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credits to me.

Pinky S. | Noon W. | Pancake K. | Win T. | Tle T. | Vier S.

Tle is Pinky's cousin. His dad is her mom's brother.
Vier and Noon are twins. There were more opposite than any could ever be.
Pancake is Pinky's neighbor and bestfriend since childhood.
Win is the newcomer: bad boy, street smart, and the "mafia".

Everyone knew Pinky and Vier were the perfect couple. Why? They were both rich, socialites, and A level students.
But when Pancake, Pinky's best friend, comes back from England, everything changes.
Vier is now secretly crushing on Pancake. The only person he tells is Noon, his twin sister.
Noon, feeling sorry for her best friend, tells Tle to tell his cousin: Pinky.
When Pinky realizes the truth, she goes to a pub...meeting badboy mafia, Win.
Win is the son of the owner of the university that all of them attend.
After he meets her, he asks his dad to transfer him to the university immediately.
Pancake, realizing the pain Pinky went through, came to apologize.
Noon was the middle person. She was best friends with Pinky but despised Pancake for more than one reason.
Pancake liked everyone, apart from Vier. Vier was stuck up, unlike Pinky's cousin, Tle.
Tle didn't like anyone, but whenever there was something bothering him, he would always tell Noon.
Pinky, realizing that she and Vier weren't meant to be, focused on studies.
The professor of Literature 101 gave everyone a different year-long project to do.
Something that would change all of their lives...forever.

The friends are in front of the school.

Pinky: What is wrong with my new car? Gosh, Tle. My new car is perfect!

Tle: *sighs* ...of course it is. Geez. Such a great way to save money.

Vier: Ky, don't listen to Tle. Think of him as your good-for-nothing cousin.

Tle: God. Why do you guys team up on me? And where is Noon?

Vier: Somewhere. Who cares? All she does nowadays is read.

Pinky: *sighs* I care. Vier, I'm going to go look for her, ok?

Vier: *nods* Sure, do whatever.

Tle: Ky, are you having a party this Saturday? For your friend that's coming back?

Pinky: *nods* Yes. Pan's coming back. I'm so happy.

Vier: *raises an eyebrow* Who's Pan?

Pinky: My friend since childhood. She's coming back to study at IUA.

Tle: When's she coming back?

Pinky: Noon and I are going to pick her up at 2pm tomorrow.

Vier: Can we come?

Tle: *turns to Vier* We?

Vier: Yes, we. Seriously, Tle.

Pinky: Do whatever you want...

Noon: *comes up behind her brother* Miss me?

Vier: *shook his head*

Noon: Vier, can't you be a nice, kind, and caring brother for once?

Vier: No.

Noon: What can you do, huh?

Vier: Nothing.

Pinky: *cellphone rings* Hello?

Pancake: Ky, it's me Pan. I changed flights na. I'm arriving today at 8pm instead.

Pinky: Are you at the airport right now?

Pancake: *laughs* Of course, Ky. Why wouldn't I be at the airport. Got to go. I'm about to board.

Pinky: Sure, sure. Whatever...

Pancake: Don't you miss me?

Pinky: Of course. Bye!

Pancake: Bye ja. *ends call*

Vier: Was that you friend?

Pinky: *nods* She's coming today at 8pm. Don't you like have mafia lessons at that time?

Vier: No, Ky. Mafia lessons are for Noon, not me.

Noon: *turns* Just because Dad says you're good doesn't mean you're good. Mom says I'm way better.

Vier: Shut up, Noon. Don't you see that I'm in a conversation?

Pinky: *laughs* Guys, you're fighting like a bunch of children!

Vier: It's her fault, Ky.

Noon: Ky, don't believe you stupid boyfriend. He's nothing.

Tle: ...what time is it right now?

Pinky: *glances at watch* 11am. You guys want to go to lunch together?

Vier: You guys go ahead. I have lunch duty.

Noon: *laughs*

Tle: Well, I'm free. *turns to Pinky* Anyways, we can try out your new car, too.

Pinky: *nods* Of course.

Vier: Have fun guys. *walks away*​
Chapter One
Pinky, Tle, and Noon are at their favorite restaurant: Amicci

Pinky: *turns to Tle* So...what did your mom say about the band thing you're going to do?

Tle: *chokes* ...nothing. She didn't say anything.

Noon: Ky, don't talk serious on the dining table.

Pinky: Noon, I am beginning to feel that I'm Vier's sister and that you're Tle's cousin.

Tle: *turns to Noon, smiling* I would love for you to be my cousin. Ky is so "off".

Pinky: Tle, gosh I'm going to tell your dad you said that to his favorite niece.

Tle: *whispering* Like I care...

Noon: Guys, cut it out ok?

Waiter: *hands Noon a menu*

Noon: *recieves menu* Thanks.

Waiter: What would you like to order, Miss?

Noon: 1 spaghetti alfredo and a blue float please.

Pinky: ...and 1 cheeze pizza too.

Waiter: Drink?

Pinky: Water please.

Tle: Also, I would like 1 penne special.

Waiter: Drink?

Tle: *sighs* I guess water. There's nothing else, is there?

Noon: That would be all. Thanks.

Waiter: *nods, walks away*

Pinky: He seems so...boring.

Tle: Ky, that's not nice.

Pinky: Sorry...

Noon: Guys, I told you to be "nice".

Tle: Of course Noon. You're only relaxing because Vier isn't here.

Pinky: *turns* Cut it out guys, the food's here.

Noon: *raises an eyebrow* So fast?

Pinky: *nods* Did you forget that my grandpa-

Tle: *clears his throat*

Pinky: *makes a face* ...I mean our grandpa is the owner of this place?

Noon: Oh ya. I forgot. Sorry, bad memory.

Tle: It's ok, Noon. Ky forgets things all the time.

Pinky: I do not!

Tle: Do too!

Pinky: NOT.

Tle: Too!

Noon: *clears her throat* ...remember? The food's here.

Tle: Ky, stop acting like a total child.

Pinky: *makes a face* I'm 18 1/2, not 19 like you. Gawd.

Tle: Tarn's 15 and she acts better than her elder cousin.

Pinky: Tarn's always like that. She got a side of Uncle that you didn't recieve.

Tle: Was that supposed to hurt?

Noon: THE FOOD IS HERE. Are you guys going to fight or eat?

Pinky: *smiles* Let's do both.

Tle: *nods* I usually don't agree with my immature cousin, but this time I gotta agree.

Noon: *sighs* ...and you said me and Vier are bad.

Tle: Noon, you and Vier ARE BAD. Worse than me and Ky.

Pinky: *nods* ...true.

Noon: *starts eating*

Tle: Eating already?

Noon: I never told you to start or stop or anything, but I'm going to eat. Please do continue your bickering. It was real fun.

Tle: *cellphone rings* Hello?

Tarn: P'Tle, Mom said that she needed you and P'Ky at P'Ky's house today.

Tle: We can't, Tarn.

Tarn: But you can't "can't"! Mom said that it was a must. Some high level person is coming over and Aunty wanted us to meet them too. And as you can guess, Mom like totally agreed. By the way...dress formal.

Tle: Ok, whatever. Bye, Tarn. *ends call*

Pinky: *gulps down food in mouth* What is it?

Tle: Your mom wants us at your house tonight. She said it was urgent...

Pinky: *wide eyes* What? But I have to pick up Pan!

Tle: Your mom said we had to be there.

Pinky: *turns to Noon* Noon, can you pick up my friend? Please?

Noon: *shakes head* Sorry na. I have mafia lessons, remember? Ask Vier.

Pinky: *calls Vier*

Vier: Hello?

Pinky: It's me, Ky. Can you help me pick up my friend? Tle and I have to go to some mandatory party...and your sister has mafia lessons.

Vier: At the airport?

Pinky: No... *pauses* ...of course at the airport! Can you?

Vier: I think so.

Pinky: Think? Vier!

Vier: Ok, fine I'll go. But you so owe me a hug when I get back!

Pinky: *blushes* Crazy.

Vier: Crazy? Do you not want me to go pick your friend up?

Pinky: *snaps back to present* Uh, what?

Vier: Nevermind. Bye.

Pinky: Bye. *ends call*​


Good start. The story is so cute and funny! Love the brother/sister and cousins arguments. They just can't seem to stop. Lol. Love the Synopsis. Hmmm....Can't wait for Wier to meet Pan!!​


You're Average Person :)
haha...vier and noon are cute..haha pinky...the last line when she day dream lol...good start so far Grace
Chapter Two
Vier is at the airport, waiting for Pancake.

Vier: *sighs* Where is Pan? *walks to counter*

Lady: Can I help you?

Vier: Has flight TG302 from England landed yet?

Lady: Yes, the flight has landed. It landed about 15 minutes ago.

Vier: *smiles* Thanks.

Lady: You're welcome.

Vier: *starts looking around*

Pancake: *drags bags out of the baggage area, looks around, calls Pinky*

Pinky: Pan, I couldn't go, sorry. My boyfriend is picking you up. He's wearing a white shirt and navy jeans...

Pancake: Ky, it's ok. Umm, what's his name?

Pinky: His name is Vier...Vier Sukollawat.

Pancake: ...should I just start screaming out his name, in hopes of him listening?

Pinky: No, don't. I'll give you his phone number, ok?

Pancake: Ja, Ky. Does he call you Savika, Pinky, or Ky? that I know what to call you by.

Pinky: Just say Ky's friend. He'll know.

Pancake: Thanks. Bye.

Pinky: Bye. *ends call*

Pancake: *dials Vier's number*

Vier: Hello?

Pancake: Is this Vier?

Vier: Yes. Who is this?

Pancake: My name is Pancake, or Pan for short. I am Ky's friend.

Vier: Oh, ok. Nice to meet you. So where are you right now?

Pancake: Can you come get me?

Vier: Where?

Pancake: I really don't know. Last time I used the airport was when it was still the old one...

Vier: Ask someone around there.

Pancake: Who? I don't like talking to strangers.

Vier: Umm...the information lady. Ask her.

Pancake: *looks around* Information lady?

Vier: *sighs* Describe me what you see, Pan.

Pancake: Umm. White ceilings, elevators, escalators, and a 7-11 store.

Vier: Wait there. I know where that is. *ends call*

Pancake: Wait-. Oh my god, he ended that stupid call on me. *calls Pinky* Ky, your boyfriend is the rudest person I've ever met. He's even ruder than Matt.

Pinky: Pan, he's like that.

Pancake: How can you stand him?

Pinky: ...I don't know. Anyways, I take it that you haven't met yet, right?


Pinky: ...he does that a lot. Calm down, Pan. I'll give him a call.

Pancake: Ok. Well, I'll take the Taxi to your house. When I need your address, I'll call you again.

Pinky: Ja. Bye.

Pancake: Bye. *ends call*​


Hahahaha Wier hung up on Pan. That's funny. But yea, I agree with Thip, that wasnt rude at all. Some people are just like that. Lol Pan. She gonna take the cab home? What about Wier then? Lol.​
Chapter Three
Pancake is at the Taxi stand; Vier was called by Pinky to go home.

Pancake: Excuse me...

Taxi driver: *turns* Yes?

Pancake: I need to go somewhere. Are you willing to take me?

Taxi driver: Where is it?

Pancake: Just a moment. *calls Pinky* Ky, where's your house?

Pinky: Just give your phone to the taxi driver...

Pancake: Oh, ya right. *turns, gives phone to taxi driver*

Taxi driver: Hello?

Pinky: you know Ririvan street?

Taxi driver: Yes.

Pinky: My house is called Tanongrith estate. Take your customer there.

Taxi driver: Ok. *hands phone back to Pancake*

Pinky: Pan, I told him ok?

Pancake: Thanks, Ky.

Pinky: Don't mention it.

Pancake: I got to go now, bye.

Pinky: Bye ja. *ends call*


Pinky is entertaining her guests when the doorbell rings.

Tle: *turns to Pinky* Ky, Pan's probably here by now. I think that's her.

Pinky: You think that's her?

Tle: *nods* Go check, Ky.

Pinky: Fine. *walks out of house and to the door* Hello?

Pancake: Is that you, Ky?

Pinky: Yes, it's me. *opens the door*

Pancake: *hugs Pinky* I missed you SO much. And I better find you a new boyfriend, too.

Pinky: *laughs* Don't have to, seriously. I'm fine with Vier.

Tle: *walks up behind Pinky* Remember me, Pan?

Pancake: *turns* ...

Pinky: You seriously don't remember him?

Pancake: Oh! I remember. Hi, Tle. Sorry. I have horrible memory.

Tle: It's ok.

Pancake: *looks around* Why are there so many people here? Party?

Pinky: *nods* Mom has guests over.

Tle: So...when are you going to start going to IUA, Pan?

Pancake: Soon. Once I get everything ready.

Pinky: Are you going to live with me or in an apartment?

Pancake: Would it bother you if I lived here, Ky?

Pinky: *laughs* Of course not, Pan! You're my best friend!

Pancake: *blushes* Thanks, Ky. You are the best friend ever.

[Pinky's mom: Ky, hurry up!]

Tle: Ky, your mom's calling again.

Pinky: *turns to Tle* ...I heard. So what?

Tle: Ky!

Pinky: What?

Pancake: *sighs* This is the one thing I didn't two arguing.

Tle: Pan, please do come in.

Pancake: Thanks.

Pinky: *leads Pancake inside house*

Pinky's mom: *surprising look, smiles* Pan, is that you?

Pancake: *smiles back, nods* Yes, it's me ka Aunty.

Pinky's mom: *gives Pancake a hug* I missed you. Yesterday I was still talking to your dad.

Pancake: He called?

Pinky's mom: Yes, he called. And, I convinced him to let you stay at our house, too.

Pinky: Really, Mom? So Pan can stay at our house?

Tle: Aunty, maybe you would want to rethink that...

Pancake: *turns to Tle* Aunty doesn't have to rethink that. It's a perfect idea.

Pinky's mom: Ok, so then that's settled. *looks around* Where are your things, Pan?

Pancake: Oh god! I forgot them on the taxi. Oops...

Tarn: *comes running and hugs Pancake* P'Pan, remember me?

Pancake: *smiles* Of course, Tarn. How are you?

Tarn: *smiling* Fine ka.'re staying here with P'Ky, right?

Pancake: *nods*

Tarn: *turns to Pinky's mom* Aunty, can I sleepover here? Please?

Pinky's mom: Tarn, don't you have finals coming up soon?

Tarn: *sighs* Yes, but-

Pinky's mom: I'm fine with it but I know my brother somewhat too well. I don't think he's going to let you.

Tarn: That's what I thought too...

Pancake: You can come visit, Tarn. Ky and I are happy for you to come over and have fun, right Ky?

Pinky: Of course.

Tle: *sighs* Tarn, where's Mom?

Tarn: I don't know ka, P'Tle.

Tle: Nevermind.​
Chapter Four
Noon and Vier are at their house. Noon knocks on Vier's door.

Vier: Who is it?

Noon: It's me, your beloved sister.

Vier: *sighs* What is it, Noon?

Noon: *opens door* I need your help on something...

Vier: *raises an eyebrow* What? *pauses* Oh, and do come in.

Noon: *situates herself on her brother's bed* My essay. I've been getting horrible grades. Mom will notice soon, too.

Vier: Your essay? On what?


Prof. Trabjan: Miss Kanarod?

Noon: *turns* Yes?

Prof. Trabjan: I have a new assignment for you.

Noon: What assignment, Prof.?

Prof. Trabjan: Your assignment? Write a short story about a chapter of your life, in diary format.

Noon: *raises an eyebrow* ...does that mean I have to say EVERYTHING in this short story? And are you going to read it?
Prof. Trabjan: No, I'm not going to read it if you write CONFIDENTIAL on the title page. Remember, this is supposed to be kept confidential.

(end of flashback)

Vier: *shakes Noon* Noon...?

Noon: *snaps back to present* Uhh....yeah?

Vier: So what is it?

Noon: Uhh - nothing, nothing. There's nothing.

Vier: *laughs* I never knew my sister was this...weird.

Noon: Oh please. I'm weird but you'll always love me.

Vier: *smirks* wish.

Noon: Gawd. *pauses to think* Oh ya...Ky called. She said that she was "very sorry".

Vier: *sighs* She should be.

Noon: What? You two had a fight?

Vier: Not really. But her friend...

Noon: You mean the one named Pan?

Vier: Yes, yes. HER.

Noon; What's wrong with HER?

Vier: *shakes head* Nothing to worry about. Now, go do your essay...

Noon: Do you think I have to?

Vier: *dumbfounded* Of course, Noon.


Pinky and Pancake are in Pinky's bedroom, talking.

Pancake: *walking out of the bathroom*

Pinky: Pan, you want to sleep with me? Or do you prefer the guestroom. I can get someone to set it up.

Pancake: *looks up* It's your house, Ky. I don't really mind.

Pinky: Well, anywhere is fine with me.

Pancake: I mean, if you want your privacy-

Pinky: It's not like that, Pan!

Pancake: I didn't mean it like that, Ky. Just that wherever you want I'm fine with it.

Pinky: Then you can sleep here ja, tee ruk. *giggles*

Pancake: *smirks* Of course, my honey bun.

Pinky: *rolling on the floor laughing*

Pancake: Ky, you are so weird.

Pinky: I know, thanks.

Pancake: ...

Pinky: What's wrong?

Pancake: Nothing.

Pinky: want to go out with me and my friends tomorrow?

Pancake: Sure, sure. I'd love to!

Pinky: *looks at bed* Do you like sleeping near the bathroom or near the window?

Pancake: If you don't mind, I'd love to sleep near the window. I've been terrified of the bathroom ever since...

Pinky: *laughs* ...that story Tle told you about some toilet ghost, right?

Pancake: *shivers* Yes.

Pinky: Well, I'm not scared.

Pancake: *raises an eyebrow* Really?

Pinky: Pan, I've even slept in the toilet once...


The next day: the friends are all at AKA, dining.

(Pinky&Pancake walk into the restaraunt)

Waitress: How many, Miss?

Pinky: 5 total.

Waitress: This way please.

Pancake: *whispering* What are their names, Ky?

Pinky: There's Noon, my best friend. And then there's Vier and Tle.

Pancake: Vier, that rude dude?

Pinky: *laughs* ...I guess? Anyways, Noon is Vier's twin sister.

Pancake: Is she like him?

Pinky: No, not really...

Pancake: Good.

(Noon&Vier arrive)

Noon: *walks over to table* Hey, guys. *turns to Pancake* Hello, Pan. I'm Noon...nice to meet you.

Pancake: *smiles* Nice to meet you too, Noon.

Vier: *walks behind Noon* Hey, Ky. *turns to Pancake* Hello?

Pancake: *face burning* My name is Pancake, or Pan for short. Is it THAT hard?

Vier: *mumbling* Sorry...

Pinky: *sighs* Please be nice and happy for once?

Vier: Of course...

Noon: *looks around* Where's Tle?

Pinky: Coming soon, I think.

Vier: *turns to Noon* Noon, you worry over Tle too much.

Noon: Oh please.

Tle: *walks into the restaraunt* Hey guys! Miss me?

Noon: *face lights up* Yes.

Vier: *nudges Noon*

Noon: *turns* What? Gawd.

Pinky: So what do you guys want to eat?

Noon: I don't know. *turns to Pancake* Pan, what would you like to eat?



Thanks for the updates!
Pancake forgot her luggage in the taxi? Lmao!

I love the 2 pairs of siblings arguing! They're so funny. Hahaha​
Chapter Five
Everyone is sitting in class, including the new student: Pancake.

Pinky: *turns* Pan, this is Prof. Trabjan.

Pancake: *nods* Thanks, Ky.

Noon: Shh, he's meditating guys. Gawd, you want us to stay here at lunch?

Pinky: Sorry, Noon.


Prof. Trabjan: Miss Chaiyadej?

Pinky: Yes Prof.?

Prof. Trabjan: I've been giving each individual a year long assignment. Yours is to write an essay on human nature and love.

Pinky: *raises an eyebrow* Based on my experiences or research?

Prof. Trabjan: Experiences. But don't worry, if you write CONFIDENTIAL I will not read it.

Pinky: Uhh...ok?

Prof. Trabjan: That will be all.

Pinky: *nods* Bye, Prof. Trabjan.

(end of flashback)

Pinky: Anyways... *turns to Pancake* ....did you recieve your assignment yet?

Pancake: Assignment? No, don't think so...

Tle: *turns to Noon* Hey, there's a fair today at school. The freshmen are hosting it.

Vier: *nods* Yea, I heard too. Noon, wanna go?

Noon: Umm, only if Ky and Pan go too. I mean, we're a group now, aren't we?

Pinky: Sure, sure. *turns to Pan* Are

Pancake: *smiles* Of course! I mean, I'm going to like stick with you from now on. Wherever you go, I go.

Vier: *tries to hide smile* Umm, great!

Prof. Trabjan: *stares sternly at Vier* Mister Kanarod, please. I am meditating. Do you want me to send you to the dean?

Vier: *shakes head* Of course not, Prof. Trabjan. *turns to Noon, whispering* He is so weird...

Noon: Vier, that's not nice. He is our professor...

Vier:'re too nice, Noon.

Pinky: So how were your mafia lessons, Noon?

Pancake: You take mafia lessons?

Noon: *nods, turns to Pinky* The mafia lessons were horrible, Ky.

Tle: Why?

Noon: Dad was staring at me the whole time...

Vier: *snickers*

Noon: *turns, stares at her brother* You told him, didn't you!?!

Vier: *pretends to not know anything* ...

Pinky: Vier!

Vier: *turns to Pinky* What, Ky?

Pinky: Nothing...I just hate mean people.


All 5 are at the university fair.

Pinky: *gets out of new car* So...where do you guys want to go first?

Noon: Anywhere. I seriously don't care. Just let it be somewhere without Vier.

Vier: *shoots Noon a don't-you-dare-say-what-you're-about-to-say stare* Like I want to be with you.

Tle: Oh please. Even me and Ky aren't against each other today. Gawd.

Pinky: Yea.

Pancake: So...? *looks around* Where do you guys want to go?

Noon: I want to watch something... *turns to Tle* Can you come with me?

Tle: *nods* Sure, sure. Wherever you want to go.

Pinky: *turns to Vier* Can you go to the haunted house with me?

Vier: *glaces at Pancake* Umm...sure?

Pinky: What do you mean "sure"?

Pancake: Can I go to?

Pinky: *about to speak* S-

Vier: *cuts Pinky's speech* Sure, Pan.

Pancake: *makes a face* I asked Ky, not you.​


Ah, I just cant get enough of the arguings between Noon and Wier. They're so funny! Wier seems to be scared of the haunted house? Lol. That's cute. Im feeling that Noon likes Tle!

Thanks for the updates!​