Scary/Horror Lakorns


The ones I've watched and liked were Nang Nak and Jun Euy Jun Jao...and that's about it.


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Nang Bab is really good lakorn have you seen it? If not I'd reccommend it! It teaches you a lesson too. I agree there should be more ghost lakorns, I love watching them too.



Yeah Nang Barb was good too, it wasn't scary to me but more dramatic. I like those suspenseful/makes you jump out of your seat type. They definitely need to make more scary lakorns, too many lakorns now are recycled storylines especially the romantic comedy and revenge ones, it's the same thing in every series.


yeah. i haven't seen a good thai horror in a LONG while. maybe since i was little. ^_^ grasuer was a pretty good lakorn... kind of dramatic more than scary though. and maybe there was one w/ chatchai & sirium? I don't remember, but I remember being scared a lot looking at thai horrors when i was younger.


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Jun Euy Jun Jao with Rita & Kong, the lakorn is not about Kong at all for those that aint a fan lol but it scared me, the teacher that hunted the drama building and the mother that drowned.


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I haven't seen Jun Euy Jun Jao...maybe when i saw the picture and saw Kong, i didnt rent it. LOL I'll check to see if the store still has it, it isnt too old right? Also in the book at the rental store, i saw one for "Ngern Bak Pee" it's a remake, but is that any good? I think Johnny Anfone is in it...

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You've seen the scariest of all the Thai ghost lakorn already, yes, I mean Mae Nak. Now the rest will be mild for you hahaha.
if you hadn't already watched Jun Euy Jun Jao, i definitely would've recommended that lakorn was so scary!

there's this one lakorn starring pepper and ann alicia that has something to do with the myth of medusa or's not exactly scary, but it has a lot of magic/fantasy/myth in it and a pretty good storyline...


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You could try the lakorn called Poot Payabad starring Woot and this one new girl I don't know her. I haven't watched it but some people said it was very scary. Others that I think you should watch is:
1-Ply Pratana starring Au, Bee Namthip, and Tanya
2-Talay Sarb See Luerd starring Boy and Lee(?)
3-Hong Hoon starring Woot and Yui

You should definately watch number one and two. Number three was ok.


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yyyyyy hasn't anybody mentioned saab phuu saa?? lol gosh i lob dat lakorn. it aint dat scary but it's really good.


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Me too Diamend I really liked Sarb Pu Sa but it wasn't that scary. It takes a lot to scare me and I haven't really found a Thai lakorn that does it so I don't know. I did hear good reviews on the Woot lakorn though.

Was Chatchai/Sirium the Susan Kon Pen remake?


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Pood Payabard (Woot & May Picharnat)
Sarb Poosah (Aun & Ae)
Talay Sarb See Luerd (Boy Pissanu & Lee Natinee)
Ply Pratana (Tanya, Au Thanakorn, and Bee Namthip)
Jun Euy Jun Jao (Rita and Kong)

^___-" LOL all good ones that were already listed.

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