SEG looking for girl singers


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*sniff sniff*
you bolded my name, i was put on the spot *blushes*
thanks :p you can just use Sati, it's fine too :D

like i said, my cousins from my mom and dad sides are singers in the hmong community.
i wont say who, but i see them working hard. i know how it is.
true, music is like school. they only see the album and the diploma,
but they dont see the sleepless nights and the sweat that goes in.

even being around singers in thailand, it is hard for them.
i see they have to put on a smile for the fans even if they didnt get enough sleep.
and the next morning they have recording, a performance across town, and back to recording for the rest of the night.
i still keep in touch with a thai band and they are in the process of making a new album,
and they are like... still up at 3am because they just got home,
and then they have to perform again the coming morning, plus extra recording hours.
oh how much i love them because they work sooo hard.
i appreciate that from them. i really do.

that's how i appreciate SEG doing the best for the hmong community,
those hmong people who wants to sing, for hmong listeners who wants new music, etc.

and tell the person traveling by Amtrak that it'll be okay. there will be many teary days, but it's good tears.
i like Amtrak, i use it to go home from the bay area too.
but, i mean, he already shows determination and effort, that's great on his part.

i give them all credit. they all get my support and all my love.

SEG, just hire me! ahahhahahaha. not 'hire' hire but i'll volunteer!!!
i really will! i dont mind helping out because i like music, i would love to be a part of helping a new group, whatever, out.
i did and do still always have a dream of being an assistant to a music group/artist. *hint hint* :p
all for free. love for music is free.

anyways, off topic.

im glad to hear that SEG has been getting PMs. that's good.
and SEG, you have many devoted readers here, giving their honest opinion, that's beautiful.

and i forgot what i was gonna bust out :p

anyways. please share more honest opinions.
i like reading them.



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wow! these are really long posts. and sati ur know some thai singers? are you for reals? that's awesome!

and SEG is awesome too. all the hard work that you all put in will be worth it someday when the hmong community can accept their kinds. im not dissing on ne one here, so don't attack me. haha


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normally, i would post sumthing really long and heart-felt, but i don't feel like it right it's late and im tired and i just got back from

but yea, goodluck with everything SEG, i hope you guys succeed!


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sorry to say this mongstaness
but you are starting to sound conceited about your education plans
it's hard i, myself, think that my posts make me seem conceited im not gonna post ne more about my future plans..haha

but yea, we're going off topic again.


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no..u can go for BS and skip Master's for PhD.

TRUST ME, i've done my research. like i said, i planned this all out my sophomore year.
oh wow. u did ur research huh.. well good 4 you mongstaness. good luck.

anyways!! lmao.. back to the topic.. anyone?


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.i haven't been here for like so long.....i just thought i should scream for a bit. its alright. lol