Seeking advice about my friendship relationship


sarNie Hatchling
Well you see. I have lost contact with my best friend a year after high school. I'm not sure what happen. I remember during our high school graduation ceremony she kind of brush me off. I'm not sure why. I was upset since then. For a year, we communicated through e-mail but her e-mails get shorter and shorter and eventually stop replying. I created a facebook account a few days ago because a friend of mine told me she had found her. We became friends through facebook and spoke for a little bit. However, I felt like she brushed me off again. She has changed a lot. She have become much prettier and more outgoing. She was a Jehovah Witness when I knew her so it really surprised me to how much she had change.

I am not the clinging person. I don't know why she did this to me. So now I regret trying to find her. I know things will not be the same but what I really don't understand is why she is acting this way. I only remember we fought once during our Freshmen year in high school but that was about it. I befriended her in Middle school because whe was the new student in our class. I felt sorry for her at the time and introduce her to my friends. What the hell happen. Now a lot of my friends are befriending her through facebook (you know how facebook is about trying to's kind of like a snowball effect). I admit that I am angry and jealous.

So my question to you advisors in here is should I try to pursue this friendship or should I just leave everything alone? I don't want to stir up problems by asking her about it. I mean, I was fine without her for 4 years and I now have a new best friend. What should I do?


sarNie Egg
True friends don't usually brush each other off like she did to you. From what u say, it seem she don't want to be your friend anymore but was trying not to hurt your feeling. something you can do is ask her strait out why she is brushing you off but since you don't want to do that i advice you to stop trying to pursue this friendship. She doesn't seem to be interested in becoming your friend again. You will just be hurt more if she brush you off again. Don't be angry or jealous because it can eat you alive. Just move on.


sarNie Juvenile
This really don't sound like a good friend to me! :blink: :unsure: But if it was me I'd act boldly and ask "Hey why are you brushing me off and not talking to me? Did I do something wrong?" But if you keep and worrying or trying to pursue this friendship with only one person working on it, I don't think you should waste your time if the other half wont wanna communitcate! So it is Best to move on, cause it'll just make you miserable and make you think somethings wrong with you.
So Best of luck on that!! :thumbup: