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  • I just realized you left me a comment, I am so so sorry...
    To answer your question about my avatar, it's the main couple from Pi Li MIT/The Clue Collector. It's a Taiwanese series that literally is the best series I have ever seen. You can watch it with subs on viikii.net, look for The Clue Collector. After you watch it, you should check out my blog, I've blogged so much abo
    You're welcome. Right now I'm addicted to Sen... too bad that it only airs once a week >.<
    LOL. thanks for the avi comment. I'm waiting for my other half. haha. I might change it soon, like always. :D
    thanks for the BDay wish! :D & yesh I had plenty funnn. lol. now I gotta get back to my education. & what's wrong with Scorpios??
    hm. so you want continue doing it then? .. just b/c there's a r in there? that suck for the viewers :( .. but whatever you decide is fine ja. I just wish i help earlier so then maybe by now we got it done mostly already :p ..
    hey, just have a question, would you like to resume on subbing roy leh sanae rai?
    i will definitely help out this time --- sorry for last time ..
    got too much on my dish to handle .. but now that everything
    seem to goes smoothly, i can try to translate the part that i know best
    anyway, if you are still interest in resuming, give me a holler. THANKS -ceci, btw. i can't pm yo
    hi there..i'm new to this site, and not sure how this pages work..anyway, i've been searching for roy leh sanae rai for years..n i really hope you can upload it with subs. coz it seems its hard to find thai lakorns in my country..thanks
    lol hey Happy Early New Years to you too.... gawly i kinda forgot how u knew my name but comming to ur profile page, just NVM...lmfao..... take cares k... lek
    I dunno who u are or seen how u look like but u sound Hott like what muddie says... haha see u around...... :) love Lek
    *adds you to stalk list. Now that sarNies know you're a male, you'll be followed and jumped on by all the sarNie ladies, and all the sarNie guys will envy and hate you, but still befriend you because you're so cool. Hahaha :p Good luck! (And thanks for keeping sw active!)
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