Second Life: Mint Chalida/Ken Theeradeth/Nycha Nuttanicha


sarNie Oldmaid
Mint Chalida as Yen Akradej
Nycha Nuttanicha as Sua Suprija, Yen's best friend
Ken Theeradeth as Kitsakorn Yodsuwan

Akradej residence

Nee, the house helper, knocked on Yen's room to deliver her breakfast.

"Khun Yen? Khun Yen ka???" she knocked several times but her madam did not answer. She decided to open it.

In shock, she saw Yen lying on the floor with pills.

"Khun Yen!!! Please wake up!! Khun Yen!!"

She immediately saw Yen's phone on the floor and decided to dial her best friend's number.

Suprija residence

Sua was about to leave the house for work when she received an unexpected call.

"Hey Yen! How are you?"
"Khun Sua, this is Nee, her house helper. Khun Yen is unconscious! Please help me!"
"Wait, WHAT?!"
"I was about to deliver her breakfast when I saw her lifeless on the floor. I think she attempted to commit suicide. Please come here quick!!!"
"Okay I'm on my way."

Back at Akradej residence

"Yen!!! Please wake up!!! Please!!!" Sua started crying. "I'm here!!! Nee, please call 911 quick!"

Nee dialed 911.

911 hotline how may I help you?
Please help, Ms. Yen Akradej is unconscious, we need ambulance. The house is just across the Central temple.
Okay, we'll send an ambulance right now.

The ambulance came and Yen was immediately brought to the hospital.

Bangkok General Hospital

"Family of Ms. Yen Akradej?" The doctor asked.
"I'm her best friend." Sua replied.
"And I'm the house helper." Nee added.
"Ms. Yen is currently in the private room. Her condition is being monitored. She will be fine as soon as possible."
"Thank you."

"Nee, please take care of Yen first. I'll go back to the house, I'll try to see what can be the possible cause of her suicide attempt. She always keep on saying that she's just stressed with job hunting."
"Yes Khun Sua. Take care."

Sua immediately rushed back to Yen's home and returned to her bedroom. She opened her drawer and saw some papers.

"Rejection letters from various companies and even training schools for cabin crew?" She said as she tries to read through them.

After that she returned to the hospital and went straight to Yen's room. and Yen was already hysterical.

"Yen! Please calm down!" Sua said as she tries to stop her best friend from being hysterical.
"I JUST WANT TO DIE!" Yen cried.
"No, please. Please hold on. You will be fine. You will be okay. I'm here for you. It's not too late."
"Not too late? I'm such a failure! I haven't give back to my parents for all their sacrifices. I haven't achieved my goals. I tried my best. I did everything I could! But for others? It wasn't enough! It all went nowhere! So what's the point?! Everyone is living their life while I'm here, stuck! I'm trying okay? I know everyone gets rejected at some point but I was being rejected over and over again! I feel so worthless! I'm sorry for being useless! I'm sorry for letting my parents and everyone down! I'm sorry for keeping my battles. I just don't want to hear words such as 'Be thankful that's your only problem while others have worse'. I felt that my time is running out. My world continues to fall apart!"
"No, you don't have to apologize for your feelings. You'll get there. I promise. I know sometimes words are not enough to make you feel better but I want you to know that you're not alone."
"Thank you!!!" Yen hugged her best friend.

At that moment the doctor came.

"Ms. Akradej, you are advised to see a psychologist."
"I will."

Yen was assisted to the psychologist's office.

"Just wait for me here." She told Sua.
"If you say so."

As she entered the room, she was greeted by Dr. Kitsakorn Yodsuwan, one of the well-known psychologists in Bangkok.

"Have a seat, Ms. Yen Akradej."
"Thank you."

"My name is Dr. Kitsakorn Yodsuwan. Just call me Dr. Kit. You were recommended by the doctor to see a psychologist, right?"
"So are you willing to share your story? Why you planned to commit suicide? You won't be forced if you don't want to."

Yen started to share her story.
"It all started when I applied for jobs after graduating from college with a Bachelor's degree. You know as they say, we start from somewhere and I am aware of that. Months passed it's either I attended interviews and got outright rejected or was told that I'll be called but they didn't or worse, no answer at all. I know rejection is part of life and everyone goes through that but it took a toll in my life. I started to become forgetful, hid it from people close to me, to the point that they notice that I always frown but I always told them that I'm just stressed." She began crying. "I don't want to hear judgments from other people saying that my problem is not that big deal. I've had enough. I'm tired. I'm tired of being useless, of being compared to other people's achievements. They already have their dream jobs or they are already employed, able to travel the world, able to save money. I kept on crying almost every night. I thought my death will only make people realize my worth. I was on denial that I have depression. But I think I have it. I just... don't know."

"Listen, not everyone will judge you. And sadly, not everyone will understand you too." Kit said. "But you should know that suicide is never the answer. It will end your suffering on earth, but the pain will be passed to your family and friends for the rest of their lives, they will blame themselves thinking it's their fault and for not stopping you from committing suicide."
"But I think it's already too late for me..."
"No it's not. What matters most is that you're trying your best."
"What's the point, I get rejected often anyway! My future is not so good for sure!"

Kit can't help but feel sorry for his patient. As he can't take it any longer, he hugged her to make her feel better.

"Thank you for listening to me. Thank you for not judging me." Yen replied.
"Whether we are a psychologist or pursuing other professions, we should all be compassionate to other people." Kit responded and they broke the hug.
"Please help me... whatever treatment for this depressive episode to end..."
"Are you willing to undergo weekly or monthly counseling sessions, therapy and medication? It may cost money but the duration will depend on how long are you going to be able to recover. Or, you can come anytime if necessary."
"But how can I pay you? I don't have a job yet. I don't know if I'll still be able to find a job..."
"Don't worry. You don't have to pay me immediately."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, I am. I'll make you an exception."
"But you or other psychologists might think I am taking advantage. Please bear with me. I'll continue looking for a job."
"Don't think that. Continue doing your best. You'll get a job soon."
"Thank you Dr. Kit! Thank you! I promise to give back more than what you deserve. Mark my word."
"You don't have to. What matters most is that I'm able to help others in need."
"I have to go Dr. Kit. Thank you again."
"Just call me Kit."
"You heard it right."
"Thank you, Kit."
"You're welcome. So I guess we'll see each other next week?"
"Yes. See you. I have to go."
"Take care and don't forget my advice."

Yen left the office.

"How was it?" Sua asked.
"I felt a bit better. I'll undergo counseling sessions, therapy and he will give me a medication as necessary. But I feel embarrassed. People might think I'm crazy."
"No you're not. It's not a weakness to ask for help. Don't listen to the stereotyped perceptions of a psychologist's job or someone who needs it."
"Wait, where did Nee go?"
"I asked her to go home and let me take care of you."
"Oh, I see."
"Anyway, let's go back to your room."

Sua and Yen was about to return to the room when the doctor approached them.

"Ms. Yen is now cleared to go home."
"Really? Thank you doc! Where's the billing office?" Sua asked.
"No need to go to the billing office. I received a word that someone else will pay for the hospital expenses."
"WHAT?!" Both Yen and Sua said.
"Yes. You may now go."

"I think your psychologist will pay for it." Sua thought.
"Huh? Impossible."
"How about your parents?"
"They were not aware of what happened to me... wait did you tell them?"
"Oh. But what if they find out?"
"Don't be afraid. They're your parents after all. They will be worried of course but nothing beats the love of the parents to their children."

They went home together.

Weeks passed, Yen with the help of Sua continued to look for a job, and the latter is also accompanying her everywhere she goes, for the fear that Yen might attempt to commit suicide again. Yen also have her counseling sessions with Dr. Kit, but unknown to her, the psychologist always look forward to her presence not just for professional reasons. He's just good at not making it obvious at first.

Several weeks after, Yen was able to find a job in a travel agency. She continued her counseling sessions with Dr Kit, and is on the road to recovery from her depression.

For every darkness there is light. For every setback there is a comeback. Every person is fighting a battle we don't know about.
Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Thus it is a sign of bravery for the fact that we need others too.
Problems should not be based on who has it worse. Feelings are validation that we are human, after all.
It may take time, but as long as you keep on moving, you'll get there.

- So this is the product of my 2am thoughts of spreading awareness on mental health and had the chance to continue it tonight. It is also a product of my desire for Mint C. and Ken T. to work together.
Hopefully it will serve as an eyeopener. My apologies if there are any inaccuracies or missing points. Not sure if I have to add another chapter or more lol
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