicely about her*

Host: I’m not joking. Did you know? Did he ever tell you that?

Preem: He never did.

Host: Then I’ll tell you the story of what he said when I interviewed him. I asked him does he think you match the role as n’ek? He said that you’re
made to be a n’ek. How do you view Preem?

Grate: As a Mom Luang, since the first time I met her, nong is the kind of person who carries herself well. She looks very high class and when she dresses like this, she looks even more expensive. For real.

Preem: *Blushes* Of course. Thank you ka.

Host: He truly views you that way. Even though Preem views you as a dark Chinese man? Right?

*Everyone laughs*

Preem: No, not true.

Host: So what do you think of Grate?

Preem: At first, I remember people telling me that p’Grate can definitely be a Khun Chai. Everyone tells me that on set. The more I am in a scene with him, the more I think he's a Khun Chai. Because P’Grate has a very cool aura about him.

Grate: Thank you nong Preem.

Preem: He’s pretty cool.

Host: When on set, does he help out?

Preem: He helps a lot. If it’s a scene that’s difficult and requires a lot of emotions, I have to concentrate a lot so I can truly connect.

Grate: If us two have to do a scene that requires a lot drama and tension, I would hug her.

Host: During the scene as a part of the script?

Grate: Before entering a scene.

Host: Wait, wait, wait...

*Grate and Preem giggles as audience screams*

Host: If you hug while filming a scene, no one would be mad, but the fact that you hug before filming makes us think…

Preem: It’s not like that.

Grate: Before a difficult scene…

Host: So you agree that it’s only hugging too *points at Preem* What’s going on?

Grate: Before the scene, we’d hold each others’ hands. It’s to give each other support so that we can do the scene correctly and the best we can. I didn’t know if me hugging her would help her or not. I never asked, but after I hug her, she opens up. She starts to believe in herself.

Host: You don’t know how she feels, but you know that when you hug her, you feel happy.

*Audience screams*

Grate: I feel that nong believes in me. That she trusts me.

Host: That’s why they say you guys are always hugging. What’s up with that?

Preem: It’s a technique that makes us become comfortable before entering a scene.

Host: They refer to it as comforting, building the mood. So where did you guys went to film?

Grate & Preem: Many places. *Named all the places in Thailand*  

Host: What we’re seeing is the same place though. But in reality, they’re filming at many places to pick sceneries that match the scenes in the script. How are the outfits? You said that n’ek’s outfits are very detailed.  

Preem: It depends on the scene because I had to pretend to be a guy. They had to wrap a fabric around me to flatten out my womanly features. *Begins to describe the different fabrics wrapped around each part of
her body*

Host: So you dressed like this for most of the lakorn?

Preem: Yes, for a majority of the scenes. As for one of the fabric wrapping me, it’s not very comfortable. It had to be tied tightly so I would sweat a lot on my back. I would sweat a waterfall back there.

Host: I understand. Is that why Grate said you would smell sometimes?

*Preem looks at Grate*

Grate: I didn’t remember saying that.

Host: That’s the difficulty of your role. But you still have yet to tell us about your shoes.

Preem: I had to wear men shoes. It’s not like woman shoes. It’s very heavy and sturdy. After I was done with the scenes, the shoes were really worn out.

Grate: Because we had scenes that took place in water and rocky areas.

Preem: If I didn’t have them on, my feet wouldn’t be in very good condition.  
To be continued...


sarNie OldFart
Translation III 20.04-26.24 (FINAL)

Host: But you like wearing men shoes?

Preem: Correct. It was fun.

Host: Who do you like most from the Jutathep family?

*Grate looks at Preem waiting for her to choose him as she shyly smiles at him*

Preem: You should try and ask P’Grate first because we play in the same lakorn together.

Host: Do you like him or not like him since he’s always hugging you?

*Audience screams as Preem and Grate laughs*

Preem: No. But there’s one thing. Each time when all five brothers are together..

Grate: We’re very well behaved

Preem: No matter who it is, whether it’s the production team or other cast members, they all seem to be very stressed out. You can just tell by their expressions that these five are a lot to handle when they’re together.

Host: I’m able to say this to you Grate since you’re the oldest. When all five of you are together, you are not human. You are like a monkey. You begin to misbehave. Why did P’Bot choose you to play the eldest in the first place? Why is it that fun? All three of the younger ones (James J., Bomb, & James Ma)  said that they’ve all been victims to your pranks.   

*Audience laughs*

Grate: The way I look at it is that since I’m the oldest brother, I have to look after the younger ones on and off set.

Host: You play as the oldest brother on and off screen also.

Grate: Since the three of them are newbies, I feel very honored to play their oldest brother because one, they’re new to the industry so I feel that it’s my responsibility to look after them.  P’Bot taught me how to look at them this way for real so I can get a better grasp of my character. We’re so used to playing around outside of the set, that when we start filming for real, we’d all start to laugh.

Host: Let’s talk about the first scene he filmed with Pope. They would joke around outside of set, but once the camera rolls, they couldn’t even look at each other.

Grate: You see, me and P’Pope are already really close off set. We’d joke around often, but once we enter a scene, we can’t look at each other because we’d want to laugh. In reality, he’s older than me but he has to play as my younger sibling so it makes me want to laugh. When they shout action, we’re able to act with each other and do everything, but P’Noom told us to play better so that it’d look as if we're really siblings.  So I was wondering how was I going to do that? So I tried to concentrate. Me and P’Pope would practice and he’d tell me to look into his eyes and really consider him as his younger sibling. That’s when we were able to view ourselves oppositely. I as the eldest brother and he as my younger sibling.  

Host: It’s not easy right?

Grate: It’s very difficult and took a very long time to get used to.

Host: How long did it take you to film this?

Preem: 8 months.

Host: Just your part of the series alone? Which scene is your favorite?

Grate: My favorite would have to be when me and Preem confessed our love for each other. In that scene, we spent a very long time on set so I remember it clearly.

Preem: Okay,

*Audience screams*

Host: Audience, there’s nothing going on. She’s his younger sibling.

Grate: In the scene, I went to help her at the waterfall. It was just the two of us, and we’d tell each other our true feelings. Before we filmed, we’d talk and I’d hug her.

Host: *Couldn’t understand what he was saying because the audience was screaming. I’m sure it’s due to Grate hugging Preem again*

Grate: It’s so that we’d be able to connect to the scene.

Host: Do you not know what’s he’s doing Preem?

Preem: I was sleepy at the time.

Host: Oh, so he’d come to hug you to see if you were okay.

Preem: I was falling asleep.

Host: Do you know why Grate is able to play so well with you? It’s because he views you as your character for real. You’re very similar to your character in reality. It’s your adorableness. So what’s your favorite scene?

Preem: I like every scene whether it’d be the fancy parties or the last scene where I decide to go to England so that he can marry Katesara because it was the right thing to do. I don't want to give it away. It was a very romantic scene.

Host: Do you want to say anything to the audience?

Preem: Please watch the Jutathep Series. The first part is Khun Chai Taratorn. The production team, cast, and Channel 3 dedicated a lot of time and effort into this project. This series revolve around many exciting plots that will show you different aspects surrounding love and other conflicts. This is my second lakorn so please support me by tuning in to see my progression. Thank you.

Host: You’re a very lovable person. As for Grate, I don’t think he has anything to say since he’s…oh you have something to say?

Grate: I’m still young. Well, it’s a lakorn of Ch.3 that revolves around me na krub. *laughs* I want to thank Ch.3 for giving me the opportunity to take part in this big project. Please tune in and watch my new character Khun Chai Taratorn. I would really appreciate your support. Thank you. 
I apologize if there were any errors in my translations. I tried my best. My attention span begins to lag after half an hour. Lol.  It takes me at least an hour to translate a ten minute clip because I try to translate word for word or paraphrase things that don't make sense in English. Sometimes, I have to rewind because I couldn't catch it the first time. That's probably why I took a long break before translating the last clip. Idk how lakorn subbers do it. Lol. It's very time consuming. I hope you all liked the interview.   


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Ooooowaaaahhhh!!!! Thank you deary for translating this <3 <3 <3 Joob Joob!  I love these two together & this interview... just reading it was cuteness overload for me... kekeke <3 Thanks again :D


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I was having Great and Preem withdrawal and stumbled upon this interview again. They are so cute. I can’t get over how adorable these two are.